Minecraft modding (Fabric) 

I've been working on a little something called "Wearables" - a Fabric/Minecraft mod that combines Baubles + Curios.

You can already register any number of custom equipment slots to "regions" such as "chest" and "legs".
Woohoo! We've moved to our very own Pleroma instance on the Fediverse. I will stop posting on mastodon.social now :p 💚

Some things are still work in progress... anyway, here's our mascot!

Question: In a project, when including libraries as submodules, should they be in "src/", "lib/", or other subfolder?

I want to avoid NuGet packages because I don't trust their owners and having source available and possibility to fork is nice.

Made a small amount of progress with my C# game engine. About to start implementing networking with and . Any thoughts?

@alcinnz @brainblasted IMO you shouldn't install apps you can't trust, and that is part of why I think Flatpak, Snap and AppImage are not something I want to rely on.

Package maintainers should be QAing each package, ensuring it has no anti-features, and pushing updates through my package manager. Bypassing this process gets us into a situation where Devs can do nefarious things without oversight from nearly anyone.

Oh my gosh! It's been 2 years! I wrote a blog post! \o/

"Agency in Open Games" is my attempt to make you think about more games giving players more creative control and freedom.


Without much context: I'm at it again. Creating my own game engine because I just can't help that everyone else is doing it wrong!!1

Productive? Biting off more than I can chew? You be the judge of that.


"Defying Gravity"
"Somehow got stuck halfway in the death animation."

I'm carrying a little chest!
(In preparation of proper support for The Neolithic Mod.)

Imagine the top nerds would not have to keep the cool things they make secrets to keep capitalism going and we could just brainstorm the most amazing stuff within much shorter times. "This is the future" my butt! Politically and socially, we're still in living the past.

A stream viewer by the name "Tage" mentioned a Minecraft resource pack they're working on. Here's what a house I built looks like with it.

Very cool location by the way, I have 6 types of animals there: Pigs, sheep, cows, chickens, wolves and on the nearby plains, horses.

(The sheep population has been reduced a bit thanks to the wolves.)

Here's a completely normal picture taken inside of one of these spheres which intersects two others. Kind of like looking at a rainbow sky with two celestial bodies.

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I really do enjoy messing with my code to deliberately create glitches.

As @SoniEx2@sleeping.town pointed out I could actually just go ahead and use rotation matrices like normal, and that math I can thankfully wrap my head around.

Perhaps it'll eventually even allow me to understand this stuff enough and how it translates into code that I can implement rotors, too!

Meanwhile, more glitch art!

New Minecraft clone (meant in a good way?) in development called "Hytale". Made by Hypixel, known for their MC minigame servers.

Interested to see how powerful their modding tools are, what their business model will be, and if they're really going to forget about us Linux gamers?!


Giving up on that 4D voxel game idea since my maths knowledge is severely lacking and I can't figure out how to do rotations in 4 dimensions. Though I uploaded the repo for anyone to check out! github.com/copygirl/hyxel

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