My ridiculously talented friend Holly made a delightful short musical / puppetry / Greek mythology thing, and it is well worth the watch:

I wrote a thing. Originally a Twitter thread, now also a blog post:

This being Mastodon, I don't need to add a spurious kitten picture 'for the algorithm'. Isn't that great?

Hag Sameach, Happy Easter, and Ramadan Mubarak (almost) everyone. Wishing the rest of you a lovely weekend too :)

I'm making a little retro arcade space shooter game - very early days but just uploaded a playable prototype:

Long but totally worth it: Line Goes Up - The Problem With NFTs:

I thought I knew how bad all that stuff was. It's even worse.

Last week I made a silly Wordle variant called Pfeffel, which always lies to you, and was, to my great delight, featured in this week's B3ta newsletter.
So FWIW, I've written a blog post about it:

Well, Happy New Year to you all. Wishing us all better times.

Last week I accidentally invented, built-out and released a new crypto-currency (Emma Goldcoin, aka EGX, aka a ha-ha-only-serious thought-experiment on the subject), but today I discovered that A Person From The Internet Has Built A Website For It!

Day made, Dan Q. Thank you.

For my next trick, I'm considering inventing the Fungible Token (FT), the next step on from NFTs. The first improvement is that FTs will be fungible, while NFTs are sadly not. What's wrong with being fungible? Everyone likes to funge things. Full details to follow*. (*Or not).

Emma Gold and I have, this morning, designed, implemented and launched a new cryptocurrency, called Emma Goldcoin (EGX). It is easy to use, verifiably 100% secure, and has zero environmental impact. Full details here:

NB: You have 1 EGX in your wallet.

I've had 'Gaudete' stuck in my head for weeks for no good reason, so I listened to this, and now I have this stuck in my head. Please enjoy:

Accidentally built a headless CMS: - not remotely full-featured yet, but my Dad can now edit pages on his website.

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