Apple, it's time to bring the iPhone up to speed with modern messaging standards (RCS).

Play nice with Android!

Amazon buying iRobot for $1.7B is not that far-fetched. I’m really not surprised and it’s a good acquisition for them.

I have compiled a short list of Instagram alternatives for those seeking to de-Facebook, eh I mean, de-META, themselves.

- Flickr (cross-platform)
- (iOS only + web profiles)
- @pixelfed (in beta)
- VSCO (cross-platform)
- PicsArt (cross-platform)

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The Pirate Bay founder has launched a new service to register domain names anonymously: You can sign up using XMPP+OTR and pay in BTC. The company buys the domain and then gives you the usage rights.

Seems useful mainly for people worried about content takedowns.



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