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Just putting the finishing touch on Episode 24. Releasing at midnight (ET) so you can bridge the Monday void with some discussion of last week's episodes of @glasscannonpod@twitter.com and @androidsaliens@twitter.com!

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I think @troylavallee@twitter.com must have been Nebraska's consultant on our new marketing campaign, "Nebraska - Its not for everybody". Love the A&A isn't for everybody quote.

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'With Binomials, Just Remember FOIL,' Reports Man Keeping Teens From Having Sex Between 2:30 And 3:20 trib.al/Q2IL189

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โ€œYou canโ€™t have all 4 seasons in one weekโ€

The Midwest:

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Who is this Joseph O'Brien sending me strange packages from New York? Oh wait, that's @joeobriensbrain@twitter.com sending me my @glasscannonpod@twitter.com bottle caps! Thanks for the tracking numbers this go around guys!

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Whatโ€™s the difference between water and beer? This is a fascinating demonstration.

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Happy St. Patrick's day! - Drinking a Tenth Sanctum Barleywine (2018) by @brickwayomaha@twitter.com @ Brodine Acres โ€” untp.beer/s/c725137757

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Fellow Pathfinder & @glasscannonpod@twitter.com friends... If you are wanting to get some Pathfinder books, there's never been a better time. Check out the 10th anniversary sale on @humblebooks@twitter.com. humblebundle.com/books/pathfin
$505 of Pathfinder digital books for $18.

Already missing the CO weather from the @glasscannonpod@twitter.com Meetup!

Had way more mainstream beers than I would have liked. Hoping to hit more craft breweries in 2019!

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This week, Senator Tom Briese introduced LB314 which includes a proposed increase of state excise taxes for Nebraska craft brewers. The proposal would increase state excise taxes from $.31/gallon to $1.38/gallon-a whopping 345% increase.

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Hey, I did that thing! Thanks for the tweet! ๐Ÿ˜€

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Using Grafana and Telegraf on unRAID to monitor my Peplink Router by @colebrodine@twitter.com bit.ly/2QUL054

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Man Knows He Must Ride Unexpected Urge To Clean As Far As It Will Take Him trib.al/wH6Hu1w

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Excerpt from Rogerโ€™s New Rules, Section Two: Gathering Intelligence.
Deception is the foundation of all great military maneuvers.

I am now using two-factor authentication to protect my online accounts - via @Authy@twitter.com -- authy.com/badges/security-awar

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