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I forgot to mention here that I made a new mix.
I'd love it if you would go listen. It's pretty great.

huge fan of the 1979 lesbian karaoke scene in Japan


Reminder that the Proud Boys are designated as a terrorist group in Canada but not in the US

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There is a very interesting dynamic at play in American politics. If GOP win in November they will start retaliatory investigations to halt proceedings and attack heavily to obscure.
But if odds edge up that they won't control a chamber, then we see who is next most nervous and starts giving depositions

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if you see someone bellyaching about "gender ideology", best avoid... (a story in 3 parts)

some musicals that didn't age well:
Avenue Q: oh god where to start why do white people think their edgy jokes about race need to be immortalized?
Book Of Mormon: at the time it was the biggest show that cast for black actors at all, despite being cringe. Nowadays, why stage a show where you cast black actors to sing about how everyone in Africa has AIDS?
Stick to the razzle-dazzle, theater kids. Don't timecapsule your witty edgelord phase.

Dear Evan Hansen: teenagers don't use facebook sheesh

if anyone is interested in vintage 1970 Sony assembly line footage

so there's this Japanese game center truck model kit and it's readily available.
I definitely can't do it with my eyes in their current state, and probably wouldn't even attempt it if my vision was good. I wonder if you can hire people to build model kits for you?

A quick rundown on the Kick Off issue.
Sad to say I didn't get it 100%, but I break it down simple for people that like EMs

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That's one heckuva headline and photo combo, kudos to the editor responsible

Got Kick Off fixed (mostly) and room coming back together. My eyes have effected my ability to adjust a leaf switch gap, alas. But I missed working on EM'S.

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Yesterday I posted up a significant collection of centuries old articles to help track the development of early gamering and the language around
(Seriously, some of these are 200 years old)

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