I've written a implementation of the assembler I use for my virtual machine, so I can now build a new base image from within Retro. This gets me much closer to being able to self host all but the VM.

Enjoying a quiet morning. It's a little cold (sadly I find myself noticing the cold more each year), but otherwise it's quite nice outside.

I've finally had an opportunity to get my MacBook updated, so I'm now running the latest Xcode again. Also setup Android Studio, so I can finally start learning to do Android development.

Progress on app updates and new projects will still be slow as I'm still having a lot of RSI issues. I have a long list of ideas and todos, but it's hard to get anything done when I can only work for an hour or so before the pain returns.

I've spent the last week of evenings working an a variant of for writing games with one of my sons. It's been an interesting divergence from my normal programming.

I'm finally starting to dig back into my projects. My RSI issues aren't resolved yet, but I'm at least not in pain now.

First up, a small update to my client to improve the display of non-standard item types in menus. This is out now at itunes.apple.com/us/app/gopher Hopefully I'll be able to do considerably more work on this soon; I've been experimenting with some user interface stuff and looking into allowing file downloads and more viewers.

I'm looking forward to the ride home tonight. The humidity has (finally) broken and it'll be ~10 degrees cooler than the last few weeks.

@Xkeeper time to start disabling CSS as well as JS. Back to HTML 1.0

I hate summer. It's too hot to be outdoors and the days are too long.

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Powerlevel9k is way too heavy for me. I really like pure and its two-line fork, lean[1].

[1]: https://github.com/miekg/lean

@saper we're likely to have a whole phlog series about how right you are

> An Electron based Mastodon client

oh. my. god.

just use a fucking browser.

I think I'll be doing some updates to my gopherdon server very soon to make it more usable with regular gopher clients.

Hoping to wrap up the updates by the end of the week.

@a_breakin_glass @Elizafox It is proven to be true, as anyone touching a Van Degraff generator can attest (what fraction of a megavolt did you want to charge to today?).

The confusion arises because our skin, frankly, is conductive and ohmic. Worse, our resistance depends on how moist the skin is.

So, with a high enough voltage, and moist "enough" skin, Ohm's law applied, you will develop a large *current* across the body, and that will stop the heart if it exceeds 100mA.

Enjoying a walk on a quiet, cool evening. I need to do this more often.

I finished adding 404 handling in HTTP server. Now I can start moving the sites I host to a server running this. Final source is at new.retroforth.org/Casket/v4.f and will be in the repository today.

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