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cms: chaos wizard

this is very sophisticated wordplay

Well, at least all my yubikeys are too old to be vulnerable to the infineon RSA Key generation error

If we are going to have a red sun over London, I hope it means I get Kryptonian super powers

Sean Hughes has died. Not far off my age.

I loved his sitcom, back when it was freshly made, and I always admired his line about Morrissey being a man trapped in a man's body. RIP

3 days of employment left. Today's challenges include: the exit interview

Boost to fall in love with a semi-random mastodon user
Fav to enter the pool of semi-random mastodon users

Both to be kind

I am seeing a lot of tooting about . I am also cms on metafillter, where I am even less active than I am on here. I did use to live in Tooting.

I just don't have it in me to get particularly evangelical about microservices as an end in themselves

A contributing factor to why I just left my job is how terrible Apple's 2017 laptops are at being a useful computer. Not the main contributing factor, or even a significant one, but it is definitely a discernible note from somewhere deep in the mix