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Simon Windmill

🚧 Cyberpet Graveyard 🚧
A graveyard of unwanted, unlovable, and unlikeable cyberpets.
Out now!
* 43 .exe's to find.
* lots to explore, including the countryside
* object is cursed, beware of download

Just added Linux and macOS builds of VEXTOR, as well as Windows (32/64-bit). Completely untested, try it out maybe? I mean, FREE GAME, WHOO!

I have no idea what I'm doing but I just put a Windows version of VEXTOR up on itch.

Recognizing and owning my privilege as a white/cis/het/male means I'm able to ignore the world-as-tire-fire and reduce my anxieties down to one thing:

What platform do I buy Lumines on this time?

@coolpowers So you're saying that, every time you open Mastodon, you think you should make that joke, but then you mastodon't?

I love Mastodon but literally every time I open it I feel compelled to construct a "mastodon't" joke.

So far you've all been lucky with my ability to suppress my desire.

Nothing says Happy Birthday like instilling coulrophobia in a 4 year-old (warning: here be clowns Show more

Nothing says Happy Birthday like homeless orphans (as the age progresses, see also: rampant alcoholism, elephants, mice, alcoholic elephants and mice)

Nothing says Happy Birthday like beautiful anime boys and/or Mettaton EX

Nothing says Happy Birthday like being attacked by THE FUTURE

Nothing says Happy Birthday like never being able to guess that ET came out in 1982

Nothing says Happy Birthday lik-OH GOD THE DEAD ARE WALKING

Nothing says Happy Birthday like an illustrator who has clearly never seen an actual VCR

Nothing says Happy Birthday like a decapitated horse

Re-found old birthday cards my mum inexplicably made sure to bring when she moved over here. Image flood with "witty" captions incoming.

What did the builder say when she lost her plumb line? Show more

If you haven't been on the birdsite lately, just know that they're arguing to the death about fucking Thundercats, so that's all you need to know.