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"Hackers don't break software, they simply demonstrate that it was already broken"

@OpenPony @adonis28850 hi and thank for the follow, however my new account is, I will no longer use this one :-)

Intel bug, God 

I bet you did not see that one coming:

"Terry A. Davis was right. Running everything in Ring 0 only, as God intends it, is the way forward.

With the superior FOSS OS TempleOS, there's no trouble with this so-called Intel "bug", because there's no such thing as kernel space and userspace in the first space. Everything is equal, and everything is holy.

As God intended it."

bon,j'ai pris mon petit dรฉj, je retourne dodoter ๐Ÿ˜


"The fix is to separate the kernel's memory completely from user processes using what's called Kernel Page Table Isolation, or KPTI. At one point, Forcefully Unmap Complete Kernel With Interrupt Trampolines, aka FUCKWIT, was mulled by the Linux kernel team, giving you an idea of how annoying this has been for the developers."

#intel #infosec #security #computeing

Windows admin, largish systems.
Cyclist, for transport, not sport.
Systems geek.
Cycling geek.
Photo geek.
Up late watching 34C3 on youtube.

How on earth does this all work then? Multiple sites etc? I guess you can follow people from other nodes? Yeah, I know I'm overthinking it, first Toot and all that. Anyway... Hello. ๐Ÿ˜€

Et voilร , je me suis encore rรฉveillรฉ aprรจs quelques heures de sommeil ร  cause d'un stupide rรชve

Has anyone set up a malicious #Mastodon instance to test vulnerabilities in the protocols, handlers, renderers, etc?

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