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Me hgc fir

William D. Jones @cr1901

@esden Launchpad is a sufficient debugger for my uses, thankfully :D.

And in the interest of full disclosure: I'm actually not a fan of ARM. But I know BMP is an important tool, and I concede NXP's LPC series is pleasant to use/program for.

@catalina *Looks at image at 100%* Well... it doesn't detract from how pretty the pic is/you are :3!

@catalina That's "lipstick being a mess"? Looks great to me :o.

@esden Ty... I'll keep that in mind :). Your product is important. However, I'm currently in MSP430 world for the time being :).

@catalina Currently I'm not a girl unfortunately, so that will have to wait :(...

@scanlime Another fun thing... when you add code and your gdb script variable addresses are all now invalid. And you wonder how the results you're seeing are possible :D.

@scanlime Tyvm, I know what feature you're talking about, but I forget the details as well. It's in my browser history within the last 24 hours tho :D.

Note to self- use "disas" command liberally...

Good God gdb is worthless for debugging without symbols when the TUI was disabled at compile time (WTAF?!)

@spun_off We used Encarta and Bookshelf back in '97 lmao...

@aparrish I looked into it; don't even try it on the $5/mo instance, sorry :/.

A smaller GNU Social impl currently in development (I forget the name) might work tho.

@c4757p I've been happy w/ NXP's LPC series, fwiw. I still love MSP430, but disappointed in TI...

@esden This may be a stupid question, but how did you implement a full gdbserver on this debugger, and what advantages does it offer compared to just implementing a remote stub?