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Charles Childers

@remram44 @vickysteeves I'm just going to turn into a DVCS hermit and host all my stuff on Fossil. Any Git repositories will just be mirrors of my fossil repos.

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The upside to the recurrance of RSI in that I've had time to take a step back from the startup project and identify some design flaws. Now working on a different approach that's both simpler and more scalable with larger projects.

After two days of no typing, my wrist pain has mostly subsided. I'll only be doing a little today as I don't want a recurrence.

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AFAIK, @crc is working on a Gopher server implementation in his own Forth, #retro. Also, #pleroma's got a Gopher interface.

@zyabin101 Whatever the question was, #gopher is the answer! โœŒ๐Ÿผ

@Wolf480pl IRC backend + IRC frontend = preferred.

Time to head back to work. Still not quite done commenting the new floating point encode/decode words. (I spent a fair bit of time reading a new draft of the paper)

@crc I'm hoping to finish this tonight, or tomorrow afternoon. It's functional now, but I still need to decide the final word names and document everything.

I'm a week into my switch to dvorak. I no longer need any of my cheat sheets, but it'll probably be a few more weeks before I'm back to a respectable speed. This is probably at least partially due to a need to use qwerty on all work machines other than mine.

After 2.5 weeks, finally shipped my Librem 15 laptop. I hope it comes soon. I'm going into withdrawl not having a computer at home to hack on.

Lunch project: implementing a means of encoding/decoding floating point values to integer cells in

, day 2. My accuracy is improving, and I need less glances at my cheat sheet. Still having trouble with the bottom row. But it's getting easier. I'm still very slow though.

@crc Wrapping up for the day. Still very slow on dvorak, but I made it through a day without qwerty. The work computer, iPad, phone, and MacBook are all set to dvorak now.

I am trying to get used to dvorak again. With a recent increase in coding, I have begun to have wrist pain again. Hopefully this will help.