And FYI, this is on a wall in the room where I take a yoga class.

#WriteFreely is a free open federated blogging platform. It has a minimalist approach so that readers concentrate on the text.

It federates with #ActivityPub so you can follow blogs through Mastodon etc.

Existing Write Freely instances you can sign up at:

Installing your own instance:

Fully managed hosting, if you want your own instance without doing techy stuff:

#AlternativesAtoZ #Blogging


Now learning more about Mukurtu CMS: built with needs of Indigenous communities in mind as part of digital preservation system. Grew out of need to manage protocols for who should have access to content and when.

Includes traditional knowledge labels, which are ways of clearly labeling how certain items can be seen and used and by whom. Part of Local Contexts initiative

Technology improving learning – an edtech meta-analysis
I'm re-tuning my network antenna for a new open education tech project I am going to be working on.


I'll have more details to share on the project in the coming weeks, but suffice to say that it has put a spring in my step this week, thanks in no small part to providing me with the opportunity to deeply r

Nice! a guide on Open Education working groups at higher edu institutions. A work in progress from BCcampus (British Columbia, Canada). Comment using!

#OER #openeducation

work stress 

To get your first page of toots ever just append ?min_id=0 to your public profile page address

Back at home in Vancouver after quick trip to Nashville Tennessee. I gave a talk on open education today while there. The rest of the time I spent grading midterm exams so didn’t see any of the city really 🙁

wrinkles are good, capitalism is bad 

Instead of boarding on time-ish, everyone on this plane to Vancouver from LA has to line up and have our boarding passes and passports checked. I don’t get it. Isn’t that what usually happens as you’re boarding? Everyone has to do this and then sit back down. In the meantime,boarding delayed another 30 minutes. Boo.

I went that-a-way and I didn’t see any adorable, happy doggos. Or any doggos at all.

I feel cheated.

Okay need your help on a new collaborative song . Son wrote song in shower and typed up lyrics on blog. I told him if he sang t I could probably find someone on web to put it to music or remix it:

ICE, North Carolina 

Fediverse, I need your help. Do you know any person of color who wrote on race and racism with a materialist perspective?
Boost appreciated.

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