Anyone one the fediverse interested in ? Please boost 👍

I swapped my terrible stock amber control knobs for nice ivory/parchment ones

Maybe running out of money is not the real problem at Mozilla. What if it's getting all the money in the first place, and then reinventing itself to be dependent on this to function.

It took me a long time to find one, in these interesting times, but I just deployed an automatic breadmaker.

Starting a new thread to talk about Daniel Ingalls' wonderful "Evolution of Smalltalk" paper from June 2020, via @smuglispweenie

I really love the simplicity of Smalltalk-72 and I wish we could re-investigate something like it. Even Lua or Io aren't quite this simple.

<< To evaluate a token stream representing an expression, control is passed to the object represented by the first token, and the remainder of the stream is passed to it as a message. >>

Tiny Pilot! Homebrew KVM over IP Kind of surprised that this works, but it's a neat idea if you have too many headless home servers (and I do).

pondering the ethics of submitting improvements to software libraries you dislike

Topped off my rebuild and redeploy with a counter using goatcounter, which has has a very small footprint and doesn't try to do stateful tracking. I can't pretend that the name wasn't a large part of the appeal. Pretty straightforward to run it alongside the site in another small LXC container.

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