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safeway brand lemonade was invented by some dude who had never tasted lemonade but tried his best

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whenever i drive by an arbys they have to lash me to the mast like odysseus

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trans women are women, trans men are men, nonbinary ppl are whatever they want to be, and if you think differently find a different website

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this is twiiter except you get to cyberbully fans of steven's universe w/o repercussions

does anyone have that tool for sending messages to your followers when you migrate?

I think we should refer to dot social as the SS Problematic

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"Assuming we don't wind up in a compactor, when we get back, I am going to step on you."

"As much as I might enjoy that, if you don't get back in time for the launch, City College wins, and Greendale becomes just another school on my resume that no one can call because it doesn't exist."

@cjwyoming that sucks .social sucks ur welcome on bofa even if you big league me like a JERK again

Just to be clear, the person in question isn't my abuser. They're an abuser of some of my friends, which in my eyes makes it worse that I can't speak out

@cjwyoming if a mod threatened to ban me from social, I would face them and walk backwards into hell

So a mod just threatened to ban me if I didn't take down a post calling out a known abuser so I'm probably going to migrate when I get home b/c it's clear that .social is not committed to making people feel safe

I got to class way early so I'm just sitting outside the building listening to white dudes mansplaining politics to bored girls

some sort of "pig man" has crept through my portal to the nether


ive never been to a jimmy johns and honestly they intimidate me a bit

Me: haha yeah I'm an EDGELORD
also me: *changes "bootyhole" to "shit portal" when I'm making fun of my ass because I'm worried that's too vague*

That scene in the matrix where neo is getting fighting styles downloaded into his brain except it's me learning to make a good gumbo

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