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I was DJCPI on Twitter but technically retired from DJing in public at end of 2016. Made a good run of it, but now prefer focusing on being a mom.
I live in Ottawa, Canada and it is nice here but perhaps a bit moist. Im a career systems analyst and who gives a shit about that boring stuff. I have a cat sitting on my belly and that rules.

I spent much of my life as an LGBT community organizer, but these days spend my free time promoting women in pinball.
I can deadlift 300.

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"To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."

It is incredibly stupid that 60% on the tomatometer means "certified fresh"

*Trump chuckling to himself in the oval office*
Ahhh but since Erdrogan invaded Syria, that technically means he's being a FOOL! Checkmate. No backsies.

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Every exchange in our chat:
Them: holy shit look what Trump did
Me: there's no way that's real
*3 minutes pass*
Me: oh no.

A big problem is storage. Run out of wall space and I don't think I want to remove anything to mount these. Is that dumb Y/N

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Oh no! R.I.P.
condolences to her family and friends

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this very good piece of vandalism used to be right next to my house, it stayed up for like two years

(translation: turn the rich into cat food)

Someone in the same continent might have some machines to sell me. I'm positively giddy about the possibility but we haven't gotten to pricing yet..... eeep

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My wife watches a show called Outlander but I just call it Dr. Who, Medicine Woman.

Every time someone mentions Ready Player One I think of that guy who watches a woman vape and then he turns to the camera and just says WOW

My wife watches a show called Outlander but I just call it Dr. Who, Medicine Woman.

Awww fuck R.I.P. John Giorno
So lovely that I got to meet you

screw you all my YouTube channel rules

Way too many UFC people with the name Gracie. There should be one, maybe two, tops. The rest can find new names

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