" is forcing its Muslim minority to wear state-issued tracking devices while they perform the annual Hajj pilgrimage. A whole new terrifying level of surveillance"


Opinion: Picture

JPMorgan Now Expects Trump to Put Tariffs on Absolutely Everything China Sells to the U.S.

"JPMorgan has adopted a new baseline that assumes a U.S.-China endgame involving 25% U.S. tariffs on all Chinese goods in 2019"

"growth forecasts for both the U.S. and China aren’t much affected"

Opinion: Elephant in the room: Who is cooking their books (worse) ?


I would say more or less out of the

"Beijing will not renew significant cuts on steel production and coal use this winter ... regulators are replacing hard caps on coal use and steel production with less stringent targets, weakening draft guidelines put out in August"


"The bond market has voted on the Italian budget. It said no."


Analysis: Bond yields rising means fewer people want to lend to Italy. It's kind of like the stock price of Italy going down. Everybody knows the ECB is secretly buying up Italian debt with printed €€, perhaps they are behind the yield spike, hard to know...

Prediction: Next election cycle they're going to get chucked out on their butts.
Opinion: I have concerns about the moral maturity of the challengers.

France freezes Iranian [intelligence service] assets over Paris bomb plot said thwarted by Mossad


7 days ago: "EU Member States will set up a legal entity to facilitate legitimate financial transactions with ."


Opinion: EU elite apparently so obsessively anti-Trump & anti-Israel that they will rather do business with an actual rogue state which takes their money and uses it to bomb Europeans.

"I have a very different impression about the type of people who are managing the creation of the surveillance bureaucracy in the United States"

"I think they’re mostly lawyers, the sort of lawyers who write briefs excusing torture."

"I don’t think they’re evil people. Evil would require too much effort. But they are douches. Meaning they are casual in their thoughtlessness."

"Meaning they tend to treat others as a means to an end rather than as an end in themselves."


uspol, Kavanaugh - who else? Show more

uspol, Kavanaugh - who else? Show more

uspol, Kavanaugh - who else? Show more

Hours before the deadline, finally signs on to new agreement.

New agreement imposes racheting quotas, forcing Canada to slowly stop pipelining Chinese goods into the US.

But, capitulating to environmentalists, Canada has already destroyed it's industrial base, must build factories or else become a desert.



Does anyone have any resources to look at re: structuring co-ops? (Esp housing co-ops.) My friends and I want to make a good one in the next few years and while I def think we can do our dishes and pay rent on time, are there organizational things we can do to make things easier and be more successful?

#coops #organizing #housing

I'm starting over. I am switching away from Google, Apple, and Microsoft. I am slowly going to switch to free software. I have chosen Mastodon as the new social network I will use. #introductions

It’s a war out there right now, and by war I mean game.

"Even the rage engagement is not real rage. It’s a faux rage. No one writes a snarky reply to @realDonaldTrump because they’re really engaging with The Donald. No, they’re posting to their mirror engagement crew, who they know is also in a rage engagement with @realDonaldTrump."


I don't remember who gave me the link to Dunter crypto-government (I'm calling it a government because it is bigger than a simple cryptocurrency).

Finally looked at the intro, it looks very workable.

Copying the design of modern liberal democratic countries (voting, money, law) is a good way to get a cryptocurency which works well...

Excellent take against Kavanaugh, and the entire private school fancy university, fraternity hazing power culture:

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