Blog post: Storing ZFS send streams is not a good backup method

(tl;dr: ZFS send streams don't have important properties for backups, like selective restores and resilience against various sorts of damage)

"It didn’t take much digging for investigators to discover that Manx2 wasn’t actually an airline at all. It simply sold seats on flights using planes belonging to several other companies, who allowed Manx2 to use its branding and livery on their aircraft. The airplane itself was owned by a Spanish bank, which had leased it to a Spanish company called Linéas Aéreas de Andalucia (or Air Lada for short). Air Lada had in turn sub-leased the aircraft to another Spanish airline called Flightline S.L., which held the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) under which the flights were conducted. Air Lada, considered the owner of the plane, had a contract with Manx2 to use the aircraft, even though it was operated by Flightline; there was in fact no communication between Flightline and Manx2 at all. The pilots were employed by Air Lada but were trained by Flightline and their point of contact worked for Manx2. Maintenance was provided by another Spanish company which had a contract with Flightline, but in practice the maintenance bills were sent directly to Air Lada. During the night, the plane flew cargo for the Royal Mail, for which Air Lada had a separate contract with a UK company called Air Charter Services. Air Charter Services held the AOC for those flights, which were conducted without the involvement of Flightline or Manx2. Air Lada, as it turned out, was also not an airline because it lacked an Air Operator Certificate; rather, it was a regular company that owned aircraft, which it leased out to actual airlines that carried out the operations described in contracts signed between Air Lada and various third parties. There was in fact no airline in the traditional sense; rather, there was a bizarre amalgamation of several companies that each carried out part of the duties of a real airline, like some kind of Frankenstein’s monster made out of scraps from the bottom of the corporate barrel."

The Black Hole Business Model: The crash of Manx2 flight 7100 | Admiral Cloudberg

Statistics Canada has prepared a bunch of playlists that we can listen to while filling out the census. The one I'm listening to is making my feet tap, to my surprise.

(Via @.fredfred and @.AaronWherry over on the birdsite.)

Toronto April weather: it's raining outside and 32% humidity inside so I need to apply more hand moisturizer.

Blog post: The question of how to do non-annoying multi-factor authentication for SSH (in which I have no real answers)

(MFA'ing something that gives you access to server SSH is a popular answer, such as VPNs.)

One day after my vaccine shot, I definitely (still) have a sore arm at the injection spot (I'm glad I got it in my off arm) but nothing really apparent otherwise.

(When I've had flu shots, I haven't had this post-shot soreness. Go vaccine and immune system, go. You can do it.)

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Embarrassing Python typo of the day: sys.stderr.wrote(....).

Not caught by having it actually trigger (as far as I know), it was in an error handling path in this command.

I feel cautiously relieved to have now received my first vaccine shot, especially give Toronto's and Ontario's very bad situation. This is nowhere near the end, but hopefully it's part of the beginning of the end.

I plan exactly zero changes in my behavior now that I've been vaccinated (either immediately or in 14+ days). I'm going to keep on the with the masking, the distancing, and the staying home et al until this is all over for everyone and we have the all-clear.

and now
suppose you are the IRB, how do you respond if you do have to review such a study

1. use the standard process to perform a review
2. claim it doesn't need review because this is "not human experimentation"

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ok i am going to provide a quick description of a study and you tell me if this needs IRB approval:

We create and submit actual commits to the Linux kernel with intentional vulnerabilities to gauge whether maintainers are able to spot the security issues during review (no one at Linux is informed beforehand)

Toronto's snowfall this morning was pretty cool to watch coming down. Dense snow clumps accumulating on early leaf buds looks unusual and surprisingly pretty.

(Fortunately we didn't get anywhere near the amount we were warned about, and it's now all going away under the sun.)

While a lot of people decided to set a header to opt-out from FLOC tracking for their users, I decided to embrace it and let people make up their own mind.

For those interested in the banner, here are the implementation details:

It's kept simple and efficient. It'll only show up, when your browser implements the API. Enjoy!

#FLOC #privacy

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Every time I go into the office and start up Firefox, I get the ghosts of web pages that I was going to read real soon now ... in February of 2020.

Toronto's April Fools joke for all of us is freezing weather and perhaps some snow flurries. It's a good joke, as they go.

My automatically activated nightlights are busy letting me know that yes, Toronto is pretty dim and dark today.

Today I added a host Prometheus metric I've been sitting on for a while because I wasn't certain if it was worth generating. It promptly found previously unrecognized problems on some of our hosts.

Past me: Good idea on generating that metric. Bad idea on not deploying it just to test.

It's definitely 'open all the windows' weather here in Toronto. It's probably also the start of allergies; those two go together in the spring.

Having examined detailed metrics from my UPS over the duration of a real power failure, I have determined that my UPS is lying (although I'm not sure where the lies are). I wish I could say I'm surprised, but no, not really.

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On the positive side, now I know that my home UPS really works. On the negative side, power failure (and probably a decent sized one, a lot of stuff is dark around here). And I was in the middle of making supper.

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