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Simon Windmill

So I rolled my eyes pretty hard when I saw Umamusume come up but I just watched the first episode and it has all the PA Works touches and now I love horse girls.

I wish there was a .ut TLD just so someone could start mastodon.ut

@krita Thank you* for being here! And thank you* for giving my daughter an accessible way to grow her art!

* I demand the person in charge of this account forward my thanks to each and every contributing member to Krita :P

As I was leaving for work my doorknob fell off and I didn’t have time to stop and fix it.

So I have that going for me.

@docky Hey, great thread on the birdsite about the apparent lack of Unity YouTube tutorials by women (responding here rather than there because I don't have the energy for handling mentions right now)

Depressingly expected responses though from people (men) who don't understand that representation MATTERS and that even though I don't think video is the best way to teach gamedev, YouTube is absolutely the best way to reach girls curious about.. well anything.

(That was GIFed from this vid by the amazing Linsey Pollak )

Clam Blitz makes a better masturbation euphemism than an enjoyable game mode.

Getting a bit misty-eyed remembering how good Metal Gear Solid used to be. Never thought I'd be too bored to finish one.

So I've been saying "Man, I love the idea and world and aesthetic of Splatoon but the game itself doesn't sound very appealing" for three years but I just bought Splatoon 2 and I love it and why didn't anyone tell me the matches are so short?! It makes a world of difference in my enjoyment.

Still want to play a single player actiona adventure game in that world though, something more in-depth than what they added to Splatoon 2.

VEXTOR open beta for Android is live:

If you want iOS TestFlight access, hmu with ur AppleID

Hey what's up Masto don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe

I can't unsee the Mastodon browser icon as a clenched fist.

Steamed Hams but it's a Persona 4 Social Link

(via nameoftheyear@twitter, and as he says, the editing/pacing of this is brilliant)

So that Pringles ad is pretty shit but.. I honestly never though to stack Pringles flavors like that and now I want to buy a shitload of Pringles.

So I guess the ad is not shit after all.

A rather mundane shot of Ramen Time mode in VEXTOR, but it does show all the boring proper game bits are in and working

It's been a while. Time to remind yourself of OH FFFFF. Shit.