Schon wieder passiert: Nachdem ich einem Auftraggeber offenen Zugang zu den Gestaltungs- und Satzdateien gewährt und Schulung in den freien Tools gegeben hatte, war der Auftrag durch.
Trotzdem ist der Nachfolgeauftrag jetzt im Kasten. Oder gerade deswegen? ;)
#freiesoftware #arbeitskultur #sogehtdas

Nerdfreude: Erster Punkt per Displaylist auf Atari 800XE ;)
#forth ist wie Rätsellösen – spannend.

Video: Chroot into m68k - a seamless m68k dev environment on Linux with QEMU

Explains and demonstrates the QEMU user mode and how to setup an Linux development environment that can seamlessly be used from an amd64 host.

With this environment, it is possible to write scripts that execute a mix of native (amd64) and emulated (m68k) commands. It is also possible to start the m68k environment inside a Linux container using systemd-nspawn.

If you need to jot a quick note down in your web browser put in this url

data:text/html,<html contenteditable>

and it just opens a window with nothing in it that you can type text into!

(courtesy of metafilter)

Willkommen verdigado eG!

"bei einem Klausurwochenende im Linuxhotel in Essen Anfang 2019 von einigen engagierten Vereinsmitgliedern" wurde die Idee einer zentralen IT-Dienstleisterin für alle Gliederungen von BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN geboren.

Darf ich ein bischen stolz sein? ;-)

Podcast-Empfehlung für Musik-Nerds: In „The Album Years“ sprechen Tim Bowness und Steven Wilson (ja, der von Porcupine Tree) in jeder Folge über die Alben eines Jahres irgendwann zwischen Ende der 1960er und jetzt. Ohne spezielle Chronologie. Enjoy:

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ACME dns-01 is sooo much better (for me) than http-01

adding an RR at '_acme-challenge

I just wanted to repeat that.

Peter from wrote a really awesome blog post on his endeavor to install /2 warp in 2020. Highlight is a video of an old P133 taking over 2 minutes to boot.

If you're as old as me you will for sure get nostalgic feelings just by listening to the sound of the machine.

Knot Resolver 5.2.0 has been released. It offers a more scalable DNS-over-HTTPS implementation, eXpress Data Path (XDP) support for UDP and more

Here @solene has written a well step-by-step article about #rclone and its huge config options

You don't need to copy/paste her config, most important is that you can LEARN some insights about how rclone works and adapt it to your needs

I personally use it to sync my personal ebook library (beware of sync!!) to my old MEGA account (otherwise not used)

rclone has a well documented website and it's available for every platform

dog is an open-source DNS client for the command-line. It has colourful output, supports the DoT and DoH protocols, and can emit JSON.

for the programming tutorial we've been working on a scheme/SDL playground called interscheme (based on chibi scheme)

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