i'm fine not carrying it and don't consider it to be an issue of censorship. the book is readily available elsewhere. there's limited shelf space in the shop and plenty of better books we don't carry that we could.

the older collective members do feel it's an issue of censorship and conflate not carrying the book with having banned it.

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bookstore collective currently debating the merits of continuing to stock the scum manifesto. this has come down on generational lines as the older folks see it as a satirical piece that skewered the patriarchy and the younger folks recognizing the transphobia and how it's been taken up by the terfs.

this appeared in my local bodega at some point during the pandemic


kiddo broke his tablet two days before the warranty expired.

🎵 super-fragile ill-advised infrastructure update 🎵

got a pair of nothing.tech headphones and they're far and away better for fit and sound quality than airpods.

cheaper, too. i'm impressed.

from the "tunic" patch notes:

"players who have previously shared their wisdom may now choose violence"

the most cyberpunk intersection in sf is jerrold and toland and it's not even close.

you've got bigcorps there - amazon's warehouses, waymo's car depot. you've got rv's lining the streets and creeping out into their own makeshift shantytown infrastructure. open-air fires for cooking. raw sewage.

oh, also the produce market is here, which is where all the fresh goods pass through on their way to restaurants, bodegas, and grocery stores.

the road itself is pretty destroyed.

uspol? kinda? 

cynical enough to initially assume the dewormer thing was designed to make a cohort rich and not for the sheer chaos of it.

feels weird to be out-chaos’ed.

and then it does increasingly feel like we’ve had our weaknesses exploited. greed, bigotry, spectacle. short term thinking. we’re not on a solid foundation.

maybe just the heat and smoke talking. 🤷🏻‍♂️

had a nightmare that i interviewed at at&t

apple thoughts, not of my employer ;) 

ofc i think this is a huge misstep by apple. even if they aboutface and say "oh whoops, doesn't actually work. there are externalities, unexpected consequences, and collateral damage" well, to repressive regimes (which, cmon, is all of em) those are features, not bugs.

now that they've said they can build this, from the viewpoint of these regimes, they HAVE to build it.

once the api is in there, it won't always be limited to kids' icloud backups of photos.

any examples of a multiplayer video game where the goal is to create a state of stable equilibrium through cooperation?

adding another player would introduce temporary instability, which, left unchecked, would bring the game to an end. but whose addition would cause greater reward for all once equilibrium is achieved?

did i just re-invent farmville? gdi.

work has a student debt subsidy benefit and i'm thinking about this anthropology and social change program:


someone said “murray blockchain” and my brain broke for a while

I’d forgotten about this place after we lost witches.town.

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