Why do fisheye objectives always have to be so expensive?

They get multiple times the prices which standard zooms get on the used market…

E.g. you can get normal old M42 lenses for around 20 € but if you want a fisheye M42, better prepare to pay hundreds for it…

With the current sell off ppl call Alibaba “the cheapest stock outside Russia” but I found at least three candidates in my portfolio with a lower P/E, higher equity ratio and sometimes even a dividend 🤯

Do your own research!

Only Iditots complain about things they can‘t change.
Smart people act and find solutions because they know complaining is not worth it.

"Despite their widespread use on the international stage, economic sanctions are largely ineffective in achieving their objectives [...] between 1915 and 2006, comprehensive sanctions were successful, at best, just 30 percent of the time." fh4.me/es

could become very important for citizens and companies - nobody can block or sanction transfers.

Also that may be easier to implement then support

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