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I'm extremely pleased to launch Run Your Own Social: How to run a small social network site for you friends.

This is a guide book to running a small, tight-knit federated social network server. It comes from my year of experience running Friend Camp. It's focused largely on SOCIAL solutions, though it does touch on the technical.

I've tried to keep it technology-neutral, and it should be a pretty easy read for anyone who's been on the fediverse for a while.

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The Trump administration is not the first administration to propose this type of thing. Even assuming the United States government would never abuse this if it were to happen, if the US government can break the encryption, other governments and corporations and individuals can as well.

"Trump officials weigh encryption crackdown"

@switchingsocial wasn't there a section on evernote alternatives on your site? I am in need of it, and now can't find it ^^;

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cloudflare being down taking down like half the internet is a good example of why centralization is bad
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"Pull yourself up by your bootstraps" was originally satire because that is, um, impossible. It's now stated without irony.

"Just a few bad apples," when referring to police, conveniently ignoring the full aphorism ials actually: One bad apple *spoils the bunch.*

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I made a writeup of my home lab, I'll add the software sides in follow up posts!

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@cnf Hmm, sorry for the delay. Looks like something vanished when I upgraded the server. I’ve set all of the accounts as discoverable now, so they’re visible here:

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Not every change is an improvement.

But every improvement is a change.

@davewoodx I can't see a "user" list any more on Is this on purpose? Is there a list of newly added accounts somewhere? Thanks!

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I know, I run into these situations a lot on here. Mastodon is so full of really nice semi-hidden features 👍

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“The price of this truck is a middle finger to consumers!”
—People who complain about price of the stand for a $5,000 monitor

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When you're reading a thread full of content warnings in Mastodon, do you get annoyed at having to open each warning one by one?

There's a really easy way to open all the warnings in a thread at once:

1. Go to the thread
2. Click on the eye-shaped icon in the top right corner to toggle all warnings open or closed

That's it!

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon

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Interesting interview with Jaron Lanier (2018):

Question: “How [do you] respond to the argument that without viable alternatives, walking away from Facebook or social media more generally is a privilege?”

JL: "If you’re privileged enough to have the option of walking away from social media, and yet you don’t, you’re failing to use your privilege to defeat a system that traps other people who are less fortunate than you."

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No one wants to be a pioneer, but everyone depends on the work done by pioneers.

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Hey, I didn't see but @mobilizon reached one more goal in its crowdfunding campaign! Looks like we'll get another ActivityPub-enabled tool here 🎉

Congrats @Framasoft!

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My brother John: "It would be really annoying listening to programmers who are also linguists; they'd just argue about semantics all the time."
My brother Steve, being unintentionally meta: "Programmers *are* linguists."

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Probably the thing that bothers me most about Twitter is how it's like a fly trap for smart people. It legitimizes the platform that so many thought leaders use it, even if those same people might privately (or publicly!) despite Twitter.

You can use Twitter as a write-only medium for your own mental health, but then you're still pushing the drug out to a large mass of readers.

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⚠️ Federation Status Update ⚠️

We are putting the finishing touches on improved Notifications, Direct Messages and video support (Loops).

Once those are released, we will start testing full federation support on our staging instance!

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