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swaks --from --to --server # swaks is a well featured SMTP testing tool for mail administrators. It allows you to override DNS MX records so you can test a new server before switching to it.

Sorry about the post regarding the geeklife program. I've deleted the post. Apparently the Windows build had a Trojan Horse in it since at least 26 days ago and the developer doesn't seem to have acknowledged yet. Sorry about that.

ls d?97.xm # When you can't quite remember the second character used in a file, you can use a ? in the place of the character you don't know.

tar tip [150GB later....]: If you want to exclude stuff, you have to put the --exclude **before** the directory you're backing up.

cd /usr/bin ; ls -1 | shuf | xargs man # Read some random documentation to find some interesting commands. q to go to the next one. Ctrl-C to end it. # The latest CLImagic Supplement #021 is out with in-depth explanations of 29 commands posted during November. You can gain instant access to it and the 20 more issues by becoming a supporter on Patreon for just $2/month. Thanks for your support.

ps aux | grep firefox | cut -c1-$COLUMNS # When you grep for something in the output of ps, it will give you long lines that extend past your terminal width. One way to control this is using cut and bash's $COLUMNS variable.

I didn't get this one right on the first try, or the second, or the third... but I persevered.

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[ -e hawking.txt ]||elinks -dump>hawking.txt;sed -ne '/“.*”/{p;d;};/“/,/”/H;/”/{g;s/\n/ /g;p;}' hawking.txt|sed -Ee 's/”/”\'$'\n/g' -e 's/\ {2,}/ /g'|grep -v "^$"|shuf -n1|tee >(say -v Fred || espeak )|fold -sw80 # Hear a random Stephen Hawking quote.

rename 's/ /_/g' *.html # Replace all spaces in .html files in the current directory with underscores. This uses Larry Wall's rename command, not the MySQL one.

How do you pronounce Regex? Hard g, soft g, something else?

So over the holidays my daughter asked for a gaming PC, so I asked her to do the work of spec'ing it out, learning about the components, and building it. She ended up buying a case that has no 5.25" drive bays and now I feel so old that this is even possible.

IMHO though 2020 deserves more of an strace otherwise we're going to end up with a cp unless we do an fsck.

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authbind nc -vl 80 # The authbind program allows non-root users to listen on ports below 1024, just in case you want to try to live talk HTTP to the people scanning your IP. Configuration of authbind is required first.

sed -n '/Dec 21/,$p' maillog | awk -F[=,] '/LOGIN FAILED, user=/{print $3}' | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn # Print out a ordered list of the top email login failures starting from December 21st on through to today.

df -BG # List the file systems so that their space used/available is shown in gigabytes. This is more consistent than using just -h to show human readable. Good for if you have several and want to compare. # The latest CLImagic Supplement #020 is out with in-depth explanations of 15 commands posted here between Oct 16th and Oct 31st. You can gain access to it and the 19 other issues by becoming a supporter on Patreon at the $2/month level. Thanks.

Fried Chicken Place™ finds new business model by using the kernel's secret recipie to mine crypto while having fun and eating chicken. Leroy Jenkins not available for comment. *sarc

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