@redchrision bravely presenting GDPR and The Case For Decentralized Social Media at with no slides, while the tech team disassembles and debugs the video recording and output hardware

@how Just heard about OFFDEM project, excellent intuitive. Do you think it would be possible to book a room with some chairs for a circle discussion to talk about PKT project ?

Ok so I found an answer, apparently Oracle supports this via CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW UPDATE FAST ON COMMIT. The UPDATE FAST makes it use logs to update the view rather than rebuilding from scratch every time and the ON COMMIT makes it update whenever the underlying tables are edited.
I suppose I should have expected the big red monster to have this feature...

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Is there anything other than MSSQL which supports *synchronized* materialized views ?
I want to have a view on a table, computing it will be slow so I don't want it recomputed every SELECT, however it is not ok for it to be desynchronized from the underlying data, and when I issue a COMMIT, I want the table and all views to be atomically updated together.

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Is there any db where you can make a materialized view which is automatically updated when the underlying table is but WITHOUT completely redoing the query from scratch ?

> If every Bitcoin transaction included a fee equal to the energy and amortized hardware cost required to complete, verify, and record it, I'm not convinced Bitcoin would be any cheaper than conventional banking with all its political, regulatory, and personnel overhead.

> The underlying design must enable a user experience that does not invite the ghost of Steve Jobs to appear in my dreams and berate me.

( adamierymenko.com/decentraliza )

Ya know what'd be great ?
An HTML/HTTP extension for encrypted (at rest) resources. Exact same thing as subresource integrity except instead of checking a hash, it decrypts.

As it stands, everyone's forced to choose between letting their TLS be MiTM'd or having no caching and exposure to DDoS.

As I watch the mastoverse slowly but surely devolving into a proper dumpsterfire, it occurs to me that things aren't going to get any better until we all agree this follow+timeline experiment has failed and go back to rooms/groups/lists.

ethics-based licenses 

Lots of interesting discussion on ethics-based licenses. I think it's something we need to think about.

Unfortunately I also think they're going to prove ineffective and harmful. Ethics-based licenses are great when the ethics map to your own ethics. But what happens when someone declares that their software can't be used by "people like you" (whatever that might be). Then you're trying to use a license to weaponize your beliefs in your software.

Be careful out there.

If you're taking a masculine/feminine test online, you're feminine. Nobody masculine takes a gender test. Sorry. Not my decision.

@lain soon, the call of the dark spec will prove irresistable

> arson attack on Berlin trains
> done to protest for climate change



Since being more active on mastodon, my consumption of popcorn has increased significantly 🍿

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