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Charles Childers

Well Xcode just decided to crash and somehow revert a saved file to an earlier version, causing me to lost half an evenings work on this app.

I haven't made quite as much progress as I had hoped, but that's largely due to getting almost no programming time yesterday.

On the upside, I did get to watch a show at Philadelphia's Walnut Street Theatre, and had some time to catch up on the ever growing backlog of books.

Starting to prepare for the weekend. I have a lot to do...

Gopher+ seems to be the anti-thesis to RFC1436's spirit

It's proving to be a *long* week again. Looking forward to taking some time off at the end of this month.

People really seem to underestimate just how fast a RISC processor can be. Just because it's small, it does not mean it's slow!

Hell, my stack CPUs could handle > 100MHz / 100 MIPS on a Spartan XC3S1200E, and they took only a few hundred LUTs. A dedicated ASIC of that would have gone much faster, and drawn significantly less power.

@Wolf480pl @h @falgn0n @jjg ARM consumes more power and provides reduced performance in every test conducted so far.

Paopao (my little reddit-via-gopher server) source is now published. It's written in Python and uses PRAW. Not fancy, but meets my minimal requirements to check for new posts and comments that may be interesting.

Public domain. Get it at

@crc @kensanata Ok, until I have patched the server, there is one instance per address family each. So should work for both now.

I haven't finished the new query handler for search yet. Will try to wrap up work on this tonight.

An update to my iOS Gopher client is now out.

The main changes:

- fix crashes when searching for non-ASCII characters.
- fix display of directories with servers that do not send the proper line endings
- fix settings display on iPad
- recognizes errors (type 3)

Work on the next update will commence next week. (I'm hoping to improve the history handling, make improvements to the settings screen, and finish support for the 'w' type from @kensanata)

Work schedule is back to 7:00 - 17:00. (Was 7:30 - 17:00). I don't really mind the longer days, but it does cut further into the little sleep I get.

It's going to be another long week at work.

Enjoying my lunch break today. Not working on anything this time, so it's been relaxing to mostly sit back, drink tea, and listen to some music.

I've just successfully implemented MARKER [COMPILE] and COMPILE for DX-Forth ...... *IN* DX-Forth.

I'm ecstatic. This is so much #%@#^ING FUN!

Tired: Software development w/ Linux on PCs.

Wired: Developing your software dev environment directly on open hardware. Interactively.

Yeah, I'm a little high on excitement right now. I'll stop blabbing.

work ranting Show more has the results of the new `s:eq?` for . This is smaller (reducing the kernel to 3,740 bytes), cleaner, and faster. There's a few more things I should look at again, but this is a solid improvement on all fronts.

@crc I'm pretty sure my compiler's performance is pretty lackluster compared to what it could theoretically be. Haven't tested yet, though, since I haven't implemented a block editor or sizable program yet.


Testing a change to the string comparison word in . It looks like this will make a *huge* improvement to overall performance.