Discovered the power of "powercfg -requests" and am both pleased with the utility and the pun I just made.

Don't worry though, I haven't joined the normals - I'm only researching drywall anchors because I need to mount my Vive Lighthouses in what would be a normal person's dining room.

I've been radio silent for a few weeks now because work, holidays, and buying a house.

Now I'm watching YouTube videos comparing drywall anchors. Home ownership!

The people telling you to vote are annoying but the people who don't want you to vote are way worse, trust me

With all the Diablo wankery I missed this: Sunset Overdrive (about the only reason I ever had for even contemplating buying an Xbox One) looks to be getting a PC release. Nice! has a handy "Election Day Edibles" PDF and it's not what I was expecting.

At all.

I almost called in to work because the alarm clock said 5:30 and I thought "fuck it, I'm going to be late anyway".

Thank you, computers and time servers. For some reason by brain thinks the clock change always happens in September.

The Diablo Immortal discourse is fantastic

The Gamers are mad, the games media that also spent years treating mobile like a second-guess citizen now has to struggle with either defending a mobile game or bashing gamers because they helped create this monster.

and it's hilarious

I also just saw that Gal-Metal got its English release but seeing as I heard nothing about it releasing I'm assuming it's.. not very good?

Taiko no Tatsujin Drum n Fun worth it just for the amount of laughter we just had playing Red Light Green Light.

Need drumcons though. Anyone know if/when they'll be easier to buy in the US?

Current status: watching a trashy anime about a trashy F2P game I don't play so I can get background info for the crossover event in the trashy F2P game I do play.

I am playing games for charity on Nov 3rd.

I am looking for games to play made by people from the #fediverse . So far I am playing games by the following peeps
@HTHR @coolpowers @Vann @larpon @melissaaveryweir @cidney @technomancy

I had that sitting in the post box for like 4 hours so I thought I may as well click the button.

boost if u constantly confuse Dead By Daylight with Until Dawn

Forgot* to post this here:

Super-secret VEXTOR mechanics -

* I really wish would add masto to their "publish to social media" options

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Researching an expensive purchase (replacing my carpet cleaner) leads me to once again discover that Everything. Is. Shit.

Oh well, at least I don't have to buy it yet again. I've bought (and sold or traded) the DS version multiple times; I guess I can unseal this one and actually use my 3DS again.

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