Pinned post # The latest CLImagic Supplement #027 is out with in-depth explanations of posts made to the end of February. Posts include a 3D printing timelapse, Conway's game of Life, network scanning and creating a Mars rover video w/ audio. Thanks for your support.

How many years old were you when you started using a Unix compatible shell like sh, bash, zsh, ash, ksh, fish, csh, tcsh, dash, etc...?

How many years old were you when you started using the command line?

If you'd like to find out more about how I made this animation and an explanation of how it works, I've made a Patreon supporter exclusive behind the scenes video for it.

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for f in {1..100};do L=UNIX;o=convert;k=50;i=0;a=($($o -list font|awk '/nt:/{print $2}'|shuf));x="eval w";s="";w(){ s=$s" -font ${a[$i]} -draw 'text $[k+150*$i],0 ${L:$i:1}'";i=$[++i]; };$x;$x;$x;$x;echo "$o -size 600x400 xc: -gravity west -pointsize 80 $s -negate $f.png";done|sh # Generate an animation of the word UNIX with different fonts. Like in the TV show . # The latest CLImagic Supplement #029 is out with in-depth explanations of posts I've made in the past, including process tables, compression, log analysis, ASCII art and more. You can support climagic too and help me get to 200 supporters. Thanks.

"Businesses will be able to create Cloud PCs within minutes and assign them to employees, avoiding the need for dedicated physical hardware." ... "employees don’t need to [..] worry about security on personal devices." --@theverge


sleep 3 ; for i in {1..1000} ; do xdotool mousemove_relative 10 0 ; sleep 0.15 ; xdotool mousemove_relative -- -10 0 ; sleep 0.15 ; done # Automatic Hellevator generator for using the command line. Thanks for the music @HimekoKatagiri

file mysteryfile # Try to determine the file type of an unknown file called 'mysteryfile' using the file command. If it just says 'data', then it can't figure it out.

I think the crossed out one is, which also still exists in DNS at least.

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Found this while cleaning up. Some of my Unix notes on how to use the uuencode command and FTP sites from 1995. Some of which still exist. # I randomly decided to visit the @ManjaroLinux website for the first time and was surprised to see so many of you using such an outdated distribution. ;) Happy 10th Anniversary.

sudo ss -ntapl | awk '$1=="LISTEN" && $4!~/^(127\.|\[::1\])/' # Show what Linux processes you have listening on external interfaces and their TCP ports (4th column).
A few moments later: "What that process for?"

sensors # From the lm-sensors package on Linux, you can see if your GPU is hot enough to melt lead. I told you I'm having problems this week.

My "that's a bad idea" warning system (TABI) has been malfunctioning after some damage and a firmware upgrade last week. OTOH, my acronym co-processor is working great.

nohup python3 -m http.server > /dev/null 2>&1 & # Start a simple webserver running in the background on port 8000 with the current directory as the doc root, sending stdout and stderr to /dev/null. Also making sure it continues running when the shell is closed. # nerd dictation is a great off line speech to text program that works pretty well under linux and doesn't send your information out to the cloud. i even used it to type this very description accurately.

It may be helpful to use curl's -N option and mpv's --cache-pause=no options to avoid pauses and bursts of video output due to buffering and caching.

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