I wish @nytimes would cut the concern-trolling about how investigating predatory behavior = Stasi-level scrutiny of someone's childhood. They're embarrassing themselves. The formative years of influential public figures is crucially worthy of examination, and the truth will out.

And people who try to downplay sexual assault by claiming it's common and harmless are revealing something very unsavory about themselves.

Small wonder they're angry and scared. They likely have reasons to be.

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While playing No Man’s Sky I've been turning my favorite screenshots from the game into classic sci fi novel covers. I've made three so far: Ascendant Eden, The Satellite Sun, and The Scavenger of Eden.

Wondering, as I have in the past, about the usefulness of the federated timeline. It's a firehose: scrolls way too fast to actually interact with anything on there, and even if you had time to read/click on something, over half the content is in languages I don't speak.

As a visualization of overall activity, it's pretty neat. As a practical feature, it's unusable.

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If you see two or more apps on the store, the one that has the most release history is the real one. 👍 Look for the doggo 🐺


If you accidentally downloaded a scam version, I cannot guarantee what it’s doing under the hood. I suggest revoking access to the app *immediately*.

I honestly don't know whether Google is showing me this because it knows I'm male and cynically assumes that I prefer cute girls in overalls to overalls themselves, or because overalls have transitioned to a fashion statement for lifestyle influencers who think an outdoorsy touch will bolster their brand's authenticity.

The results don't change when I'm not logged in, so I'm guessing it's the latter.

(Guess I shouldn't be surprised, given that everything Paul Bunyan wore is now urbanite chic.)

I'm drawing a beaver wearing overalls. I did a Google image search for "overalls", and I was expecting a pageful of industrial-strength overalls.

What I got was 146 photos of rail-thin, hipstery women wearing overalls that are the sort of thing you'd wear if you're going to a yoga meetup at the juice bar and are trying to look like you have a garden on your balcony.

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RT @liza@twitter.com
For National Novel Generation Month this year, I made a digital book “physical” again by rendering every page into a game engine and then randomly perturbing it: github.com/lizadaly/a-physical #nanogenmo

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It's very frustrating that all the jobs I would really like involve appealing to "People", the demographic I typically perform poorly with

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@jk Buy old hydrogen atmosphere isolator tubes and hook them up to a CCFL inverter, makes pretty blue diffuse light that changes when you get near it due to your electric field

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A thought for highly motivated political Millennials:

* capitalism is broken and doing a 1930s Great Depression
* but maybe don't do Hitler again?
* but also maybe don't do Stalin again?
* also maybe don't do Mao
* also maybe don't do Pol Pot

The Alt-Right started at Herbert Hoover and went full Adolf Hitler.

But the emerging Alt-Left, which does appear to be a thing, could start at FDR and end up at Josef Stalin.

Please just let's not do Stalin/Mao again, okay?

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sometimes I get an e-mail from a startup recruiter to work on their dev team and I want to reply with "why don't we just cut out the middleman—you write me a check for 18 months of salary and I won't bother to write the code that you'd end up throwing out anyway when you go out of business"

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I can't wait for the year 2020 because for the first time since "the 90's" we'll finally have a real name for each decade

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@jk science works by killing god and distributing his magic to the
oppressed people like intended

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CAPITALISM FAN: See, the problem with setting 'fair prices' for goods is that you create shortages! But if you just let THE MARKET (TM) set the prices, there are no shortages ever!

THE MARKET (TM): Hi so we raised the cost of houses to ONE MILLION DOLLARS. And we didn't build any new ones because that would lower the price. Literally fewer people can now live in houses.

CAPITALISM FAN: That's not a shortage. Shortages are what affect millionaires, not morally bad poor people who eat avocados.

Shitty jobs at risk of obviation by technology:
- truck driver
- factory worker
- President of the United States


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Corporeal form status:
☐ FOOD (🔜)
☑ SLEEP (💯%)

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Trump shutting down Netflix to help bring back Blockbuster jobs.

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