Ok hear me out: height restrictions in the NBA.

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Ah so "cops are sissies" is gonna be our "anything but gun control" distraction this time huh?

I kind of wonder what Godel's anxiety routine was.

Not to emulate, obviously.

The fact that this is coming from a golang account makes it all the more hilarious

Such cute drawings!


Obviously, there is such a relationship, but clarifying it would be nice! I'd be tempted to relate it to sequents first, though.

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I don't care how controversial this is: I think proof theory textbooks would be clearer if we gave up sequent calculus altogether.

I'm the GRR Martin of not finishing things I start.

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Go to google translate and set it to (for example) English/Latin. Type something, swap the languages, then swap back and see how it changed. Repeat until it stabilizes.

Here is my favorite example ever.

People come to love funny shows, and then as fans complain that they're not realistic.

Funny ain't realistic, people!

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Wednesday May 9th, Tai-Danae Bradley and I are giving talks on entropy and category theory.

Her talk will dig into the consequences of an amazing fact: the function at the heart of entropy, namely

d(x) = -x ln x ,

obeys a version of the product rule!


Isn't it weird that Scrooge is Ebenezer Scrooge's *last* name, but Scrooge McDuck's *first* name?

New social platform! This is my opportunity, once again, to remind everyone that we already have a word for "utilize". It's "use".

Are all my toots gonna be this curmudgeonly? Yes.

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