cynical but positive hypothesis about UBI, inflation 

I have a suspicion that UBI would not increase inflation, as the amount of *value* circulating in the economy would increase, due to increases in productivity from removing unproductive workers from the workforce, as well as the reduction in negative externalities (e.g. the societal costs of workers commuting and office space being reserved for workers) from reducing the size of the workforce.

That is, paying people to *not* go to work would actually increase GDP.

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Alt-right recruiting be like:
🎶 Young Man, 'cause you're in a new town, I said Young Man, pick yourself off the ground 🎵

It's called crypto-currency because secretly it's a currency but publicly it claims to be a blockchain.

100 years ago on 1 march sailors of Kronstadt started uprising for soviets without bolsheviks. Their uprising was drowned in blood by Lenin and Trotsky (was heading red army against the rebellion). No one forgotten, no one forgiven! #anarchism #kronstadt #rebellion

re: qanon, weird beliefs 

It's ok to be belief-queer. The problem isn't in having weird beliefs.

If the way in which someone believes violates the human rights and needs of another person, then they are believing harmfully and need to not do that.

But if your beliefs lead to self-expression that also respects the humanity of other people; anything goes. The crazier the better.

This may not be much different than discussions of sexuality and gender.

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Outrage Porn 

As an intelligent person, you have to ask yourself: why do the big shots or powers that be support those social causes in particular? What do they stand to gain at the expense of the population that is subject to its effects?

While the mediocre blindly buys into the sunny rhetoric, and pat themselves on their back, I see activism as another form of procrastination.

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Outrage Porn 

A thread on why outrage porn is the purview of the mediocre.

This is a fascinating study of online cyber-harassment from swarming troll campaigns, by social media researcher Erin Gallagher.

It uses social network analysis and visualization to show how cyber-harassment occurs online and the common tactics used by harassers.

Working on a UDP transport for PacketCrypt bandwidth-hard mining algo for use on a dedicated LAN where packet loss and overloading of the link is acceptable. It's called Sprayer.

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