10 (unstable) running on an Falcon 030 with X11 GUI, Fluxbox and modern Linux Kernel

@Faket It's running, most graphical applications are quite usable, Web works with Netsurf, surf or links2.

It has a 68060 and 512 MB RAM, so it is a little beefed up.

@cstrotm next step would be to get DOOM running! 😎

@cstrotm Very impressive, I bet most of the work went into custom compiling kernel so it would fit in memory.

@cstrotm Wow, I didn't know Debian had a 68k port. Impressive.

@strtwl The m68k CPU was the 2nd architecture Linux ran on, after i386

The m68k Debian port was dormant for a while, but has taken up speed in the last few years

It is now possible to run a current Debian system on many m68k machines.

@cstrotm The more impressive part is that there is still active development on an architecture that is essentially dead. That's really cool. Most other retro devices that can run Linux benefit from using an architecture that is still more or less alive (MIPS, ARM, PPC).

@cstrotm Also the fact that Linux still supports 68k while good old i386 was yanked a while ago.


That does not come for free: I see the m68k kernel developers work hard to get patches into the mainline kernel, and some discussions on the mailinglists about the added complexity because of "obsolete" architectures.

I guess nobody loved the i386 enough :)

But there are still users for Linux m68k. And as long there are developers, the story will continue.

More supporters are always welcome!

@cstrotm So einen hatte ich auch mal., nur meiner war in einem PC Gehäuse eingebaut ;D Man ist nun auch über 25 Jahre her .. lol

@cstrotm Do you have a write-up on this? I'd love to read one!

@lithiumsulfate A write up about the meeting? I plan to write one, but because I'm very busy at work for the next week, it will appear end of September on the meeting website, along with more pictures:

@stman Yes, it runs on the Atari TT. But AFAIK only console, no X11, as current Xorg does not support 1bpp black/white anymore (that is my understanding).

This compilation was made by Stefan "Beetle" Niestegge based on Debian unstable (buster). It is also his Falcon 030 on the photo.

I can get you in contact if you are interested.

@cstrotm and using a COMMODORE display? 🤨 lol

If you can support hardware for a quarter century then you are doing your OSing right!

@msh On that event (linux m68k meeting in September), where the photo was made, there were even more Commodora Amiga systems running Linux.

Btw, the Commodore Color Monitors are good.

How much memory do you have in that machine? I used to run Linux on a Falcon many years ago, and I developed oTOSis on it, which was way to run TOS binaries on 68k Linux

@loke The Falcon has now 14 MByte of ST-RAM, 512MB TT-RAM.

Thanks for pointing us (Stefan an me) to oTOSis, we will check it out. Looks interesting.

"#Debian 10 (unstable) running on an #Atari Falcon 030 with X11 GUI, Fluxbox and modern Linux Kernel"

All that's missing is the #retrocomputing hashtag!


@cstrotm - I still need to install my Debian again... :-/

@ij I feel an opportunity of another meeting in 2019 where we can do that. Beetle and me are already have early plans.

@cstrotm - basically yes, but I hope to have reinstalled my A3000 before then... ;)

@thamesynne Speed is similar of an cheap netbook today. Not great, but usable.

@cstrotm that’s pretty crazy! How much RAM do you have on it?

@hankg It's not my machine, but the Falcon from Stefan (in the picture) has 14 MByte of ST-RAM, 512MB TT-RAM.

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