Sasha, New Year’s Eve 91/92, Leeds Warehouse, midnight. RIP Vangelis.

I don’t know how it fits your original tracking on smooth surfaces requirements, but my mum actually ended up with the best gaming mouse in the household with this (requirements: wired, not gamery, switches that don’t shit the bed after six months like Logitech or Razer)

While this is very Brand Twitter, I was very happy to see this (thanks @stepickford )

I mean, I’m not insane, right? This really is a drink pouch of peanut butter, right?

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I’ve lived in this country for significantly more than half my life now and yet I continually find The Most American Thing Ever on an almost daily basis.

Congrats Ukraine! Fun song and not the usual tv pop contest winner type number.

Now about the hosting next year :blobsweats:

Is there a political reason for Germany getting nil points?

My mum is firmly in the “no shouty ballads” camp so her votes are limited

Lithuania giving me flashbacks to when I used to watch as a kid. Expect Terry Wogan to be making fun of it.

The problem with the German entry is I thought this was about four other random songs from the last five years.

(Orgasmic moaning comes in about halfway through and I’m in the middle of Walmart about to clock in)

That weird feeling when you’re in a public place with headphones on and something filthy is playing (The Break Boys - And The Break Goes On)

You hear about the squid kid who bought a large car? 

It was pretty woomy.

Pondering the fact that I avoid intentionally hard videogames because I don’t enjoy putting myself through stress and frustration and yet I am a Leeds United fan.

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