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Caleb James DeLisle

#VMware now recommends to not install the current #spectre microcode upates, or at least not let guests make use of the new commands: "At this point, it has been recommended that VMware remove exposure of the speculative-execution mechanism to virtual machines on ESXi hosts using the affected Intel processors until Intel provides new microcode at a later date."

Intel's #spectre microcode update causes random reboots on "Broadwell and Haswell CPUs for both client and data center".

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@cjd There's a kind of infantilism and guilibility that the Spaniards don't have.
They've had monarchy, they've had anarchism, they've had communism, they've had military dictatorships, they've had social democracy, they've had socialist presidents for 30 years, and then neoliberals and neocons.
There's little that can get past them, they've seen it all and they're still searching for a better system.

They might just be first to find some bits of it at least.

@cjd I think the Spaniards, for all of their woes, are leading once again. Far ahead.

@cjd @cjd I mean it in all the possible meanings of the term. Which seems to fit the facts we can assess on a number of fronts, from education, to philosophy, to social struggles. There are so many no there theres that the concept of intellectual space in the anglosphere is dominated by entire oceans only rarely interrupted by heroic isles of clarity. Few, if any, in academia to boot.

Laughing a bit at "advice to young [insert career here]" things that basically advise single-handedly changing the market to be paid fairly for your work but don't advise e.g. joining a union or building a community of solidarity. Good luck with that.

WTF? Enter AMT by simply pressing CTRL + P while booting and enter the default password "admin".

Wow. Is already April 1st?

The anglosphere is in the limbo of its own intellectual suicide, where even radical thinking is soaked in the miseries of obscurantism.
To radicals around the world, it's just not possible to let go of anglo radicals, not just out of moral conviction, but also practical considerations that we just can't afford to cut off a limb at such an untimely moment in history.

At the same time, radical efforts in that direction are always met with a variety of imperialisms, xenophobias, and other diseases that not even anglo radicals seem to be aware of, making the work of bridging worlds challenging, to say the least. It's a really fucked if you do, fucked if you don't situation.

I don't see many ways forward but doubling down on more bookmongering, hypermediamongering, and coopmongering.

@catstar Here's a picture 📷 of my #cats 🐱. They were rescued from a farm in #Norway 🇳🇴 as kittens. They are super cute but wake me up at 6am each morning. ⏰

@cjd @Wolf480pl @EdS @drpeeper @djsundog Modern paging hardware embeds a process ID into the TLB structures so thant needless TLB flushes no longer happens on context switch. Only on x86 does this still happen, but even here, "PCID" was recently introduced to combat this from happening.

I mean, yes, you're right; but it's not nearly as big a problem today as it was some years ago.

Knowing the pointers so you can relocate things: use handles!

"The Mac lacked [an MMU], so we needed to relocate memory in software to minimize fragmentation as blocks got allocated and freed. The Lisa word processor team used a memory manager with relocatable blocks, accessing indirectly through "handles", so the blocks could be moved as necessary to reduce fragmentation. We decided to use it too, recoding from Pascal to assembly."

@cjd @vertigo @drpeeper @djsundog

Idea: a Friday #recap of the best mastodon interactions you've had during the week. Summarize and link to the conversation, and add #hashtags you might have forgotten at the time.

#Curation is a very manual process on Mastodon, for better or worse, so let's develop some habits to make #searching easier.