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Mastodon has quickly become the 3rd most linked social network on Liberapay! However it's still far behind GitHub and Twitter: liberapay.com/explore/elsewher


Mastodon est rapidement devenu le 3e réseau social le plus connecté sur Liberapay ! Cependant il reste loin derrière GitHub et Twitter : fr.liberapay.com/explore/elsew

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Why is asking for a positive vision on how one wants to live considered naive?

But I want nice things!

Please write something beautiful today that helps people.


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It is increasingly looking like I'll have to update my CV, and start looking. Not happy about it, but work is getting increasingly frustrating.

For the time being, I won't be looking for a new job, but start keeping an eye on opportunities, just in case.

On that note, if anyone reading this would want to hire me, or may know someone who might, let me know. Boosts are welcome, too. :P

Budapest or remote only, full CV available on request (and on my website) in a few days.

code.google.com is another elephant graveyard for software

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Email from easyjet: <html>^M

@luke_nukem @wezm I am using restic for my backups...

Code's compiling, where are the pics...?

@algernon That sounds like you use it like a mouse :)

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@algernon I usually prefer OpenBSD for routers due to the use of pf and its simple and readable rules. you may have luck adding wifi over the USB connector but I am not sure how well that works. OTOH I have been using a simple GL.iNet router for WIFI behind the router. That's been 20 EUR on amazon...

@algernon with wifi? if not ubiquity edge router lite w/ OpenBSD is a good choice although a bit expensive maybe...