openrsync is a clean-room implementation of rsync with a BSD (ISC) license. It is designed to be compatible with a modern rsync.

Jetzt sollte DNS-over-TLS auch via IPv6 korrekt funktionieren. /c

@kuketzblog Hallo, wenn Du moechtest kannst Du meinen DoT/DoH Server auch noch in Deine Liste der DNS-Server aufnehmen

Informationen unter


Koennt Ihr mal schauen warum Euer DNS-Resolver auf der IPv6 Adresse nicht auf Port 853 (DNS-over-TLS) antwortet

$ kdig @2a02:2970:1002::18 +tls
;; WARNING: can't connect to 2a02:2970:1002::18@853(TCP)
;; ERROR: failed to query server 2a02:2970:1002::18@853(TCP)

IPv4 funktioniert

Achievement for today: send one more donated Thinkpad X230 to an OpenBSD developer. Happy hacking.

We're happy to learn #Tagesschau (German public-service TV news) having their own #F-Droid repo:

It features their official app and is a great move towards user rights and freedom. Sadly the app isn't free and open source software, although it's financed by taxpayers’ money.

If it is public money, it should be public code as well. #PublicCode

Depeche Mode's "Somebody" is a masterpiece of deception. It sounds enough like a love song that people play it at weddings as the official bride & groom dance.

Actually listen to it, though, and you realize it's about selfishness and a vampiric relationship.

Which sometimes makes me think it's a little *too* successful...

"Malicious scp server can write arbitrary files to scp target directory, change the target directory permissions and to spoof the client output." - this bug is 35 years old! #scp #vulnerability

It's seriously disappointing that it's impossible to read the #FreeBSD Foundation's website without getting tracked by Google, CloudFlare, MaxCDN, and KnightLab. It also presents Google CAPTCHAs as denial of service.

From the #FreeBSDFoundation I'd really expect more respect with regards to website visitor's privacy. All that tracking isn't even remotely mentioned in their privacy policy.

Dear FreeBSD Foundation: Please step up your game in supporting privacy!

I'm using "gcc-builder" to build a custom gcc 7.2.0 on an older ARM laptop. It is a nice framework to compile custom gcc versions

Was so alles in euren Amazon-Daten drin steckt? Könnt ihr jetzt als Vortrag am letzten Chaos Communication Congress nachsehen. Sehr sehenswerte 40 Minuten. Und vermutlich machen das andere große Online-Shops nicht sehr viel anders:

Tali 2 for 6502 release 1.0

bare-metal, "ANSish" Forth for 65c02 8-Bit CPU-Systems

contains in 22KB assembler, dissassbler, UNIX ed-like editor

compatible with GNU-Forth, lot's of documentation and readable source code

runs on "Steckschwein"

SamCo's Single Board Computer

and py65

Wenn ihr mal ein git Fuckup habt und da irgendwie raus kommen müsst, ohne das Repository zu löschen und neu zu ziehen: ich hätte da ein Flowchart für euch.

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