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i have arrived at, the second time now. i am terrified

i just realized. holy FUCK THAT VOCAL MELODY IS ODE TO JOY

Being a CIA asset monitoring leftists on the fediverse is hard work, but sometimes yall make some funny posts that make it all worthwhile


there's so many little vocal layers throughout this thing yet it's not overwhelming

it's an experimental j-pop concept album about literally being mt fuji for 366 days. in these 12 tracks, more than 30 songs are sang. the entire way through, in the background, Ide Choyone names every single day that passes

is this an acceptable picture or does my mustache show too much in that odd shadow (selfie ec)

i wanna buy an i hate sex tshirt but its 2 edgy i think

ok @citrustwee I know you changed your display name but this is what I imagined every time I read "bladeeve" and I just had to make it real. I'm sorry.

happy 20th birthday to the first american football album

I'm voting for Andrew Yang as president because not only will he refuse to ban vaping, he will make vaping mandatory.

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