It is nearly the end of 2019 and websites are still asking for your first and last name instead of just your name. You would think that programmers would have gotten tired of that mess by now.

Mozilla recently made a minor change to the icon for unofficial self-compiled versions of Firefox, which I use, and it's surprising how rapidly I noticed and how wrong it currently feels. I'll get over it, but I'm apparently really, really used to how the old one looked.

"Please confirm your password by selecting every picture containing a car"

Hmm, this one, this one, i think that one's a part of a car?

"That's not a car you fucking asshole! That's a mailbox! You will never have access to your checking account ever again, jerkface!!!"

Friday afternoon is a good time to finally catch up on the Prometheus users mailing list. Partly because having a week's worth of list mail encourages me to skim and delete aggressively.

I have so many fvwm keybindings that sometimes I think too much and forget what key combination a particular action is bound to.

(Why yes, I have had to check my own fvwmrc recently.)

I am not mentally prepared for Toronto being 6 C while I'm biking, even if I theoretically have all of the physical stuff I need. It was warm not that long ago! It's not supposed to be winter yet!

(I know, 6 C is hardly winter. In the spring, I'll be saying 'wow it's warm' when it's 6 C.)

That was a spectacularly loud thunderstorm this morning in Toronto. It's a little bit of a pity that it happened at 5:30 am or so, and also that I'm not someone who can sleep through that sort of noise.

@diodelass the bottom line here is that the software updater shouldnt be making decisions that affect our schedules, and nor should we be obligated to babysit it before it loses its temper

In shocking news, it turns out that I have noticeably less headaches when I actually wear my computer glasses while using the computer. I guess I don't actually see the screen quite as clearly as I thought I did when I'm not wearing them.

Mistakes were made in this morning's bike commuting, especially the mistake to not put on full rain gear (either at the start or at a good pause point with shelter) because it looked like only a light drizzle that I could ignore. At least I've now experienced what that's like, and everything will dry out soon enough.

(I have different clothes for the office, so at least I'm not sitting around in wet ones.)

TIL you can get black kookaburras and they are like if a wizard turned that guy from the Cure into a bird.


Current status: spraying '<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width">' over various pieces of HTML we have or generate, because that's the magic incantation of today (along with character sets).

As always, magit for GNU Emacs is the bomb for getting me to make focused, careful commits with good commit messages. If you guessed that today's two commits were actually slammed together in the original change, you would be correct; magit's easy selective commits let me separate them out neatly.

It feels oddly good to both implement a new feature for my wiki thing (last week) and decide that it's solid enough to commit and push it to the public Github source code (now). As always, actually making the git commit pushed me to write a few more comments and so on.

To answer your unasked question:

In a world with mutable source code and tags, people pulling things from you that you didn't intend them to is their problem; you can change your history, your tags, and your repo as you want. In a world of cached immutable modules, it is suddenly your problem. Other people have the power to easily freeze and make available your work for all time.

The Go module proxy world is making me nervous with its use of immutable, cached modules and unchangeable module checksums. The intention is good, but the real world is always more nuanced and complex than 'once someone fetches something from you it can never change and never be removed'.

(Note that I didn't say 'published'. People can fetch from you before you've officially 'published' as you consider it, or without it at all.)

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