Podcastempfehlung: Zeit Online spricht stolze sechs Stunden mit Marco Börries: Mit 14 StarDivision gegründet und StarOffice auf dem Markt gebracht, die Ursuppe von Libre Office. Die ersten zwei Stunden geht es um frühe PC-Geschichte und den Platz von StarOffice. Danach geht der Weg über Apple und die Entwicklung des iPhone hin zu dem, was Medien und Politik "Digitalisierung" nennen, nebst Ausblick, wo die digitale Reise hin gehen könnte: zeit.de/gesellschaft/2019-03/m

Shizaru is a minimalistic web server for imposing strong opinions: maximum file sizes, whitelists or blacklists for permitted MIME types, permitted HTML tags, domains linked to, etc. tildegit.org/solderpunk/shizar

Mecrisp-Quintus for the Vega-Board #RISC-V Show more

Unikernel and GNU/Forth Show more

I have it. I HAVE IT!

DoG: DNS over Gopher.

You can now shut down the Internet. I’m done.

Matthias Koch, author of Mecrisp , has been awarded the Dragon-Award of the German Forth Gesellschaft


Allow LISP syntax in Kermit programs ftp://ftp.kermitproject.org/kermit/scripts/lispops

I feel I must share this

@florian @cstrotm

Nobody SHOULD care.

I've seen big orgs that have changed their systems TO care. Because they hate all that is good and decent.

Phone companies are prime offenders.

I should probably turn the TTL back up now that the move is done.

(ponders if the times I learned in 1995 are still the best to use... :flan_think: Ah, they're good enough. :flan_laugh: )

Mozilla has published the policy requirements for DNS-over-HTTPS provider who aim to be included into Firefox Trusted-Resolver configuration (TRR)


not sure where to place

* unwind(8) makes DNS resolution suck less.

in 65.html.
Is it "other userland network improvements" or "Assorted improvements" :flan_think:

hunter is a fast and lag-free file browser/manager for the terminal written in Rust. It features a heavily asychronous and multi-threaded design and all disk IO happens off the main thread in a non-blocking fashion, so that hunter will always stay responsive. github.com/rabite0/hunter

So, habe mich als Wahlhelfer für die Europawahl gemeldet! Demokratie nicht immer den anderen überlassen!

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