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It me!

Dang I really pull this off a lot better than last year

5 weeks on HRT!

Had to get new foundation because my skin color changed from HRT, but luckily my new foundation matches!

I think it’s also started changing my face shape?

selfie, ec, cosplay boosts appreciated 

I feel like my makeup skills are definitely improving, and I'm getting more shapewear that definitely seems to help me with pulling this outfit off better

some others tell me I almost pass here but idk... do I really pass?

cw: selfie, ec, boosts appreciated 

My Halloween outfit for this year!! Couldn’t go outside due to COVID so I became a gamer girl twitch streamer for Halloween!

Character is Star Guardian Soraka!

selfies, ec, boosts appreciated 

Got some more clothes and some new jewelry!

I feel like my makeup is starting to get better every time I try it :D

Also got pictures in different lighting too!! (Night vs day)

selfie, ec, boosts appreciated 

dressed up last night for weekend discord calls!!! first time I'm presenting outside of cosplay

this is my 2nd attempt at makeup... how well do I pull it off?

ace horny on main 

I get this weird feeling where I just want someone to climb on top of me, but then just cuddle

and no one takes their clothes off


It me!

Dang I really pull this off a lot better than last year

Making a discord server...

Server is femboy hooters themed, but everyone of all identities are welcome!

cw: first dress selfie, ec, boosts appreciated 

my first dress!!!!!!

how well do I pull this off?

no makeup, no HRT, no edits! just portrait mode on my phone

cw: selfie, ec, femme presentation, boosts appreciated 


Also the first time I'm wearing a choker and necklace!

cw: selfie, ec, boosts appreciated 

got some new clothes to try on :D

still no makeup or HRT...

... but how am I doing?

can we all agree that fluorescent lights are transphobic

I almost pass in a few fem clothes under sunlight or most LEDs, but fluorescent lights really makes my facial hair shadow stuck out

‪Dang I guess I really lucked out with the good nail genes‬

‪They’ve gotten far longer than I expected in quarantine (luckily I manicured them well before)‬

‪I can legit see through them next to a LCD screen, and the one on my index finger fits an entire iOS badge and Spotify button‬

though hmm an epilator is something I could get now; and it should be relatively safe

but they're so expensive -.-

really though; I just want them hips, waistline, smoother skin and softer chin already -.-

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