Motherboard from Newegg has been here for 2 days, yet Amazon still hasn't shipped my CPU yet..

Testing out the latest changes to Capella and it looks like @chloe has done a pretty good job keeping it up to date with the latest Mastodon API changes!

Have merged the changes from the fork and will be adding my own on top (now that it seems Twitter won’t be usable for me soon)

Maybe I’m spoiled by Capella (my own Mastodon client for Windows), but does any Mastodon client for iOS support streaming?

I remember that I had to reverse the web socket API myself (since it isn’t really documented — though this was more than a year ago), so I can understand why others may not have it...

Is it just me or is anyone else unable to sign into the instance?

Can’t wait to see when that new “3 masters vs 6 golds” Overwatch curios video is out, since I’m going to be in it!

In other news, Twitter is breaking their API tomorrow so nearly all 3rd party apps will be degraded in features...

Guess I'm never going to pick up my Arcturus side-project (Twitter client) up again. Glad I made a fork of it though (Capella - Mastodon client) which has been a lot more successful. Should probably pick it up and merge Chloe's changes...

.long 19
.global _start
mov age, eax
add eax, 1
mov eax, age

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Hi everyone, I'm Chloe, I'm a developer working on Capella with @coolstar's permission. I've added support for hiding of sensitive images and Windows toast notifications. The next release I push out will have auto updates so you don't have to worry about updates anymore! 🎉

Shut down my twitter account due to harassment...

so, how's everyone's day been?

Oh hi; nice to have a fairly peaceful timeline here while my twitter's being flooded by ETA beggars

Yep, this was my area last night:

(UCSB did have backup generators but only had some lights powered off them; so not much)

It's quite concerning that T-Mobile cell services go completely down when the power is out... what are people supposed to do if there's an emergency during a power outage...

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