What's the tastiest example of H5P use you have seen? Ones that stick in your mind?

I so appreciate responses to my call for 3 memorable H5P examples requested from here connect.oeglobal.org/t/parking

To be used for July 12 workshop (at link to be named before then)

Share and send my way!

I can say it feels better to not have BirdDeck open in a tab.

I got Downsed! And I did not need any fancy webmentions, I just read my email ;-)

I finally got my blog set up with all the Indieweb plugins. I’m not quite seeing the value of collecting likes and reshares (find my old post about “Likes are Cheap”). Tell me what I am getting out of this.

Realizing in some old school blog comment conversation how that is different— you are saying something to a person, the post author or another commenter. In social media a lot of the saying is really to be heard by many, and I weary of the posturing.

I general swat spam email, but at some threshold I just have to take a few minutes to mock.

Especially when Agent Smith reaches out from the SEO matrix, and hits multiple email accounts.

Still finding my Bird/Tusk balance space.

I took Tweetdeck off my browser unclosable tabs and using more for reading than posting (except DS106 Daily Creates).

Now that finally has better support for responsive design on smaller screens, I've been fine-tuning embedded Docsify.js.org Open Course Starter Kit content ... here is a sneak peek👇🏼 Once further tested, these changes will be rolled into my Docsify projects.

Alt Text Peeve is interfaces that provides only a single line editor, it begs for crappy short descriptions, and makes editing a PITA.

Wagging my finger at you, WordPress and BirdDeck. Look how well Mastodon does it!

I *think* I set up ActivityPub on the blog. Pretty tricky was how to connect it to Mastodon, this was the key g13g.blog/2021/03/16/get-your-

Maybe, I need to post something and see what happens.

For my own record, I found a download of Word 4.0 for Mac, will try running in my Sheepshaver Classic environment.

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I am tempted to try once more this effort to turn my vintage 1989 MS thesis into web format.


It's trapped in Mac Word 3.0 format. I thought Word 4.0 could move to a modern version, but I never got that far. Any ideas for updating Pre-Cambrian MS Word files?

Worst case I can open as text...

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I am pretty excited to experiment with Lantern for OER publishing, converts to stand along, database-less content in HTML from a PDF or .docx source -- thanks @hibbittsdesign


Saw these surprise purple flowers growing in gravel on side of road. Hello, metaphor. Any identification?

When you're posting hashtags that contain multiple words, it's a good idea to capitalise the first letter of each word. This helps blind people who use screen reader software to know what the hashtag actually says.

For example #DogsOfMastodon is much easier for screen reader users than #dogsofmastodon, even though they're technically the same tag.

This kind of capitalisation is usually known as "CamelCase". CamelCase doesn't just help blind people, it also makes hashtags clearer for sighted people too!

Using CamelCase won't affect your post's visibility (because searches ignore capitalisation) but it will improve the post's accessibility, so you'll get more people reading it.

Thank you to @martyn for raising this topic 👍

#FediTips #Fediverse #MastoTips #Accessibility #A11y

One small step - bird off the home bar of phone… Next stop??

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