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In other words, to disagree well you must first understand well. You have to read deeply, listen carefully, watch closely. You need to grant your adversary moral respect; give him the intellectual benefit of doubt; have sympathy for his motives and participate empathically with his line of reasoning. And you need to allow for the possibility that you might yet be persuaded of what he has to say.


Ah! I finally I got around setting my compose key to pause which is a bit weird to reach on my atreus but so far the easierst option.

🎶 o jan ako! o jan ako! 🎶
a sina lape awen!🎶
a sina lape awen!🎶
sina kute e kalama poki anu seme?🎶
sina kute e kalama poki anu seme?🎶
🎶 🎶 🎶 mu! mu! mu!🎶 🎶 🎶

@Mr_Lee 's greater hong kong! I want to join and bring my sword...

Looking for a nice template, maybe some user may know one?

Oh creating a hunspell dictionary for is easy:

1. Type in all the words one word per line in a file called tokipona.dic
2. Prepend the number of lines to the file.
3. create an empty tokipona.aff file.
4. copy the files to wherever your hunspell dicts are.
5. hunspell -d tokipona should work now.


I need to add a dictionary to hunspell, is there such a thing?

tenpo suno mute pini la jan ike li jo wawa e sike tu e meli mi.
tenpo suno ni la meli sama pi meli mi li tawa tomo mi.
ona li lukin e ni: sike tu li lon e nasin.
sike tu li pona lili.
jan ante li pona e sike tu.
ali li pona!

why should I upgrade my RAM can't people stop building electron apps instead

And I think I have reinvented the 100th way of doing these 'fitting bumps'

Don't ask but I am designing a house for playmobil figures in for the laser cutter

Hm, how do I write a test whether this cron job works...

@kensanata It is a command or an appeal AFAIU. 'Here, have a coffee!'

@kensanata I have received my toki pona book and it lists laso as 'blue or green'. But it does not list kipisi any more.

See also tokipona.net/tp/janpije/extinc