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@jemus42 [en] Oh, no, I'm held captive in a server and must translate mischief for other people. Please send help or cake.

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Trying out my account on my own instance as a second main (in addition to @cs). I just imported my follows over from .social, so sorry for the notification spam ☺

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Updated @translator so translated toots are now posted with "unlisted" visibility.

@cs That toot was pretty long; should've used a CW. My bad!

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Some @translator usage tips:

- It will now accept language codes that are wrapped in "[]" or "{}" brackets, so "@translator [fr]" is now accepted.

- I updated the instructions page so it now has Japanese and French translations: (though translated by machine)

- You can mention @translator anywhere in your toot; it doesn't have to be at the start of the status.

@translator ja

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@wxl [fr] devant mon bien-aimé,, il semble que nous ayons une bonne quantité de français et anglais dans notre chronologie locale. Il existe maintenant une solution pour s’assurer que chaque toot possède à la fois, grâce à @cs qui a créé un petit bot de traduction. Il mentionne simplement accompagné d’une lettre de deux code de langue ISO et il répondra avec la traduction :

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to my beloved instance,, it seems we have a fair amount of both french and english in our local timeline. there's now a solution to ensure that every toot has both, thanks to @cs who created a little translation bot. simply mention it along with a two letter ISO language code and it will reply with the translation:

@translator fr

Hi everyone! I made a translator bot that translates statuses it's mentioned in.

To use it, mention @translator ( in your status, followed by the two-letter code for the language you want to translate to (e.g. "ja" for Japanese) (full list of possible codes here: It uses English if no language is given.

Give it a try and toot me your suggestions and comments!

@translator ja

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@nolan What are your thoughts on using vs. your own instance for your main account? My main concern is how difficult it would be to migrate existing toots from one instance to another, should I ever need to leave .social.

@TheKinrar I'm getting an "Internal Server Error" when trying to log into the admin section of

mastodon emoji search weirdness 

If you open the emoji panel in the toot composer and search for "wave" the 👋 emoji (shortcode ": wave : ") does not appear in the results.

Novelty instance idea: Mastodon, but with the letter "e" removed from the entire codebase.

Some Japanese app/company Mastodon account (@paymo) just *instantly* favorited my toot. Do we now have federated social media marketing bots?

tech buzz words 

Took a while, but I just finished setting up an ELK (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash) stack in Docker, proxied by nginx with full SSL 👋 Real exciting evening so far.

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