Tfw you play a game .. and your brain decides to *sync up* with all the dangers coming your way. :-/

A spaceship landed. A door dilated, revealing an alien and a cat. The cat looked out, lifted a paw as if to exit, then sat down.
"So," the alien said, "will you take us to your leader or not?"
The cat stood up, stretched, and sat down.
"Fine, we'll land somewhere else. Again."

I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

Tfw you've had so much bs that nothing makes sense anymore

At least with Chrome we knew it'd just keep on going worse, but Firefox going to shit annoys me way more than it should

Inkscape dot *org* is our domain. Not dot live or anything else. Thanks @gbryant ❤️ for sharing this example of a potentially malicious email.

PSA: Twitch 

2FA seeds were leaked.

You'll need to deactivate 2FA, and re-enable it to make it secure again.

Please boost.

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If device manufacturers stop supporting their hardware with software updates, they should be required to release the source code so that people can continue to maintian the working devices.

So wth does 'OH:' at a starting of a post mean?
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