I got owned so fucking hard on twitter and here's how it works:
Someone sent me a DM and then blocked me before I could read it. Now on my app I get number notifications that I have an unread DM and I can't make it go away because I cant remember which account sent the message.
Absolutely brutal

This weekend I purged 20 years of jewelery with an eye towards what I actually want to keep. I found one of my favourite necklace stones, polished the silver, cleaned the stone, and reattached it with epoxy. Drying now

Thank god we're to get a whole news cycle out of Britain that isn't just "Transphobic Ravings from TERF Island"

If I say something funny enough my wife tweets it. Then when she tweets it I sub-toot her here.

The only good thing to come out of Marvel franchises is their pinball machines and even that is debatable

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A few months ago I started using my mastodon here in the same way I used to use livejournal and that's been a pleasure. And by that I mean just using it a place to jot down thoughts and notes about life entirely first and foremost, and trying to avoid "virality" and the trappings of the web2.0+ world

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eyyyy it's ya girl go-to-buy-a-mechanical-keyboard-but-slip-on-ice-and-partlially-slide-under-a-dumpster-sling

finally finding time for the more important things in life, like watching go videos youtube.com/watch?v=OKHwXMGNz8

I liked the internet better when it was 80% LiveJournal and Metafilter

America had a good run but now that 50% of the country believes in collective grand delusions and celebrates being as cruel as possible to everyone who doesn't, it's probably best to just seal them up like Russia did Chernobyl

You're probably too young to remember but there was a time many years ago when a bunch of people pretended to give a shit about that Jordan Peterson guy

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