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I am a programming simpleton. I babble a lot about lately, I am running on most machines I own, I build in my spare time and I have a fetish for niche programming languages.

I am happy to help you if I can. I leave you with the rest to figure it out...

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In other words, to disagree well you must first understand well. You have to read deeply, listen carefully, watch closely. You need to grant your adversary moral respect; give him the intellectual benefit of doubt; have sympathy for his motives and participate empathically with his line of reasoning. And you need to allow for the possibility that you might yet be persuaded of what he has to say.


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Next medium post will be an exclusive from @lain 's inner circle, including outragous photo material

@ckeen so I'm about a week late but here's a few links I've stumbled on that were interesting:

A BBS style gophersite:

A homepage:

This is a chan-board on Gopher. Pretty terrible for the obvious chan-reasons, but funny to see on Gopher of all places:

I shop locally, mostly, but sometimes, for hard copies, bookdepository.com is suitable. For ebooks, smashwords.com, lulu.com, drivethrurpg.com.

For music, bandcamp.com.

Not sure what else Amazon sells, but whatever it is, I probably don't need.

So what are your alternatives to amazon? While everyone is mad at google et al. They do know what you are shopping for, what you watch and what you read...

Large BBC sound effects library is now available for free download for personal, educational, research & non-commercial use

There are about 16,000 clips


Started reading Data + Algorithms = Programs by Niklas Wirth and it kinda respikes my interest in pascal again.

Also on the software development discourse nothing has changed since the 70ies it seems. All the arguments then are still valid.

Ok, now there are terminal emulators written as an electron application: wtf

Your first reaction to any problem should be to open your debugger. Getting a divorce? Open the debugger! Cut yourself badly? Open the debugger!

If, on the path to enlightment the buddha stands in your way, debug him.


toki pona li pona tawa mi kin !

toki pona li pona tawa jan ale lon ma ale.

o jan ale, o kama sona e toki pona !

lon toki Inli

lon toki Kanse

lon toki Epelanto

#TokiPona #kama_sona

@tomasino There's something peculiar about your gopher setup which triggers an error in my client that I'd like to investigate. I will get back to you with details later. Just in case you are wondering about all these access attempts...

Actually, I have been thinking about the 'slow' client. Yes, it would work like an RSS reader. There already are rss feeds. Are there more user specific feeds as well? Such as notifications and such? So a new client might not be needed at all...

What you have published is published. All this talk of 'control' just makes the impression that data can be taken offline. That's not the case in general in a federation. Deletion is hard. Proof of deletion impossible in general.


"What makes Scuttlebutt unique is the simple idea that users should own and control all of their data."

The last part is most misleading. I have seen it applied to the as well. Yes you can extract a copy of your data out of the system. But is that 'control'? In scuttlebutt as well as in AP systems once the data leaves your system (a copy!), it is out there. There is no mechanism to delete it. You might tell your server to delete a post but will all servers?

Radiohead’s "Creep" Played on the Gayageum, a Korean Instrument Dating Back to the 6th Century goo.gl/5wXkAm t.co/3EKfitCK23

I wonder how long it takes to come up with these:

"In this bleak age when search engine algorithms dredge up
shoddily-assembled HOWTOs and pass them off as authorative
documents, providing for the next generation of sysadmins
is one of the most vital tasks that we face as profession."
-- @mwlucas 'Ed Mastery'