EuroForth 2022

Online, 16.-18. September 2022

The 38th EuroForth conference takes place in the Internet.

The conference will be preceded by the Forth standards meeting which starts on September, 14th.

Both, meeting and conference will be hosted online.

EuroForth online participation is free of charge (donations welcome), registration required

EmuTOS 1.2 has been released

Major changes:
- AES: Add support for 3D objects (enabled in 512k ROMs and PRG)
- AES: Add support for new menu_xxx() functions in AES 3.30
- AES: Allow up to 16 windows for versions with AES 3.30 support
- BIOS: Add interrupt-driven I/O for SCC serial ports
- EmuDesk: Resize screen memory in videl modes, just like TOS4
- General: Make FireBee ROMs single-language
- VDI: Fix crash under FreeMiNT with memory protect enabled

RFC 9250 - DNS over Dedicated QUIC Connections

DoQ is now a standard ...

Mal schauen wann wir Implementationen in Mainstream DNS Software sehen.

Quick turnaround for feature requests in BIND 9:

Last week during a training at we've found a asymmetry in the way how dnssec-settime (a tool to set DNSSEC signing events on BIND 9 DNSSEC keys) works.

Yesterday I opened a ticket.

It was fixed 2 hours later 😍

New BIND Releases are available: 9.16.28, 9.18.3, and 9.19.1

In addition to bug fixes and feature improvements, these releases also
contain a fix for a security vulnerability, CVE-2022-1183, about which more information is provided in this Security Advisory:

The guy next to me at #RIPE84 uses Emacs as an IRC client and his window manager has Windows 3.11 look-and-feel.

#emacs support for writing #uxn (uxntal-mode) is now officially available from MELPA:

Video: Factor in 2022 

The Factor programming language is a concatenative, stack-based programming language with high-level features including dynamic types, extensible syntax, macros, and garbage collection. On a practical side, Factor has a full-featured library, supports many different platforms, and has been extensively documented.

John Benediktsson & Doug Coleman give a tour of the language and when has been added in recent years.

CZ.NIC has released Knot DNS 3.1.7!

This version primarily fixes incomplete implementation of the Offline KSK signing mode in the IXFR and DDNS processing.
Please note that the online signing still doesn't support Offline KSK! Also various fixes and improvements regarding
catalog zones are included.



The donation page newly accepts EUR and USD:

Video: Software doldrums 

This keynote talk is titled "Software Doldrums," as presented by Rek and Devine of Hundred Rabbits.

Hundred Rabbits is a small artist collective consisting of Rek, a writer and cartoonist, and Devine, a programmer, artist, and musician. They travel the globe together with their sailboat named "Pino" while creating and adapting, among other things, software to fit their needs.

Part of their software stack is UXN, a VM and programming language influenced by Forth.

This talk, which was featured as a keynote at LibrePlanet 2022, is about the dangers and shortcomings of relying on always-online proprietary platforms. Hundred Rabbits will share how they reimagined their software to encourage the reuse, repair and maintenance of existing hardware.

"pssst! Hey buddy! Wanna buy a DNSSEC book?

If you wait, you could get it from a big bookstore like Amazon along with the peasantry. But if you jump now, you can get it the cool way, straight from the author!" #sysadmin #dns #dnssec

Today ISC released BIND 9.18.0

This is the first stable release that contains support for DoT and DoH.

- Support for securing DNS traffic using Transport Layer Security (TLS). TLS is used by both DNS-over-TLS (DoT) and DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH).
- Support for zone transfers over TLS (XFR-over-TLS, XoT)
- The dig tool is now able to send DoT queries (+tls option).
- Support for OpenSSL 3.0

You like #RetroComputing and want to help our #devroom at next #FOSDEM?

If you're not mic-shy you can host one or more talks : You'd have to read out questions from the audience to the speaker after the video, and moderate the Jitsi Meet hallway channel afterward.

Check the schedule, pick a talk and tell me:

#FOSDEM2022 cc @cstrotm @faxmodem

The maintainer of the backend in LLVM has set up two sponsorship pages

You can now use Patreon and OpenCollective to support the
development efforts.

Am Wochenende findet online die Forth-Tagung statt

Freitag, 12.11. nachmittags, Vorträge und Workshops

Samstag, 13.11. nachmittags, Vorträge und Workshops

Sonntag, 14.11. vormittags, Mitgliederversammlung der Forth Gesellschaft e.V.

Tagungssprache ist deutsch.

Das bisher geplante Programm gibt's unter

Auf ist die Anmeldung jederzeit kostenlos moeglich

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