The guys who are excited about exploiting earth then moving to mars, they can just move now. Nobody’s stopping them.

I thought that having a cracked iphone screen would suck but I threw it at a cast iron pot yesterday and it’s been great.

I wrote a thing about how to read your RSS feeds, which... look, I promise I'm cool IRL 😅 —

Tired: trying to reconcile all your different sides into a single coherent social media presence that manages to remain both personal and socially legible

Wired: dividing your social media presence into a number of strategically chosen aspects, so as to embrace the ambivalent multiplicity

Galaxy brain: use your numerous mastodon profiles to create a circular webring

Oh reddit. "During the Cold War, Finland secretly smuggled more than ten thousand vowels from Czechoslovakia. That's why the Finnish have sentences like 'Älä rääkkää kääkkää kääkänrääkkääjä!' and the Czechs have 'Strč prst skrz krk.'"

Hey, peeps, do you have tips of VPS to run a nextcloud instance? From what I've read running nextcloud is quite low in resources, so I think I'm mostly looking for a VPS with cheap storage and good bandwidth.

Looked into scaleway and it seems they don't have very big volumes so it adds up fast. My dream would be similar costs to the 1TB dropbox offers, but I imagine it's not very realistic :P

#nextcloud #owncloud #vps
(boosts for reach appreciated!)

Recipe for martial arts: 1) Be casually rude and emotionally unpredictable towards opponent. 2) Ask if opponent is “OK” insinuating they are the one acting crazy. Whether or not they reacted to step one this is fool-proof because it characterizes opponent as irrational and you as kind, generous and stable. 3) Bask in the glory of being a basic bully.

MS Word and its sidekick Microsoft Error Reporting, like Tinker Bell to Peter Pan.

Every edition of Word comes with Microsoft Error Reporting, a fun little side app that opens constantly.

The cool thing about rage is all the aggro scribbling you can accomplish.

Being a positive person is seeing family as fun entertainment like watching animals at the zoo rather than being horrified by the cess pool of greed.

my opinion about media and what queers are made into 

Netflix's minstrel show "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" is ok sort of because it helps certain people realize that men who are femme and/or like dick are human beings who have a lot of money and are very helpful and nice with many spritely quirks, such as referring to objects as she/her. Clap and say yasssskweeen to their flamboyant outrageousness.

Are there any black trans game developers out there in masto land that are willing to make themselves known and point me to your work?

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