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Claes Wallin ❌ (liaison acct)

Partially answering my own question (and knowing I won't be able to search for this later, lol)

* fediverse-wide full text search is currently not implemented in part due to harassment concerns
* Full text search of my own posts
* Full-text search scoped to users' past interactions

#mastodev #search #fulltext #fulltextsearch

the older you get, the more you'll read cool, deep quotes and think "what an idiot"
If you wanna be attractive for perverts just write an ostatus server, silly boys will be all over you

@stefan @isagalaev IMO, the bad design decisions started coming in 2012 when Google began their #WarOnText by making photos and videos more prominent than plain text posts.

Their use of a bastardized form of Textile for text formatting instead of Markdown didn't help, either.

@starbreaker @isagalaev In it's beginning, Google+ combined the best of two worlds - Twitter's asymmetrical following and Facebook's comfort. Actually it was a superior Diaspora* clone. It's decline started around 2013 with some really bad design decisions.

@isagalaev I think it failed because Google tried to make a better Facebook instead of accepting that they had created a social network/forum for geeks, artists, musicians, writers, and people who weren't comfortable with the eternal high school reunion vibe Facebook had back in 2011.

But I'm saying this as somebody who joined during the G+ beta.

Joel Spolsky: "it’s amazing because it demonstrates that Facebook has finally grown up and joined the rest of us in understanding that software developers are designing the future."

I am not sure it's what happened to Facebook. I simply don't trust them anymore, so I expect some trap in the future.

@tw Yet Another Fucking Chat App, But At Least This One Is Good

@Elizafox electron and chrome are the reason ram prices are so high right now

2008: "Includes support for Windows, Mac, and Linux"

Oh wow, how convenient! I really appreciate talented developers who write good cross-platform code and accomodate to users of multiple operating systems!

2018: "Includes support for Windows, Mac, and Linux"

Oh great, another fucking Electron app 🙄

@banjofox That's what I do at

But I like to make the stuff...

What I avoid is to make final solutions and maintain them.

That has a magic name:

Full stack engineer like, if you give me a pile of things I will draw up a detailed schematic of how to make the most stable and efficient stack out of them, but I won't build or maintain it for you.

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@liw I personally find this statement very toxic. It helps no one, and it gives the false impression that "security is impossible anyhow, so why do you even try?"

This is EXACTLY the opposite of what I try to convey to people that I care about.

#Protip: Display proper, full dates in your applications. "Two weeks ago" and "A month ago" isn't searchable in any meaningful way. #LookingForOneItemButFindingHundreds