Tip: To protect yourself from accidentally doing a terminal dump to your default printer (ie. pressing Ctrl+PrintScreen), I find it useful to set up a dummy printer (/dev/null) as my default so it doesn't go anywhere if I press it by accident.

convert -delay 100 0.png -delay 1 $(seq -f %g.png 1 3 119) -delay 200 120.png -delay 1 $(seq -f %g.png 119 -4 1) -layers optimize -loop 0 anim5.gif # chmod 777

C="254,278" PP="30,362 212,44 350,287 272,287 212,187 70,430" ; convert -size 500x500 xc:\#101 -alpha on -stroke green -strokewidth 2 -fill \ -draw "polygon $PP" -distort SRT "$C 120" -fill \ -draw "polygon $PP" -distort SRT "$C 120" -fill \#181 -draw "polygon $PP" mce.png

command ls # In bash, you can use 'command' to force executing a command as it is found in your path, ignoring functions and aliases setup with the same name.

Ctrl-B % # In tmux, this keystroke will split your current window vertically into two parts called panes. You can also split horizontally with Ctrl-B " (double quote). Have fun.

awk '$1==""' access.log | pee 'sed -n "1p;\$p"' 'wc -l' # Search access.log for IP and print the first line, last line and total line count.

FYI: In the browser version of Twitter, you can use vi movement keys j and k to move up and down the list of tweets. Thanks @Rolando

T="Happy 30th\nBirthday\n/bin/bash \!";a="-annotate +0+0";convert -size 420x300 -gravity center radial-gradient:\-purple -font Brush-Script-MT-Italic -pointsize 72 -fill yellow -stroke pink -strokewidth 15 $a "$T" -stroke yellow -strokewidth 10 $a "$T" -stroke orange -strokewidth 5 $a "$T" -stroke none $a "$T" -gravity southeast -font Helvetica -pointsize 10 -fill white -annotate +0+0 "Made in Bash with ImageMagick on a Mac" bashbirthday.png

Happy 30th Birthday /bin/bash! Thanks to its developers Brian Fox and Chet Ramey and all those who have contributed to it.

play -M mic1.wav mic2.wav # Merge two audio files together and play them as one track.

last -p "2019-06-04 01:31:00" # A newer option of the last command allows you to print the users who were logged in at a specific time. So you may find the culprit for an incident. Note that logs might be rotated.

[ENTER]~. # This sequence will close an OpenSSH session from the client side (same as killing the ssh client process).
[ENTER] = Press the Enter key while in the terminal running your ssh client. For a nested ssh session (ie. through a gateway host), use 2 tildes.

while pidof dd ; do sleep 1; done; date # Don't watch the clock yourself, run date after the last dd command is done.

cal -3 # Show a 3 month view (before, current, after) in cal.

Know a high school student looking for a great summer camp? Try to this cybersecurity camp in Indianapolis June 25-27: cacr.iu.edu/events/security-ma
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convert -size 192x108 xc:black blackthumbnail.png # Help your videos standout in the crowd with these black thumbnails. Thanks Joshua ;) youtube.com/user/climagic/vide

echo $[RANDOM%9+1] > /dev/udp/lights.climagic.org/45444 # Send a random number to change the corresponding light on lights.climagic.org

cat > file.txt # Cheap note taking application
rlwrap cat > file.txt # Nicer cheap note taking application.
From @jgomo3 on the birdsite.

If you don't know where the output is going, then you are the file. :ziltoid: :thonking:

touch /tmp/TheSmellOfThisRoomIsGivingMeAHeadache # Gotta love it when one of your students uses /tmp to communicate their feelings. :)

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