If anyone is selling any zines or art books (especially fandom), physical or digital — writing or art — please link me your stories. Grazie mille.

With my birthday around the corner, I'm taking the small amount of time I have left to envelope myself in as many books as I can and to just get lost in other words for a while.

One day, I will finish Dawn to the Future, but that's a slow forever project.

Let me share some of the books I found due to cheapoldhouses on IG:

- "A Field Guide to American Houses"

- "American Vernacular: Buildings and Interiors, 1870-1960"

- "Houses Without Names"

- "The Abrams Guide to American House Styles"

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If there are any architects or interior designers out there in the fediverse, I would love your resources for housing types and terminology. I lost my old bookmarks.

I'm sure there's some JavaScript involved, but I want to learn more about how people do custom sidebars in Twine. I played a Twine game like four years ago that had a really nice sidebar, but I didn't think to pick apart the code at the time.

Hey, Fediverse! It's been a while since I reached out like this, but if anyone knows of a good XLR microphone + preamp, please let me know!

I don't know when I'll be upgrading my set up, but I'm still shopping around. 🙏🏾

My budget is ~$350 for a mic or $500 for both.

I've been deleting my posts from a particular forum for the better part of four or five days now. Curse this twenty-four hours wait time. I could have been done by now.

I finished handwriting all of my notes for my main campaign. I love my Drunken Master monk so much~

I think we should bring back “zomg” in 2021. We already live in an era of pure chaos. Might as well embrace it

zoom on : mittens

i have six different pairs that are waiting for you in the shop, and i am taking personnalized orders !

go order them !


starting at 29e

boosts appreciated


Are there any voice actors here in the Fediverse? I would be interesting to connect with some.

HATE when a wandering adventurer marauds through my forest and strikes me bodily with a greatsword, turning me instantly into a perfectly cooked joint of beef

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