New out today! Episode 207, Promises Made, Promises Kept. Poking a little fun at DJT and his throngs of followers. Oh, and talking about The Crown. 👑

Not posting much anymore, but that's how I do. New episode of The Crowncast is out though! Now with more blabbing! Check us out here: or subscribe at your regular place. Thanks!

It's CrownCast Thursday! New episode out today, download wherever you get your podcasts!

Just saw about pinned toots and then I remembered spoonerisms.

I suppose that if I wanted to maintain convenience in my hobbies I should select things less obscure than curling and cello... 🎻 🥌

Your, you're, and their, there, they're errors receive automatic mutes. Sorry.

Having a lovely quiet day editing podcast and minding myself. =) It's peaceful in my little headphones... 🎧

Sad tonight. Feels like slipping away. Will check back in tomorrow...

I have always wanted to play music. I have never wanted to practice music.

Lots of sext bots in the local feed today... Mmm sext bots...

Is it okay to plug my podcast here? It's the only creative thing I've got these days. No? Oh well...


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