I have reached My Idea Of A New Years Eve Good Time Party Now Apparently Involves Having An Unexpected Nap On The Sofa years old.

Happy New Year one and all!

Anti-racism campaigners in England and Wales need to step the fuck up. We've just elected an openly racist party with a clear majority. People who aren't white, or who - like me - aren't white *enough* - take care of yourselves and one another. No-one else will. And don't forget the clear message this country has just sent us all. Do not forgive. Do not forget. Do not give up hope. But do not pretend that we are fully welcome here either.

This happened last time I tried to make ribollita. Got to the end of the recipe, panicked, and added an emergency pint of chicken stock. When will I learn to parboil my root vegetables? (Not that this way hurts, it's just long.)

I made blog-blog: buskersdiary.blogspot.com/2019 <- contains music geekery in re the connection between Dawn Penn and the Super Session album.

What I'm not getting about Jeremy Corbyn's current position vis-a-vis a Government of National Unity in the UK, technically justified though it is, is that he's throwing away a golden once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be The Man Who Put Country Before Party And Personal Advancement just before a general election. Why?

The last bit is not strictly true. Tonight I got caught eating the cheese just before our second set. "What are you eating?" Cheese, I said. That guy gave it to me. It's been in my pocket for the last half hour. I forgot. Want some? No-one did.

I am a bad person and I feel bad.

During the break in our regular Monday night jam session, I go round the pub with a jug collecting tips. This one guy there never has cash but recently started offering me cheese instead. Doesn't carry cash. Does carry cheese. Nice cheese too. The rest of the band don't know.

First gig of the year with my own band (rather than someone else's) tomorrow night. Looking forward to it very much. Going to take the fretless acoustic bass this time, have shithot cajon (Hjordis) and fiddle (Basia) with me. Yay !

This list of 'Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names' is timeless, and worth the read whether you're a programmer or not, but it's #40 "People have names" that sent chills down my spine when I first read it and still does:


New obscure goal: Go see a performance of the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal when the world's only functional octobass is being played osm.ca/en/octobass/

Finally got around to reading Disobedience by @naomialderman and it is far and away one of the most wonderful novels I have ever read. Cannot recommend it strongly enough. Especially if you are Jewish and/or grew up near Hendon. But I don't think either is necessary.

I should write a proper review of it, but first I need to figure out why it made me so weepy, not just at the end, but also at several points on the way. Meanwhile, never mind that. Get a copy and read it.

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