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Caleb James DeLisle

` !== !=`

Great solution for people who are used to writing javascript and then come back to C/C++

Happy pull-day in land, new UDP interface with auto-peering based on UDP broadcast thanks to madafoo, patches to libuv, make sure to rebuild fully. Will probably get some breaking changes before releasing to master...

what naming scheme do you use for your computers (if any)?

(boost so more people can answer)

Just wrote a new blog post: Signing CryptPad
Experiments with making a webapp secure even if the server is completely compromized.

PV economics went from being a joke 20 years ago to really good now. Consensus in the oil trading community is that the gig is up, PV/EV will replace them (so they frantically pump as much as they can while the price is still high). Green energy tech tariffs supposedly directed at protecting US industry, existed under the Obama admin as well. Thought: Perhaps Trump protection of coal/nuke caused by net metering causing massive price swings during sunny/cloudy times, harming grid profitability.

Perhaps the best way to understand news media is as an ecosystem selecting for the most coherent and seemingly descriptive narrative while staying vague enough to avoid ever being the object of complete ridicule.

tl;dr news media is basically a TV psychic

Wonder if GitHub MS acquisition has something to do with:

Proposed EU law requiring content-sharing platforms to filter copyrighted content...

@pettter @cjd
Yeah, large numbers of different situations can make people behave foolishly regardless of how intelligent they might be under ideal circumstances.

And, the false belief that these situations are present is both equally effective & self-perpetuating.

Trump may be bad at international relations but at least he understands the problem. Practically every market in the world is protected by tariffs (including VAT) except the USA & American people are being crushed by a gamed system where they cannot earn, only borrow.

One possible solution could be a cap-and-trade tariff: every $ of goods exported = 1 credit, every $ of goods imported costs 1 credit. New credits issued by US gov in limited supply.

Ah, I like that! If it could be done without breaking parsers, that is. URLs are complex enough already. I only learned very recently about that all-but-unused spec for order-sensitive parameters, for example..wouldn't be surprised if many mainstream parsers would choke on that in the wild.
What would be the behaviour of a browser implementing hash-verified links, I wonder? Warnings don't seem to work with users, much. The feature shouldn't replace TLS either

@cjd @cathal I've had some (prototype) success with creating an index.html that can be downloaded and run locally for maximum security, but unfortunately since it requires users to change their behavior I'm not convinced of it's real-life viability.

Just demonstrated a @cryptpad experimental branch using subresource integrity and code signing to deal with the problem of server providing wrong javascript.
You can checkout the branch here: but careful, it's very alpha...

"every system is perfectly designed to create the results it produces."

@gme hey hey, what tweeter-connector are you using ?

Italy fin crisis, eurozone predictions Show more

Italy fin crisis, eurozone predictions Show more

Italy fin crisis, eurozone predictions Show more

Italy fin crisis, eurozone predictions Show more