this is frank. frank is a minor celebrity in the nearby town because he lives near the hospital and spends a large chunk of his time either outside around the hospital asking people for pets, or being removed from the hospital by staff because he keeps sneaking inside to ask more people for pets

Well, enough shit cascaded today that it took me 7 hours to just get back to the point where I intended to START my morning today...

Ahhh well, at least I got a lot of maintenance stuff done. Not by choice lmao...

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(Today I vacuumed, and looked for a missing SMD resistor, and something I _thought_ I dropped. Not in that order.

I couldn't find anything notable in the vicinity that I may have dropped (so I might've just grazed the desk the wrong way to cause a big sound a few weeks ago?). And I concluded I probably vacuumed up the resistor a while back LMAO.)

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Fact 1: There's a lot of maintenance stuff I need to do in meatspace, a lot of it organizing the house and/or bringing records up to date. It's A LOT and it's overwhelming.

Fact 2: I also don't allocate time to complete said tasks anywhere remotely close to maximum practical (let alone theoretical) efficiency :/...

Well, second best time to start is now...

Happy 25th birthday to Windows 95!

It's not Linux or FOSS of any kind, but its design metaphors heavily influenced nearly every desktop interface to come after.

It (or one of its later W9x descendants) were also the first OS for a large number of people, including the person writing this toot 😊.

Specifics about genitals 

Not really okay with my genitals after my surgery. I had pain and issues dilating. I have no real labia minora to speak of when I consulted with another surgeon for a revision, he basically said there wasn't anything he could do to fix this; there isn't really enough material down there to work with.

I've already had one surgery to widen my vagina. Dilations grew so painful that I was unable to do them and her office offered little to no advice on how to resolve the issue. Luckily the doctor I went to was able to fix this along with fixing my urethra so I could pee properly.

My sex life has gotten worse since I've had surgery and I'm pretty sure that is due to issues with my genitals stemming from Rumer's terrible work. The only saving grace I have is I can still orgasm.

Recounting everything wrong around my surgery would take too long and I just don't wanna emotionally go through it.

I'm relived to know I'm not the only one and that there is actually and article out about this. It's really, REALLY embarrassing to talk about this.

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Trans Femmes, Let me be abundantly clear:

Do not go to Kathy Rumer in Philadelphia for bottom surgery.

She's a butcher.

"More smartphones than humans by 2021"

Maybe that's enough of them. We could stop with the planned obsolescence, and make better software for the devices that exist already.

TFW you realize that there reason you hate Disney and Apple are because both companies took ideas that were freely given to them, reworked them, and then proceeded to threaten and sue everyone who dared try the same thing.

fun fact! hdmi is proprietary and implementing it involves a royalty!

Hello from first ever Pleroma, and so Fediverse instance, running on Russian MCST Elbrus CPU.

Instance is running in testing mode and will die someday. Let this post federate further so the history will never be forgotten. :)
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