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The vast amount of data collected today makes it possible to predict political opinions, beliefs, religion, and interests, a collection of data that is strictly forbidden by law. And in great need of abidance.

May 2021 from our perspective: three blog posts, three weeks – same theme, and with an obvious call to action: jump-start your privacy journey right away!

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Hello /e/ users & supporters!
We're curious😉
Would you be interested in a service by /e/?
We'd love your feedback ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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It's time! InfiniTime, the fully #opensource firmware for the #pinetime , has reached version 1.0. With this first end-user release, the PineTime is now considered an enthusiast-grade daily usage device.

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My new with GNU/Linux just arrived, and I can't wait to get it running! Danke, @tuxedocomputers !

Almost 3 months later, after 883 strings with 22,246 words, the website is 100% translated to !
🇷🇴 este acum tradus în

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@ehashman sorry, but what the hell is wrong with you? worrying about RMS and shit and having a letter in a privative service, what kind of joke is this?

it is like: "lets meet in a butcher shop to sign a letter against the leader of that vegan organization"

no one doing it have any moral to call RMS a "dangerous force in the free software community"

just my opinion 🙂

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@zootoot @ehashman @adbenitez MS #Github has a well-deserved "F" rating by the #FSF: Using github is a lousy idea, and it's terrible for credibility because it demonstrates lack of understanding & commitment to the movement.

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Video: "Jami and how it empowers users"

"Jami is free software for universal communication which respects the freedoms and privacy of its users. Jami is an official GNU package with a main goal of providing a framework for virtual communications, along with a series of end-user applications for audio/video calling and conferencing, text messaging, and file transfer. "

#libreplanet2021 #jami

Translating the website into your language is an excellent way to understand better. While doing it, I had to read every sentence in every blog article very carefully. There's excellent information in there on how Jami works.

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And also starting at 14:45 at #LibrePlanet 2021, in the Neptune room, Wm. Salt Hale with “Making dollars and sense of free software funding’s future.”

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Math joke:
A biologist, an engineer, and a mathematician are looking at a house across the street. They see two people enter the house, then a little while later three people leave.
Biologist: "They must have reproduced."
Engineer: "It was a measurement error."
Mathematician: "Now if one person goes into the house it will be empty again."

To develop my skills, I'd like to contribute to a free software project that is:
- licensed under
- not on octopus site
Not sure where to start searching.

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What was taken from has been returned to it: after denying a refund for a pre-installed Windows, Lenovo had to pay 20.000 Euros to our volunteer and supporter Luca Bonissi.

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🐧 New entry & Review: Superflu Riteurnz (demo)
Conclusion: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (excellent!)
🐘 From:

📜️ What's: A libre, multi-platform point-and-click game (in french) featuring "Superflu, the superhero who's useless", a comic book character
🏠 Home:
🔧 Dev:
📖 Our entry: lebottindesjeuxlinux.tuxfamily

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Open Source developers: on fnding that a project you would like to help is GPL licensed, is this:

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