RT SusanAmund "Day 14 of unemployment. Designs determined to be too "niche" by greeting card company. bit.ly/2QObh5i"

RT SusanAmund "I love Sneakers, heyskid. First time I ever saw Ben Kingsley. Thanks for bringing it up - now I have to watch it again."

RT SusanAmund "Day 13 of unemployment. Too superstitious to try a new job. Just hung out with the band. bit.ly/2EkEp2D"

RT SusanAmund "Day 12 of unemployment. Tried the meat packing industry. Don't ask what they do with the bones. bit.ly/2EiOH3h"

RT SusanAmund "Day 11 of unemployment. Massage clients complained about cold hands. Wimps. bit.ly/2pLgJuh"

RT SusanAmund "Day 10 of unemployment. Farming industry not dead. Did not fit in as well as expected. bit.ly/2QCiJjK"

RT SusanAmund "Day 9 of unemployment. Lost camera - and camera woman - to hurricane winds. Reporting the weather bare bones today. bit.ly/2IKa5wW"

RT SusanAmund "Day 8 of unemployment. Misunderstood 're-shelving'. Librarian is a pressing career. At least entrapment wasn't boring. bit.ly/2IHUoGE"

RT SusanAmund "Day 7 of unemployment. Swimmers were less lively than management preferred. bit.ly/2zX48Kl"

RT SusanAmund "Day 6 of unemployment. Baby rarely sat. More squeezing and bending - in places that shouldn't be squeezed or bent. National child care shortage continues. bit.ly/2QxbYQh"

RT SusanAmund "Day 5 of unemployment. Apprentice Electrician. Apparently defibrillation of a coworker (even a tiny bit) is grounds for dismissal. Shocking. bit.ly/2y23gCZ"

RT SusanAmund "Day 4 of unemployment. Dishwasher Wanted. Lessons learned: washer is only for dishes; also, detergent was not ossein friendly. bit.ly/2yekLiL"

RT SusanAmund "Day 3 of unemployment. Position at laundromat less than ideal. Low pay; suffocating environment. bit.ly/2RlTeo2"

RT SusanAmund "Kringle Spy Agency aggressively denied application for diverse recruit. Forced to air drop in enemy territory. bit.ly/2zJLFB1"


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