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I am a programming simpleton. I babble a lot about lately, I am running on most machines I own, I build in my spare time and I have a fetish for niche programming languages.

I am happy to help you if I can. I leave you with the rest to figure it out...

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GitHub - jvburnes/node9: A portable hybrid distributed OS based on Inferno, LuaJIT and Libuv github.com/jvburnes/node9

"The name of the monster that we have let grow and that keeps our planet in its grips is: The Planetary Work-Machine. If we want to transform our spaceship into an agreeable place again, we’ve got to dismantle this Machine, repair the damage it has done, and come to come basic agreements on a new start. So, our first question must be: how does the Planetary Work-Machine manage to control us? How is it organized? What are its mechanisms and how can they be destroyed?"

Und: Warum klebt jetzt jeder gelbe Streifen an die schwarz-rote Fahne...

Ah fixed my bootloader issue... Why are people constantly changing things for the sake of changing things...

Anyone used a wemos for a BT controller yet?

Of course the root cause of my xdm troubles are in systemd changing stuff around...

Ok, mac users! Is there a way to add autocrupt support to Apple Mail?

Ok, fixed the mailer, fixed archlinux, fixed some stupid locale error in the test suite. Now for ☕

Last night I went to a going away party for a clown friend who is moving out of town. Stayed for an appropriate amount of time, then politely asked him, "Irish or Traditional?"

He said, "I don't know the context. Irish sounds good?"

So I nodded and left without explanation. ;)


hm, the vultr login tab crashes in my new firefox. Is it just me?

New errata for 6.3, backporting the Intel FPU security fix. syspatch(8) now! (amd64) mail-archive.com/announce@open

@calvin @saper @kensanata @ckeen

Shameless plug: I explored historical hypertext designs and how they compare with today's web in an old blog post: wilfred.me.uk/blog/2016/06/14/

@kensanata Are al the bigger wikis dead since 2012/2013? MeatBall, CommunityWiki et al.? I miss those days.

From the recent thread on Christopher Alexander. Please enjoy this wonderful 17 page essay: chrisgagern.de/Media/A_City_is

Backdoored images downloaded from DockerHub 5 million times arstechnica.com/information-te kromtech.com/blog/security-cen

Malware installed through DockerHub can also escape the container, so may continue to run.

Friends don't let friends install unreproducible black box container images.

@Riyonajell Vor einer langen Weile hattest Du mal was zu kooperativen gepostet. (Ich glaube der Ausgangspunkt waren anarchistische Syndikate).

Heute habe ich von der Mondragon Kooperative gehoert und die Kritik an der bestaetigt Deine damalige Position.


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