Imagine creating a programming language and naming it after a derogatory word for an apprentice

There is no act of anarchism more powerful than convincing an evil corporation to use a terrible programming language. is at 50K crates? Congratulations, team! And congratulations Rust, on doing the work to build such a strong community & be so successful with a brand-new language!

Are there any decent smtpds these days? Something you don't have to configure the whole universe to use...

inb4 postfix is easy: nice try, I ain't that dumb

Who'd have thought Dunning-Kruger was so widespread ?

Just learned about Urbit, someone really should have sent this guy CGP Grey's Rules for Rulers vid.
I think it would have saved him a lot of trouble.

@akkartik This is something I'm also fairly interested in. I would absolutely recommend an RK3399 based SBC. The RK3399 has excellent support for libre operating systems, including a very usable blobless Linux (or linux-libre) kernel.

I know Pine64 offers an RK3399 SBC but apparently there are issues with blobless video out.

ASUS Tinkerboard 2 uses an RK3399, though I haven't heard if that machine offers blobless video out or not (or if the video out issue with Pine64's SBC offerings is fixed)

CryptPad is an collaborative editor (think: Google Docs/Drive) with a strong focus on . I have been using it for a while, and would like to recommend it to others as well!

You can try it here:

You can create and share text documents, sheets, presentations, code, kanban boards and more.

You can use it for free, but I recommend supporting them either by upgrading to a paid subscription, or by donating here:

Very sensible, very easy to implement, idea.

Question: could providers of authoritative DNS set this as a default set of records when they sell a domain, if it doesn’t come with MX services etc.?

QT ryancdotorg: If you have domains that you're not using for email, please set up DNS records to prevent spammers from using them.

. TXT "v=spf1 -all"
. MX . 0
_dmarc. TXT "v=DMARC1; p=reject;"

Longest presidential concession speech in history 😂

Extracting this from an old long @cjd thread on JavaScript, philosophy, mythology, fascism and other things:

> I suspect that in the future, software, written language and speech will meld into one…


* Microsoft NPM
* 9854 dependencies
* 7432 vulnerabilities

It was fun while it lasted, RIP

disney, copyright 

Now, in a move that only Disney would be brazen enough to try, they have unilaterally decided that they simply don't have to pay authors for their work.

#DearMickey #DisneyMustPay

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disney, copyright 

I'm increasingly convinced that Disney is one of the companies that has done most harm in the world. Their harm is not economic or ecological, as in most cases, but cultural. Whenever Mickey Mouse would run out of copyright, they use their considerable power to make sure copyright terms are extended in the US – and because of US power, elsewhere in the world. This has robbed us a hundred years of culture that should be in public domain but instead is inaccessible and forgotten.

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