Working on a charter for the Network Steward (entity which gets 20% of each newly mined block)

Objectives so far:

* Financing the development of Open Source networking software
* Lobbying for improved regulatory environment for small network operators
and more generally, for internet freedom, privacy, and decentralization
* Purchasing property such as software or radio frequency spectrum rights
in order to put these things in the commons

Anything else come to mind?

@cjd You can't, because the image is encrypted using a key the TPM will only give you if the boot was consistent.

Yes, that means that you have to do what is called a “measured boot” every time you update the kernel, so that the TMP can record what the system looks like after the update.

@loke Oh excellent, keys protected by measured boot are really what I want anyway. Ideally I'd want the measured boot system to get to uboot and have uboot extract the encryption key from the tpm and use that to decrypt a table of keys so that the root encryption key is mapped to the kernel signing key. This way there can be multiple kernels on the machine but a home directory encrypted with a kernel signed with one key will not be accessible by a kernel signed with a different key.

@cjd @popefucker
there's also HEADS's TOTP approach, where the bootloader shows you a TOTP code derived from a TPM-sealed secret, and you can compare it with TOTP on your phone to see if it's the same.

@cjd You can do that already. Qubes OS uses TPM to provide this.

The feature is called anti evil maid. Appropriate name I think.

Ridiculously simple idea:
Bootloader shows a colorful background which is derived from the hash of the kernel you're booting. If you get evil-maided, they would have to install a new custom firmware which fakes the same colors, and there are a number of ways to make this really difficult to reproduce...

5. Business class: cite for a specific idea that you actually need to build on, but in a sufficient way, not necessary. There are other competing sources to cite that would serve as well, so choosing one is some mix of buy-in to a subcultural game, voting, buying influence, and respect,
6. First class: cite for a specific and necessary idea that’s available nowhere else, or is so clearly best of breed it would be small-minded/ungracious to cite the competition. Taleb operates here.

The intellectual influence freemium hierarchy citation airline
1. Basic economy tier: tag on twitter
2. Economy: cite in general terms, mostly to CYA and insure against them sending their troll mobs after you or beefing with you
3. Premium economy: faithfully imitate their patterns, acknowledging influence
4. Mileage program early boarding: summarize their work for others, evangelize

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#chromebook experiences 

#chromebook experiences 

#chromebook experiences 

#chromebook experiences 

@cjd @0 Click the crossed-out eye at the top of the thread (in webapp mode, not the static thread page) and the whole thread de-CWs.

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#chromebook experiences 

dix, vingt, vingt-dix, deux-vingt, deux-vingt-dix, trois-vingt, trois-vingt-dix, quatre-vingt, quatre-vingt-dix, cinq-vingt

RIP Peter Fonda. L'acteur et coscénariste de "Easy Rider" (le film a 50 ans cette année) est mort à 79 ans

So our fictional BBQ restaurant brings in a marketing consultant who tells them about outrage marketing. They post this on Facebook.

"We're banning all vegans from our restaurant! And decaf coffee too!"

And the crowd goes nuts. Local press picks up the story.

Two days ago I saw linesmen from my ISP working on wires on my street. And now my network is unreliable. They must have screwed something up. But good luck for me getting it fixed, since it's Comcast.

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