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cms: chaos wizard @cms

A blog post about web design, but it's mostly one of those boring apologies for not blogging very often kind of things

Lots of dreams of being knifed recently. That doesn't seem right.

3 off-the-shelf #Linux computers compared via @opensourceway by @jrssnet

Everyone in the house has had ominous dreams about the old, sick dog.

I actually consented to have a sign fixed to my house, for the first ever time.

@oreolek wow, that's wild. I would have guessed coal had some quite toxic elements, but perhaps there is such a thing as food-grade coal!

I love LXC so much, it is the epitome of everything I find most compelling about Linux. It sounds like a series of questionable hacks on paper, but it's so damn practical and useful in deployment.

Software update for my phone, at work, over mobile data? What's the worst that could happen

@natecull Xenix was pretty cool though. My first UNIX, and enabled so much more of the capabilities of micros, and solid, where previously even basic multi-tasking seemed like a collection of crazy hacks.

But seriously why has there never been an Alien vs E.T. movie?

@cypnk I had one of those! Great keyboard!

New Docker CEO is an ex-SAP exec who became a SAP exec via acquisition of a startup he was CEO of 🤔

@natecull yuck, that's surprising. I innocently always thought racket was the 'fewer magicks' lisp

Achievement unlocked: edited DNA with emacs

In one week, Mastodon has me using #emacs and learning #lisp. You are all a very bad influence.

*of course* there's a student Union bar in the office