Podcastempfehlung: Katharina Nocun beleuchtet in Denkangebot Episode 4 die Datensammelei von Internet-Konzernen. Interessant (und hoffentlich ernüchternd) für alle die, die "nichts zu verbergen" haben: denkangebot.org/allgemein/da00

#MorphOS as of version 3.12 now ships with the #ObjFW runtime. 3.14 hopefully with ObjFW itself as well 🙂

Apparently, Let's Encrypt changed their CDN provider from Akamai to Cloudflare in order to be able to terminate TLS sessions in their own infrastructure. This seems to have exposed a couple of client errors with case handling in HTTP requests and -headers that were previously hidden by CDN magic, see issues attached to community.letsencrypt.org/t/ne
Old versions of Dehydrated and acme.sh seem to be affected, in particular (and cPanel).


just found out that BIND 9 has removed ECC-GOST Support in Version 9.14


Found that while watching

Russian crypto algorithms in the OpenSource world
GOST crypto demystified


regpg - safely store server secrets; a thin wrapper around gpg for looking after secrets that need to be stored encrypted in a VCS dotat.at/prog/regpg/

So, the first thing I’ve done on my @OpenBSDAms box is to bring up my Gopher service:

Gophered by Gophernicus/2.5 on OpenBSD/amd64 6.5


[2019-09-26 Thu] Video: Automated firewall testing

Kristof Provost, Maintainer der pf Firewall im FreeBSD Kernel, erklärt wie FreeBSD Jails benutzt werden können, um Firewall-Regeln und die Firewall-Configuration automatisiert zu testen. Die gleichen Ideen lassen sich auch unter Linux mit Netzwerk-Namespaces in Containern umsetzen um iptables oder nftables Installationen zu testen: https://archive.fosdem.org/2019/schedule/event/automated_firewall_testing/

Fast live vom #CCCamp19 in Zehdenick: #Hackerfunk – Eine Rundfahrt im virtuellen Sattelschlepper durch die Welt der Assistenzsysteme hackerfunk.ch/index.php?id=315


Welcome to the "MWL Trap". 😜​ Started with the OpenBSD one, really enjoyed the style of writing, bought more books, became "addicted" and now I am sitting here with a lot of them, I think only the one about network floy analysis is missing and keep telling my wife they are absolutely needed for my daily work - she pretends to believe me.

Bert Hubert from PowerDNS nicely summarized the discussion around encrypted DNS over HTTPS:

"Centralised DoH is bad for privacy, in 2019 and beyond":


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