Erst wollen sich alle beschweren, kaum hat man einen Beschwerde Service, will es keiner....

"Digitalisation and cyber are two sides of the same coin."

"Habe Mut, dich deines IT-Sachverstands zu bedienen"

Der CSD Frankfurt hat definitiv mein Workout im Fitnessstudio ersetzt.

🎼 So I'm not easy on the eyes, yeah
I changed my profile picture too, I took an ugly one for you
To help you say goodbye

I Help You Hate Me

That moment, when some part of you wants to know something and the other part knows that it would only hurt so it's better not to know

AND then you have an easy possibility to get that information.

Did somebody create an overview of EU countries which do support the extension of the EU Emissions Trading System ?

"Die EPP ist eine links-grüne Fraktion"



Okay, so my email setup is now:

Ingoing, descending priority: Server 1 Server 2
Strato -> Outlook Redirect

Outgoing, descending priority:

Was darf Satire?


Heute steht als zur Wahl. Gerade hält sie ihre Rede im EU-Parlament, in welcher es auch besonders um das geht.


"I'm not a spammer, I'm a fourth year college student."


Well, similar case for me right now.

At least is threatening all emails from my new domain as spam 🙄

Shawn Mendes - "If I Can't Have You" (Rock Cover by Our Last Night)

(3 months after the experiment)

That experiment gave me the impression that this idea would actually be doable.


Okay, maybe just a little prototype? 🤔

No, Croydon, no.

Look, you already have too much going on in your life, including too many projects.

Do NOT under any circumstances start a new exciting project.

Okay, just a little experiment....

Volksverhetzende Tweets verstoßen also nur gegen Twitter Regeln und/oder das Gesetz, wenn der Tweet von genug Leuten gemeldet wird.

Habe erst eine E-Mail bekommen mit "Der Tweet ist okay", und eine Weile später jetzt ein Update mit "Violating our rules against hateful conduct"

Why should I trust an email provider who claims to be privacy focused when it isn't open source?

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