today: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

me: *doesn’t release 10.14, goes back to work on other projects*

laptop is in clamshell mode.

mouse doesn’t want to work.

instead of opening my laptop and figuring out what’s up:

open terminal

sudo shutdown -r now

mouse works again.

note to self: don’t run a mv command on 2.9TB of data and expect it to be near instant.

funny. last time i was at this verizon store i was protesting them for their attack on net neutrality. i wish there was a carrier in the US that gave a shit about NN.

anyway, iPhone paid off and i’m all ready to preorder the iPhone eXceSs. wooo.

my favourite new tcc thing: getting a prompt for permission, but it immediately gets hidden by the program requesting it opening.

12:15am, ios 12. “it’s your friends birthday, would you like to call him?”

thinking about it this morning, i probably should have.

when blizzard’s auth breaks (probably due to load) i like to help by constantly trying to log in.

blizzard’s really gotten their shit together on their game servers. now if only they could get it together on their authentication servers. they’ve clearly been their weak link in BfA.

seeing my friend with his baby brings me both great joy and incredible sadness at the exact same time.

yay! my beta update nightmare is over. there truly was an update this time.

sometimes i just want to enjoy a melancholy day with some tunes.

at some point there’s actually going to be an ios 12 beta update, but i’m not going to believe it.

mr robot won’t be back on until 2019 and this upcoming fourth season will be their last ☹️

srsly is there some sort of national popcorn salt shortage going on? we’ve been to 3 stores and they’re all out.

sometimes i go to bed real late knowing that i need to be up early, and i start to wonder if i hate myself.

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