Your friendly Latinx enby got fired! 😕✌️

I'm fundraising to survive while I find work. This $$ will go to rent, food, gas, bills, and medicine. Every donation of any size is tremendously helpful rn :blobcatheart:

#donate #boost #mutualaid #survivalfund #transcrowdfund

"We'd love for you to come and talk to our javascript working group"
"You know I hate the fucking thing, and I think you're all tools to be using that shit right?"
"Yes, that's why we want to meet you"
"Aight, see you in october."

I can't wait.

Today (17 August) is Black Cat Appreciation Day. I didn't know it had a dedicated day set aside for it until earlier this week!

So, appreciate my cat, please, even if she's mildly blurry. It is your duty.

It's called IEEE because it's the sound you make when you need a paper behind the paywall.

Eve burst error はプールに投げ落とすシーンしか覚えてないという話はある

webp is short for web pee; it's when you piss on your modem

Seeing some confused headlines in the past week, "NetBSD adds support for Commodore Amiga"!

We added support for the amiga in 1994.
We added support for amd64 in 2004.
We added support for aarch64 in 2018 (and Apple M1 in 2021).
We improved support for X11 on the Amiga in 2021.

I'm using an ARM SBC as a router to route between 10BASET Ethernet (converted fro 10BASE2) to Wifi. It's not perfect, but it does work for letting me connect to the Internet from vintage machines.

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For the first time in several years, all my active vintage machines have a working thinnet connection.

Not gonna call it a comeback yet, but it's nice to do maintenance and improve the vintage fleet <3!

     🔥 🧙‍♂️ 🔥

My current electric wheelchair is worn out and actively dangerous, and so unreliable I don’t trust it to even work. I’ve started a gofundme to buy a new lightweight modern one. I’ll be grateful for any donations, or just a share if that’s what you can do. NPC kitty for @spun_off

No side quests today, just a casual conversation with a 4 legged pal :3.

the un-nuanced take of “how can you support an open hardware project if it’s maintainers are <citizens of …>?” 1) completely ignores that most people don’t generally have a choice of where they were born or live, and 2) seems to incredibly selectively applied

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"all modern CPUs have unfixable security flaws" no, really? well, perhaps it's time to question whether we made a colossal mistake 30 years ago when we all conspired to take the path of letting CPU speed inflate to such a massive multiple of memory speed

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