I've switched my Rasberry Pi 3 Desktop Setup (PiTop Ceed) to FreeBSD 13.0-RC1 (coming from NixOS Linux).

FreeBSD works great on the Raspberry Pi

Hy - A dialect of Lisp that's embedded in Python

This seems to be a nice Lisp that integrates well into the Python ecosystem

It also proves that there can be new short names for programming languages that are search-able on the Internet


#FreeBSD 13 is in RC and BETA.

#OpenBSD 6.9 will be released in a couple months.

I have opinions on running new releases. Strong opinions. :flan_molotov::flan_executioner::flan_stick::trebuchet:​ In this month's @freebsdjournal Letters column. Save yourself, read it before it's too late.


Great "Letters" Column by @mwlucas in the new FreeBSD Journal

On running .0 versions in production


Go read it now!

The soon-to-erupt volcano here in Iceland has a technical name: Sundhnjúkagígaröð in Þráinsskjaldarhraun

This is ACTUALLY what comes up in Google Translate for that...

I just dumped the ROM from my #Apple PDS Ethernet card.

Also the BIOS & CharGen from my dead #Shneider / #DualData #EuroPC.

Anyone wants the files?

#Mac68k #M68k #RetroComputing

Successfully compiled and booted my own kernel for the @mntmn reform 2 :)

Next step: Boot using an initramfs. I'm afraid that might be a lot harder though :D

"software design for flexibility" by chris hanson and gerald jay sussman will be out in 8 days.

all the e-books i can find for it have drm applied which would usually rule out a purchase for me. but, i can make an exception in this case because the text is going to be creative commons-licensed, just like sicp!

(i even double-checked with author chris hanson, who was kind enough to reply to an internet rando's email!)


New derivation:
A Pepper&Carrot RPG-themed idle video-game by Congusbongus and StarNavigator, free/libre and open-source (won second place at MiniJam22). 👍
Open culture FTW! 😎
→ Blog-post with link to play: davidrevoy.com/article818/

Nice. I just switched to dhcpleased on latest -current and there is no longer a delay when the network comes up. 👍

Kudos to @florian for writing it!

New simple 64-bit native-code Forth system running on AMD64  

Anton Ertl is working on a new Forth system written in amd64 assembly. The main goal of fforth is to demonstrate modern Forth implementation techniques, in particular: header structures that directly represent, e.g., compilation semantics and recognizers

It is work in progress and can be found on Github: https://github.com/AntonErtl/fforth

Matteo Vitturi writes a Z80N Forth system suitable to run on the new ZX Spectrum Next


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