OK I think that makes my mind up. I think I'm done with Twitter-style sites of any shape and their relentless self-justifying mobs.

The assholes have won.

Back to my blogs I go.

"The world is a terrible place right now, and that’s largely because it is what we make it."


The Irish government doesn't recognise the term "British Isles" including the Irish Republic.

The Ordnance Survey are a British government owned company and aren't impartial in this matter.

"Britain & Ireland" is the preferred term by the Irish government.

Did my first 50 miler in April - Liverpool to Manchester. I highly recommend any event organised by GBUltras. Total pros.

But this looks brutally hard. The winner took nearly 3 days:

GBUltras Race Across Scotland 2018 - YouTube

I continue to be surprised by otherwise well-informed well-travelled university-educated Americans (only Americans) who think Ireland is part of the UK. This includes people with quite a non-insular international outlook.

Here's a nice summary from the Ordnance Survey in the UK of the difference between England, Great Britain, United Kingdom, the British Isles and Republic of Ireland.

Ouch. So it was snake oil all along. Not surprised.

"Magic Leap is a Tragic Heap – The Blog of Palmer Luckey"

Woohoo, I'll be toeing the line with Gwen.

Weeeelllll, in the same general race, down the back of the field, running at half her speed.

She has a great vlog if you're a running nerd.

"Gwen Jorgensen set for Chicago Marathon | Fast Running"

Really enjoying the ZX Spectrum keyboard feel on my new work MacBook Pro.

True Detective.

Season 1: Fantastic
Season 2: Dumpster fire
Season 3: Oh, I like the look of this.


The Kerry Ultra 50k did not go to plan. Everything hurt from the start and the heat was brutal. But got around to finish my 3rd Ultra.

And thrilled my wife finished her first!

Also those views are still wonderful. I had to stop to take a picture of Kerry's only cricket club 😀

More people turned up to the Ed Sheeran concerts than to the Pope in the Phoenix Park. Most of the former <25yo. Most of the latter >65yo.

No amount of mealy-mouthed apologies can make up for 100 years of abuse.

"Pope Francis Long Knew of Cardinal’s Abuses and Must Resign, Archbishop Says - The New York Times"


Exactly what we all thought when we saw the serious headline.

No Safe Level Of Alcohol, Claims Some Bullshit Study – Waterford Whispers News

You have to hand it to the Russian trolls, they are very good at what they do.

"Russian trolls played both sides, the researchers said, tweeting pro- and anti-vaccine content in a politically charged context."

If you haven't seen it, check out Adam Curtis's Hypernormalisation and his other documentaries. I like his term


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