it's a roguelike
in that
it's a game that you can play on a computer
like rogue
which was also that

I've thought of writing a password filter where, if you give us an email address and a password, and we can successfully log in to your email address with the password you've given us, we say DUDE, NO, DON'T USE THAT PASSWORD WHAT THE HELL

Now the problem is, how do I actually get people to, uh, care.

I imagine that's a much harder problem.

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So, this year, I've spent a whole load of my time building this thing:
and then this past month I've been using it to power this other thing:

The first thing is a two-dimensional portable web document engine that can be edited in place and used for books or presentations, and the second thing is an RPG I'm running with some writer friends where they decide what happens and I illustrate it.

They almost cast 90's rapper "Skee-Lo" In the new live-action Aladdin movie. He didn't make it through the table read, though.

Now I'm testing that this gets federated properly!

Warning: Testing Out Warnings 

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