Network trouble excuse: ICMP Echo Response packets sent through Large Hadron Collider via routing table. That explains the 42 second response time.

The Internet has serious integrity issues and I ain't talking about the technology.

Since it's Unix's 50th anniversary this summer, I decided to visit Vintage Computer Festival Midwest to see some of the legendary computers that made it famous. No booth or anything, but you may spot me in a climagic t-shirt. Please say hi if you do. It starts tomorrow in Elhurst, IL.

grep "> From: " LocalMailFolder | egrep --col=never -o "<.+" | tr -d '<> =' | sort | uniq # I needed to grab the email addresses out of a bunch of emails forwarded to me, so I copy it from IMAP to a local folder and then just quickly parse for the forwarded From line. Wala!

Today in history in 1941, Dennis Ritchie was born, and the world would never be the same again. A life is a powerful thing and can create a whole universe if you dare to try. # Regex based crossword puzzle. It's good fun practice and keeps you sharp. Plus you can tell your boss it's professional development time. But seriously, try to get some real work done today too. Thanks @scott_orr

echo | { xsel || pbcopy; } # Copy a newline to your clipboard so you can paste it into brain dead web applications that think they are smarter than you.

sed 's/./&\n/g' ids.txt | sort | uniq # Produce a list of all the unique characters used in a file. Useful if you need to try to figure out the expected character set and can't find a documented standard.

man bash | sed 's/./&\n/g' | awk -v mx=$COLUMNS -v my=$LINES 'BEGIN{x=y=e=f=1}{if(x==mx||!x){e*=-1};if(y==my||!y){f*=-1};x+=e;y+=f;printf "\033[%s;%sH%s",y,x,$1;for (a=0;a<400000;a++){}}' # Print the bash man page in diagonal lines across the screen.

yes $COLUMNS $LINES|awk 'BEGIN{x=y=e=f=1}{if(x==$1||!x){e*=-1};if(y==$2||!y){f*=-1};x+=e;y+=f;printf "\033[%s;%sH",y,x;for (a=0;a<400000;a++){}}' # Make your cursor bounce around the terminal. The 400000 in the for loop is just a busy delay. Adjust as needed.

find . \( -name '*.txt' -o -name '*.md' \) \! -empty # Find .txt or .md files under the current directory that are not empty (> 0 bytes).

ls -l --full-time || ls -l -T # If the date provided by -l isn't giving you enough detail (omitting time of day), then try using --full-time on GNU systems and -T on BSD systems.

curl --remote-name 'http://www.example\.com/images/IMG_[0001-0176].JPG' # Download images in sequence IMG_0001.JPG through IMG_0176.JPG

resolvectl status
systemd-resolve --status
journalctl -u systemd-resolved -f
sudo systemctl edit systemd-resolved
sudo systemctl restart systemd-resolved
rm systemd-resolved
shutdown -r 0
sudo !!

sudo iwconfig wlan0 # Show details about your WiFi connection (interface wlan0) including wireless speed and quality. Thx @feressiadis

split -l 500 largefile splitfile- # Split a file into 500 line files called splitfile-xaa, splitfile-xab, etc. Useful for variety of things. Especially when some system doesn't allow more than X number of lines of input at a time.

split -b 1G verylargefile split- # Split a file called largefile into 1 gigabyte pieces called split-xaa, split-xab, split-xac ...

apt-file search /usr/bin/strings # On Debian and derivatives, figure out what package you need to install to get the strings command. Use the usual full path (probably /usr/bin/something or /usr/sbin/something in most cases) to avoid large number of results.

Intel gigabit nic: "I'm tired." [hardware breaks]
Put in 20 year old Netgear FA310tx to fix/diagnose.
Intel nic got scared of its holy presence and started behaving again.

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