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Chris (now @cs

I've moved accounts to @chris. Follow me there to get new toots :)

@jemus42 [en] Oh, no, I'm held captive in a server and must translate mischief for other people. Please send help or cake.

@FerdiZ Looks like that is a web tool for managing manual translations done by humans for projects. It doesn't perform machine translation.

Trying out my account on my own instance as a second main (in addition to @cs). I just imported my follows over from .social, so sorry for the notification spam ☺

@bea @chrismartin @compthink Haha, clever! 🤔 New rule: you only get X bio edits per month and no links are allowed

@animeirl Woolly? Probably already used by a bunch of other things :/

@translator @dyedgreen You used it correctly, I think! It usually repeats the language code in the translation, but only once.

It's using a paid Microsoft Translation API.

@translator @dyedgreen The bot repeating "[en]" twice here is a bug :) I will fix it later tonight @translator de

@mulander @Divan Woahhhh. This is amazing. How did I not find this before?!?

@ashkitten I've been meaning to do this as well. Were you planning on self-hosting GitLab or using

@compthink @bea So you get all the toots (x * num. of days) up front or do you accrue more each day?

@xdej @translator Don't think so :/ I might be able to add it it in after the translation, if there's a decent library for it.

@MyBroodingHeart @Wulf So cool! How does it handle users in different timezones?

@zuphzuph @munin @hugo Drive safe! I think you could reduce RAM usage by having them instances all share Postgres/Redis, assuming those two are the main RAM hogs.

@zuphzuph @munin @hugo At that scale though (15k users, 30 instances), it might be cheaper to have one VM with ~8-16 GB RAM, 2-4 cores just run the web/Rails process(es) and then use cloud services for Postgres/Redis.

@hugo @munin @zuphzuph 500 users * 30 instances = 15000 users. A single $120 USD/mo. server* could probably run that. €15/mo * 30 instances = ~$481 USD, so you would be saving ~$361 USD/mo or €337.71/mo.

* DigitalOcean has a 16 GB RAM, 2 core VM for $120/mo. 32 GB RAM, 4 CPU for $240/mo.