If you're attending the Supercomputing18 conference in Dallas tomorrow, be on the lookout for someone wearing a climagic logo t-shirt. It'll probably be me so please say hi.

@climagic another great part of documentation is this section in the xorg.conf manpage.

{ bmon || iptraf || iftop || nettop; } # Try out one of these fine TUI programs for monitoring your network traffic from the command line. nettop is available by default on Mac. Image credit: (bmon) by Tecmint.com

From the find man page: "U=unknown type (shouldn't happen)"

yesterday(){ date -d "${1:-now} - 1 day" +"${2:-%Y%m%d}"; } # A function that can give you previous day. Can take date arg and format.

find www/ -type f -execdir chmod -v o+r {} \; -o -type d -execdir chmod -v o+rx {} \; # Add read permissions for files and read/execute permissions for directories under the www directory.

lsof -p 9105 | grep / | less # Check what files pid 9105 has opened. I was checking to see if it opened a log file somewhere.

espeak "I want him in the game until he dies playing. Acknowledge." --stdout | play - tempo 0.8 bend 0.1,-500,0.5 chorus 1 1.5 20 1 3 8 -s echos .7 .7 100 .5 10 0.1 reverb # Make espeak sound like a sci-fi movie villain.

typeset -f # List the functions that you have setup in the current shell.

Current status: Done
[we now return to normal programming]

Ctrl-B :set repeat-time 1 # If you use tmux and find it annoying how it waits 1 sec for you to press an arrow again after the first time, you can reduce the repeat-time variable. This way arrow-up/down after switching panes immediately gets passed into the program (ie. less)

openssl s_client -connect smtp.example.com:25 -starttls smtp # If you used to use telnet or netcat to test protocols, but are stumped by SSL/TLS connections. Try using openssl s_client with --starttls and the name of the protocol.

One thing I always wished I could share on climagic was a live stream of doing a server migration or something like that, but alas the privacy issues....

/^[^#]+ # Using this search regex in 'less' will highlight the lines that are not comments starting with '#'. Can be useful for picking out configuration lines while viewing a file.

Happy 26th Birthday vim! One way to celebrate is by learning about the power of vim scripting. Damian Conway wrote this great 5-part series of beginners tutorials on vim scripting. bit.ly/vimscripting

uploadphotos(){ rsync -av "$@" you@webserver:www/photos/; } # A function you can set up to make it easy to upload photos to your website.
Example usage: uploadphotos IMG_*.JPG 01535.jpg anotherphoto.JPG

These new "display only" quotes in the output of GNU ls are starting to make me question life.
But they also give me hope because people dare to try to improve things.

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