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@pnathan I really love Vancouver in many ways, but this is a BIG problem.

Don't even get me started on prices for owning a home (we'll never own a detached house, even with dual professional salary and only one kid. Struggling to pay mortgage on townhome & feeling really lucky we could do that even).

@pnathan Mind you, I don't know if any of this will be useful in the long run, and may be discriminatory. But city is scrambling because the whole character of population is changing as those with less money get pushed further out. And have to commute long distances for low-paying jobs.

@pnathan It's been relaxed somewhat:

And that was for buying a home, which may not affect rental market.

City also recently imposed empty home tax to try to encourage people to rent rather than leaving homes empty:

That one just came into effect...

Recently read on local news that median price for 1-bedroom rental in Vancouver (BC, Canada) is $2000 per month. And queues for rentals snaking around blocks b/c there aren't enough available. The city trying to figure out what to do & if short-term, air b&b style rentals are contributing to problem.

It's not good. So hard to live here without a high paying job.

Mac malware that went undetected for years spied on everyday users

Family went for short hike today. About 45 mins up a mountain & then back down. And my legs were jelly on way back. Up was ok; it was down that was really hard. A somewhat difficult & slippery trail. But it's clear I need more conditioning for going down so my muscles don't shake so much!

And was *almost* worth the crazy Vancouver sunny summer weekend traffic to get there & back. Should have been 20 mins there; more like nearly an hour.

Hey y'all. I know it's been a few days. I've been busy with some things.

I'm taking commissions right now. In general, I'll draw any request, but for now I'm advertising profile images. I'm asking $25, and I can style it however you'd like.

I posted this on BIrdsite and Crumblr, and Kit suggested I post here. I was nervous about the self promotion, but at this point, after this month, I'll have no money to support myself. If you could please, please Boost this post, I'd appreciate even that.

@ShorterPearson Whaaaa? Really? I haven't actually looked at the book b/c I know nothing of physics. Philosopher here who has never taken any physics. Was away in exchange during year in high school that ppl took it. Chemistry too. Couldn't pass entrance exam for college courses so just never took them. Feel very knowledge deprived.

@ShorterPearson if you'd like to work together on OER research of some kind, I'm game! Love it. Haven't thought of any new projects after this one but would be happy to.

@ShorterPearson I ended up working with the other 2 authors because they adopted an open textbook for a very large class. First ones to do so at my uni as far as I knew. And I had a fellowship to do research on open textbooks. So that's how it happened.

We ran a sinus survey this year and will start analyzing the data next month.

I need to get up off the couch and head towards bed. But how can I move this cute little guy?

@lauraritchie That looks wonderful! I guess you have to have room in the freezer for leftovers?

@paralithode Important for me to remember too: I'm not the boss everyday. And even when I don't feel like I "deserve" to take time off, sometimes my body is more in charge than I am. Thank you for the reminder, and I hope tomorrow is better for you.

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I miss all the "Mastodon is dead" toots.

If dead means Arby's isn't here selling snark - Yep.

If dead means you can talk to people without getting buried in troll shit - Yep.

If dead means we're missing verified celebrity accounts that get preferential treatment from corporate admins - Yep.

If dead means there's more to life than follows - Yep.

We're still dead and we're staying dead!

@viTekiM That was a great toot! I meant to boost it but I don't think I did. Rectifying that now...

"Cake week" is over today. It was my birthday, then my son's birthday, and today is anniversary for my partner and I.

We only had cake for the first two, but we're still eating those!

Now it's time to walk off all that cake! :)

@dadegroot Oh yeah then, that'd be quite hot for awhile I expect!