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Caleb James DeLisle

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Coworker: I'm tired of being micromanaged.
Me: Let's unionize.
Coworker: I'm tired of working 50 hours a week and being on-call every weekend.
Me: Let's unionize.
Coworker: Our managers are doing some really shady things.
Me: Let's unionize.
Coworker: Why doesn't anybody keep the remote team in the loop?
Me: Let's unionize.
Coworker: Talking to HR isn't fixing anything.
Me: Let's unionize.
Coworker: But I'm scared of getting fired without cause.
Me: Then... Let's unionize.


In short, I wish more people had empathy for open-source maintainers and tried to understand things from their point of view. I wrote this post to try to articulate my own feelings as I began to spiral towards my own burnout:

After I wrote that post, I was contacted by dozens of open-source maintainers who told me I captured exactly how they felt. So hopefully it stands as a good insight for anyone trying to understand the mind of an open-source maintainer.

Just finished Albion's Seed, excellent book about the cultural history of America from Puritans & Quakers, Cavilers & Borderers to North and South and finally Blue and Red.

Though I expected to only like the Quakers for their relatively progressive ideology, I found things to love in all of the 4 major folkways and discovered myself to be more Puritan than I'd thought. Highly recommended, especially to Americans.

CC: @gme

> every library should have a good science fiction and fantasy section

> Predictable Success
> JavaScript: The Good Parts
> Flawless Consulting
> Effective XML
> Real World Haskell

#VMware now recommends to not install the current #spectre microcode upates, or at least not let guests make use of the new commands: "At this point, it has been recommended that VMware remove exposure of the speculative-execution mechanism to virtual machines on ESXi hosts using the affected Intel processors until Intel provides new microcode at a later date."

Intel's #spectre microcode update causes random reboots on "Broadwell and Haswell CPUs for both client and data center".

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