I'm not a gamer, let alone a wargamer, but I had to buy this book from the local used store. It's from 1980 and paints a picture of what tabletop wargaming was 40 years ago.
Of interest would be the final 2 chapters that anticipate the future but just hint at what would come from this scene:
16) Dungeons, Dragons, and Role-Playing Games
17) Computers and the Future of Wargaming

I hear they at least eventually added werewolves to the decades-long comic universe.
(probably horny werewolves, mind you)

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who ever thought a plot like "teenager is really fucking horny, gets publicly horny over all the women around him" would be a formula for a decades-long comic franchise?

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America is back up to 2300 deaths/day from covid and they're just about to start American Thanksgiving, then Hannukah, then xmas.
It's going to be absolutely horrible all through December and January.

Passive aggressive mastery: hiding the freshest open box of Triscuits behind the other two open boxes of Triscuits

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I'm going to be so insufferable at the nursing home

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sometimes I find myself just muttering old Miranda July quotes.

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we can all just not talk about that dumb nerd movie and it's sequel
better things are possible

somewhere along the way I became the kind of woman that pauses the music when I leave the room, as if it were a movie and I don't want to miss a scene

shocking new development from just after the Giuliani press conference

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