#FediBlock I made a instance! Also maybe #Introduction (is it #Introductions with an s?).

I'm a 34 year old husband of @redchrision , expecting #father, #FOSS software / #cryptography developer, creator of #cjdns and #PKT projects and also original creator of @cryptpad (which is these days developed by a wonderful team).

My mission is to make the internet self-sovereign so that it cannot be turned off. My project, PKT, is about making that happen. It's a long road but it's what I'm here for.

There is a lot of fear these days about the "hollowing out" of the political center. I believe we're not as different as we appear, and what we need is more Strong Opinions, Weakly Held.

This instance, The Pkteerium, is nominally a place for the PKT community to come together; but it is founded on the idea that people should feel free to say whatever comes into their mind at that moment, no matter how absurd. Enabling that experience for as many people as possible is a balancing act, just enough moderation - but not too much.

We're all in this together.

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I handed my notice in two weeks ago. This is my final week at my "9 to 5". Onwards!!!

While .social is exoddos, the bad takes will continue from here.

Hmm, now it's still crashing but without the ConnectionError.

Just this:

13:44:37.240 [notice] Application pleroma exited: exited in: Pleroma.Application.start(:normal, [])
** (EXIT) an exception was raised:
** (RuntimeError) could not lookup Ecto repo Pleroma.Repo because it was not started or it does not exist

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Pleroma Q:

I'm getting:
13:38:47.821 [info] Postgrex.Protocol (<0.928.0>) disconnected: ** (DBConnection.ConnectionError) client <0.1040.0> exited

and then a crash running `mix phx.server`

Connection to postgres works, postgres says:

STATEMENT: SELECT sum(u0."note_count") FROM "users" AS u0 WHERE (NOT (u0."nickname" IS NULL)) AND (NOT (u0."nickname" LIKE 'internal.%')) AND (u0."local" = $1)


DEBUG: unexpected EOF on client connection

Ideas ?

registrations_open: true,
invites_enabled: false,
account_activation_required: false,
account_approval_required: false,
federating: true,

Defaults 😂

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe French politics is not as cynical as American, but it's risky to expect anyone to play nice.

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France had the chance to have Le Pen president and Macron's congress => 5 years of oligarchs running around with their hair on fire and nothing getting done.

Instead they're gonna get Macron president and Le Pen's congress => Destructive legislation to reduce the country to a desert so that Le Pen gets 99% vote in 2027.

Nice Job.

Bad English girl on Twitter.
Does not federate.

Gets banned.
Moves to Gab.
Still does not federate.

PKT mail.
Stake some PKT, get an email address.
Server auto-adds a This Is Spam link to the bottom.
If you abuse it, you lose your stake.


Good point, I liked it quite a lot. Also Umbrella Academy and Chronicle of unfortunate events. All "children movies" ;)


People all like: OMG Disney is teaching kids bad morals 😱

I'm like: They been teaching shady shit past 40 years, y'all been sleeping?!

It looks like everyone thought this was a poll, actually I mix all 4 together and the result is epic.

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chaotic evil: paying a team of full time developers to write bullshit code contributions to github repos of your competition that introduce unneeded complexity and hidden bugs.

> Soapbox FE is based on Gab Social's frontend which is in turn based on Mastodon's frontend.

The GPL that keeps on GPLing.

Best burger sauce:
1. Ketchup
2. Mustard
3. Barbeque
4. Algerian (French thing)

Lets start a gofundme to pay Alex to add anon posts to Pleroma.

We can collateralize it on future lulz.

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