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Hi I made it and now I’m going to smoke weed and fall asleep

Gmar chatima tova loves. See you on the other side 😘

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*slaps top of shul*
you can fit so much atonement in this baby

Low key annoying antisemitism 

Yesterday my pal at work asked me what people do to celebrate Yom Kippur and I was explaining the things that are assur and why and when I said no bathing another girl gasped and made a face and like bitch could you not

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Neither Troi nor Crusher have the tiniest concept of doctor/patient confidentially, they'll put your weird private medical business on blast like right on the bridge, with the Romulans on the viewscreen, they don't even give a shit

Dear toot pals, I forgive you whole heartedly for any hurts you caused me this last year. I trust you’re doing your best, and getting more true to your kind selves everyday. ❤️

Rev has a medicated spray for when he is getting Too Into chewing his tail and he hates it more than anything on this earth and does not understand why I spray him in the butt with it but he still lets me do it because he trusts me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Everyone shower @meredith in affection we’re mufos from way back and I love them 💕

@meredith omg yayyy hiiii ❤️💕❤️💕❤️❤️❤️

@codewytch every year my family and friends are like “are you weaning off caffeine for Yom Kippur?” And im like SHE WHO DRINKS COFFEE ON THE 9th OF TISHREI IS REGARDED AS HAVING FASTED ON THE 9th and 10th!!!

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Making some coffee and punting that caffeine headache to tomorrow afternoon during yizkor probably

Bdsm test results 

== Results from ==
100% Switch
100% Rigger
99% Rope bunny
99% Primal (Hunter)
97% Brat tamer
95% Degradee
94% Voyeur
84% Exhibitionist
84% Degrader
80% Dominant

@codewytch I am *also* setting up a more profesh/mathy mathtodon TBA so be on the lookout for that

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Hey babes - i'm in the process of moving over to for the time being. So follow me at @codewytch please!

I got one heartbreaker that I have to get some consultation on I think - a student asking about graduation success/failure rates of their ethnicity and how to verify whether or not the function is true.

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Lots of questions about taxes, tuition, and finance. A few about space travel. Some about sociology and psychology - now every time I need a function example I will find a relevant example to at least one person!!!

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I asked my students to tell me something that they think might be a function that they want to know more about and I got some really incredible topics i'm very excited

Lesson planning looks like this today - one planner to stay on track, last years successful notes, new textbook, and latex for worksheets. My advisor came to say hi because he knew I’d be in the office working lmao.

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