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Roses are red, violets are blue.

Red Hat made me an offer, too good to refuse.


(Oct 29 2021)

Hey @cariboucoffee@twitter.com found these in storage. Thank you for helping me stay awake through college.

Not sure what to tag this as vegan Life? :P Anyways enjoy.

I tend to mostly post tech related items. I'm trying not to over do it with the items though the world is blowing up and I have to resist the urge to share / scream at folks. I'll temporarily disconnect twitter soon as I can figure out what bridge I used to connect it to keep that noise on the twittersphere.

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If you're looking for work in a company that values open source I would check out Open Collective. They're currently hiring a Senior Software Engineer; and a Senior Product Manager.


#opencollective #fossjobs

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We're playing @jackboxgames@twitter.com to end day one of @geekbeacon@twitter.com Fest. Join us in the GeekBeacon Discord if you'd like to play.

GB Discord - discord.geekbeacon.org/

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Just don't buy from companies that make it impossible to upgrade things. Vote with your wallet. Seriously.

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I was looking at trying out some platform to write. Any recommendation from the ? What's your favorite distributed blogging platform?

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My series, Properly Paranoid is back! 🐧 Please show some ❤️, I'll be giving away tech & chatting in the stream for the next 30 minutes!

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Hello all , and advocates. I'm working on getting a panel discussion put together for and was looking for a speaker to represent the other side. Any @facebook@twitter.com or @Microsoft@twitter.com representative want to give their point of view in an con?

For those who love the , what's your favorite must have app? I've mainly been using Mastodon but it seems like there's a whole plethora of choices out there: fediverse.party/en/miscellaneo

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