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incidentally, I am a little touchy on the nazi lie because I have relatives who were literally victims of the holocaust and barely made it out of Auschwitz

when your grandmother has an identification number tattooed on them, you can talk about whether or not that lie is true

Tried to login to #Fedora #Pragure. It depends on Fedora's ID server and the open id implementation.

In the process, I encountered multiple 500 errors. Have to refresh to resubmit all the time.

Once I login, I found out that it depends on #Libravatar for avatar. And when I tried to upload mine, I found out Libravatar is closing down this September.

Not a very assuring experience...


imagine an AP server with an IPFS-aware client, fetching and distributing statuses over the swarm, using the server like a persistent peer 💾 🌐

an AP implementation that uses IPFS as a storage layer 🤔

@CobaltVelvet I prefer to have a competent CA who is on the hook if they fuck up than a CA whom is not

Our cert comes with a $100,000 bond.

LE comes with $0.

@maiyannah Nobody previously had the clout to say "these shall be the dimensions", and once Team Navy stamped the spec, nobody else's variants would stack up. Literally.

@gideonro's seen some of my Ontology of Technologica Mechanisms stuff, I've been spinning that around for a year or so, and /network/ or /dendritic/ mechanisms are a huge component. That's /anything/, physical or logical, that can be described as nodes & links, graphs & edges.

@maiyannah The story of freight containerisation is similar, with proposals floated by the 1940s (WWII) and 1950s, but it wasn't until the Vietnam War, when the US Navy (the largest nationalised shipping and logistics corporation in the world) had a cargo movement problem to a small and unindustrialised part of SE Asia, along with certain labour-relations issues with the population. The 20-foot and 40-foot shipping container specs arose from that....

Apparently my drug insurance saved me $1,278.66.

I paid $5 for all my meds.


Pleroma is nice, it sucks that you have to talk only about pleroma all day when you use it, though
@lain "pleroma isn't THAT opinionated of a software"
Then how do you explain this warning I just got when I tried to post?
BTW, if you're interested in working on pleroma (or a migration tool) please visit #pleroma on freenode and take a look at so we can coordinate and help you. Any help is very welcome!
A screencast about where I am with, the #pleroma instance I set up, PeerTube, British politics (#brexit, the #windrush generation), you name it it's there:

The Switter stuff is a good reminder about why I'm so very uncomfortable with Cloudflare. I'm not blaming the people behind Cloudflare, who I think know and have expressed why FOSTA is dangerous, but rather Cloudflare's fundamental positioning as a source of centralization.

Content Addressed Storage > Content Delivery Networks

Buy my book "How to install a Pleroma server and sort yourself out in 12 steps", only 29.99
I think being able to run a server is a very valuable skill! It can help you and your friends out of the dependency on the big corporations. You're not helpless anymore.