mongodb tries to mount /sys if you don't have /sys mounted.

presumably to cover the case when you've a) accidentally unmounted /sys before restarting a database, and b) are running mongodb under a user account that has privileges to mount /sys...

Lately, there seems to be a small glut of 'farewell readers, this is my last piece, here's a retrospective' from the opinion columnists over at the Guardian.

perhaps I should say "Great Scott!"

I expect they still need a bigger boat.

Today is the 28th birthday of the internet movie database, according to the official timeline.

Good grief.

I am in Barcelona, I am not watching the Fall

My keyboard is better than your keyboard.

(It has a £ key)

Something has dissected a pigeon overnight, and deposited the wings intact into my chimney.

Halt and Catch Fire, or as I call it "American Attachments"*

*obscure snark

sudo snap install spelunky && snap run spelunky

Oddly reminiscent of the English cricket teams' batting tactics of late.

I view all of this as illustrative of just how broken the core mechanics of UK parliamentary democracy are.

it's tech debt on social infrastructure, at an international scale.

Everyone is inexorably committed to delivering a shockingly unhelpful result, because at every inflection point, the key players are incentivised to take a long term, broader hit to avoid a shorter term, more personal catastrophe.

A grotty aspect of this posturing is that cynically, this is the best domestic signalling for an expected catastrophic exit- if you expect a wretched state for many administrative terms after , then you may as well start prepping the electorate for the story of being short-changed with the 'wrong brexit' , all down to EU sabotage. I would expect that to play very successfully at the polls.

I'm on the fence as to whether I think the UK govt actually has the competence to ride this spin.

Ah, they've reached the 'blame the EU for not agreeing to our prescription of changes to their core infrastructure that we're in the process of quitting' phase.

aka - brexit isn't working and it's the EU's fault.


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