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Sorry for the lack of activity. I've been really busy writing (surprisingly). Hopefully, I'll have more cool things to share (or more mundane things to talk about) in the future. Miss you, Fediverse. ✌🏾

Many of you have asked if we were taking donations and today we’re happy to announce that we are accepting donations for the ongoing costs of Switter! You can donate via Liberapay and Patreon. Here's a run down: medium.com/assembly-four/seeki

Hey, everyone! I'm running a contest on Tapas to promote Mortal Machines.

Read my wall post: m.tapas.io/naughtingwell

Check the forum post: forums.tapas.io/t/race-to-100-

I've been working very hard behind the scenes for a lot of different projects, and I'm giving back to a community that's pushed me to work hard.

Today ended up being really busy. I ended up doing a lot of promotion and took down a fan fiction series of mine.

However, I'm going to rewrite it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I'm excited.

A new update is coming May 13th! Read for free then or read the chapter now on Patreon.


I just got a really cool offer fall into my lap, and even though I'm hesitant, a friend envouraged me to go towards it. If this ends up being a legit thing, then I might be in a good place.

So my birthday is this week, and I decided to do a sale to celebrate it and the coming spring!

May 1-8, 2018, use promo code LUOQ0YBV for 10% off any order (art prints with or without frames, art cards, phone cases, etc) from my INPRNT store.


I'm way too high to be able to calmly handle this sunset

tsunicorn love interest.... he is a very patient ogre. I don't have a clever pun for him yet.


I've to take my notebooks to work so I can reorganize what I'm working on. I'm in the "Slow down? Where's the fun in that?" and also the "Don't burn yourself out again, idiot" state of minds.

I'll try to post more WIPs here once I find a good rhythm for it. Like I said, I have a new idea, and I'm already obsessed with it.

-eyes toot count.- I'm getting closer and closer to that devil number.

Regular reminder: "legal name" is a very boring sounding phrase.

It sounds WAY cooler if you call it your "government alias"

Just got home from this year's Dauntless production of Drunk Shakespeare. This year: Hamlet! The lead had to take a drink on every scene entrance; and, just like Drunk Macbeth from a couple of years back, it ends with a sword fight.

Plus this year they ran a 50/50 draw at intermission where the winner also took possession of a whistle they could use at any time (quickly amended to "once! Only once, oh god") to halt the show and make Hamlet take an extra unscripted shot.

It was a *riot*.

Do you like sci-fi, mecha, and action? Read Mortal Machines at tapas.io/series/Mortal-Machine ! Updates every other Sunday. Chapter 3 coming out April 29th!

I managed to rewrite another chapter of Mortal Machines, and I'm so over the moon about it. And of course, I'm working on another project simultaneously. Slowing down would be nice, but right now, I'm supercharged with ideas.