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today i got to listen to an incredible story of how chemtrails will end up causing extinction of the baby boomers. it's now in my top 10 diner guest stories

practicing some self care by cooking myself up a nice meal

make sure you take care of yourself!

weird how tech as a career has left me with no desire to perform my previous favorite hobby: fucking around with computers

boost if u agree

watched a tourist try to get the perfect lincoln tunnel selfie

i blocked the twitter app on my phone to convince me to get things done and now i don't know how to use my phone

Top ds9 memes:

5. Self-sealing stembolts
4. Root beer
3. Cardassian Voles
2. Raktajino
1. Yamok Sauce

❌ friendship ended with $10 802.11n adapter

🤝 now 15 year old linksys 802.11g adapter is my best friend

why do linux people put their linux version in their bio instead of their pronouns

The Cigarette Smoking Man in the X-Files is the greatest sci-fi villain of all time. I dream of having that kind of malevolent energy.

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