Okay, this is hilarious, and at the same time there should probably be some message indicating to newbie players that en passant is not cheating.

Here we go, after 1.5 years and a pile of c++ code later I'm pleased to announced my basilisk story is FINISHED!

"Basilisk collection - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"

hey folks jsyk i have just about totally migrated to @garbados which is locked but please feel free to send a follow request.

i will archive this account and mark it as moved in about a month

@er1n (Shh... don't tell anyone, but my UART demo using nextpnr doesn't work yet. Post-synth simulation fails, so I haven't bothered programming the bitstream yet. I'm still working on it...)

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@er1n Hi Erin, I have some (n)migen news you might be interested in, since you fav'd the core :D.

I'm probably gonna update my UART core to use nmigen (or provide an option between migen and nmigen) soon, and make sure it works w/ modern fusesoc.

Olof expressed interested in fusesoc for the FOSS MachXO2 flow, and I can use this core as a base.

If you wish to try this yourself, you need:
* My yosys fork:
* My prjtrellis fork:
* My nextpnr fork:

The yosys one is probably okay for merging back upstream, but holding off for now. Please be aware of breakage, like "as of this writing, the left and right I/O banks aren't added to the routing graph properly :)" and "you can have any voltage standard, as long as its LVCMOS33 :D".

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Sincere thanks to:

* Dave Shah for nextpnr/prjtrellis help- much of it was reusable.
* Joe Fitz and Tim Ansell for support.
* Andres Navarro for REing the compression algorithm required to program the internal flash of MachXO2 parts. I didn't want to do it and he saved me the trouble.

This milestone would NOT have happened without all their help.

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It took me 2+ years to get to this point- on and off, and parts of it definitely beyond my control.

But the MachXO2 family of FPGAs now has a full (experimental) FOSS flow from Verilog to bitstream. I'd upload video, but attachment limits. So see here:

*Sets up a spam filter*

(A disembodied anime avatar head appears)

"By censoring some senders you are breaking the way email works!"

Cosmopolitan C Library: "build-once run-anywhere c without devops"

Purports to create small ~40kb executables that run on Linux, Mac, Windows, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD. In the same binary.

hello everynyan!!

New XBAND news! Last time I announced anything, it was just that I had gotten a Genesis game playing over a local phone setup.
Today I'm announcing a public XBAND server that anyone can connect to. Gameplay over the internet is still laggy, but most of the other features are available for use.

If you aren't familiar with XBAND, it was an early network multiplayer service for the Genesis and Super Nintendo, letting you play in real-time with players across the country, all through a 2400 baud modem. It also had two newspapers, a way to exchange mail, a friends list, player rankings, and a few other community features.

Launched in 1994, it was completely reliant on servers that were shut down in 1997, but are now revived for 2020 and beyond. Since landlines are almost completely gone these days, we've come up with a few alternate ways you can use to connect, if you have an XBAND modem. We'd love to see you on the network!

Info on the Retrocomputing.Network site:
Announcement video on YouTube:

These screenshots generated via the newspaper functionality in the XBAND OS.

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