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cms: chaos wizard

more people than I would have imagined are interested in my keyboard mapping lunacies

M-x backward-sexp-reboot-laptop

basically I just blog about keyboard drivers in linux these days I guess

sugar mice on a plate have been a big hit with the trick or treaters. some people say the rare blue ones are poisonous...

Holding my tongue about Stranger Things

I finally found a use for mDNS so I set all of that up, and now I am just debugging avahi-daemon and systemd instead of using the network services

Well I am drinking Kalimotxo and watching 'the Apprentice', and yes I am currently unemployed thanks.

Nice intro piece by @ntnsndr . I think we need more like this with examples of how specific tools could be used.
"The Rise of a Cooperatively Owned Internet"

Really enjoyed Tracey Ullman on Maron. She is a major hero of mine.

this is very sophisticated wordplay

Well, at least all my yubikeys are too old to be vulnerable to the infineon RSA Key generation error

If we are going to have a red sun over London, I hope it means I get Kryptonian super powers

Sean Hughes has died. Not far off my age.

I loved his sitcom, back when it was freshly made, and I always admired his line about Morrissey being a man trapped in a man's body. RIP

3 days of employment left. Today's challenges include: the exit interview