wc -l ~/Documents/Zoom/*/*.txt | sort -n # Generate some stats around how many lines of chat are in each of your Zoom video conference saved chat files and order them by largest.

patreon.com/climagic # The CLImagic Supplemental #015 is out with in depth explanations of posts made here in mid August. Support climagic on Patreon at the $2/month level and you'll receive access.

[Ctrl-z] # Press this key sequence to interrupt a running process. You can then do something else and run 'fg' to resume the process later, but you might not want to.

ls -Ra # Here my child. Take this tool and use it to illuminate all the dark places of this world.

history | shuf -n20 # Pull 20 random lines from your shell history. Maybe you'll find something interesting.

ls ~/Pictures/*.png | xargs -P 4 -I{} convert {} -scale 1x1\! -format '%f %[pixel:u]\n' info:- | tee ~/images-main-color.txt # Determine the dominant color of .png images in your Pictures directory by reducing it's size to 1 pixel, do 4 images at once and save the text output.

Looks like in ITaly they have figured out how to reuse old computer wires.

identify -format "%f %N\n" *.gif | uniq -c | awk '$1>1' # Show which .gif files in the current directory are animated GIFs. The 'identify' command is part of ImageMagick

head -20 large-line-per-entity.json | sed '$s/,$/]/' | jq # Replace the end comma in a slice of your line by line entity (array like) so that the entity separating comma with a closing square bracket. You have to consider your data first.

qpdf scannedbook.pdf scannedbook-fixed.pdf --rotate=+180 # Fix a PDF file that was accidentally created with its pages upside down.

curl apod.nasa.gov/apod/image/2009/ | exiftool - | grep GPS # Check if an image has GPS coordinates in it showing were it was taken.

paste -d, students.csv useraccounts.csv > combinedrows.csv # Then take two CSV files, one with student names, and emals and combine them with student user accounts by merging the lines together with a comma. Just did this for a mail merge for sending out user/password emals.

sed -r 's/\ {2,}/,/' accounts.txt # Replace cases of two or more spaces in a file with a comma. For me, this turned a list of accounts with multiple spaces between the full name and emal into a CSV. You have to check the output though.

echo "$(($RANDOM % 9 + 1))" > /dev/udp/lights.climagic.com/45444 # Send a random number 1-9 over UDP to lights.climagic.com on port 45444

play -n synth pinknoise 2 pinknoise 1 fade 0 .02 .02 delay 0 +0.5 pad .48 .48 remix - trim 0 1 repeat - # Tic toc tic toc tic toc....

patreon.com/climagic # The latest issue of the CLImagic Supplement #014 is out. It contains in-depth explanations of commands posted here over preceding weeks. Support climagic at the $2 level and you'll get access to this valuable resource.


df -text{3,4} # Display only filesystems of types ext3 and ext4 so you can avoid all the other stuff that shows up in df these days. snap, overlays, tmpfs, etc. I was just using a system that had over 130 lines of df output.😖

How many command line users (of any kind) do you think there are in the world?

yes $'\U1F427' | head -29 # Happy Birthday Linux! 🐧

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