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William D. Jones @cr1901@mastodon.social

c/js devs: we need this code to go faster
compiler devs: this is bad code.
c/js devs: it must go faster!
compiler devs: *exploiting everything in the spec that isn't strictly illegal* there
c/js devs: no, not like that

@mxsparks Apropos of nothing: Your selfies have been very nice lately :3!


Posting here to maintain SNR on IRC:

> "this kind of conversation makes me kind of glad i spent time learning the math side of this. delay slots are relaxing compared to tag systems or eodermdrome or whatever"

What are tag systems and this "videodrome" thing? How do they relate to TLBs?

PixaTool - converts images to palette limited pixel art.

ohhhhhhhhhhh my gosh the results on here are fanatstic

kronbits.itch.io/pixatool toot.cafe/media/J9zuIQw6eHXcqP

on top of being wrong about nearly everything he puts forth an opinion on, Elon Musk is a deeply vile and fascistic person, driven primarily by his sheer hatred of the people around him. he's a prime example of why we must not allow individuals to control vast amounts of capital

If we don't get to endorse the idea of killing and eating Sam Altman, we won't ever develop faster than light spaceships.


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@cr1901 distros for nothing and the *nix for free

Can we please stop using the phrase IRL? I always use "in person" instead. Just because the interactions may not be face-to-face does not make them fictitious. They are still very real on a personal level.

we integrated clippy.js in one of our internal tools and i love it so much slime.global/media/wZe9sBE2saR

Hey, after brutal emergency surgery last month & not filling all my commission spots for this month I'm at a loose end and rent/prescriptions don't pay themselves right now.

Go buy some music: osirissaline.bandcamp.com/

Go back me on Patreon: patreon.com/osirissaline

Or if you legit just wanna chuck me a dollar (feels bad to ask): ko-fi.com/osirissaline

#TransCrowdfund #OneDollarPatreon #Music


This rendition of Light Cavalry Overture, designed to sound like an onboard motor, kills me everytime XD.

offline camp happened in a place called grant’s pass which is more or less a mountain range where clouds get stuck so pics like this happen: toot.cat/media/iRPd7WYEcYZBjLB