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The right wing using all means at their disposal, including the implied threat of violence and unrest to impose a minority view on a majority coalition is basically American politics right now in a nutshell.

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[my funeral service]
my widow: he will surely be remembered for being such a terrible liar who faked his own death several times..aaand there he is at the back in the stupid big hat. i'd like to apologise to everyone here once again

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The last thing I'll say is that giving money for bigotry is NOT a cost of doing business in the United States. Both Apple and IBM decline to run a corporate PAC and do fine. Google, Microsoft and Amazon could shut down their political donations tonight with zero consequences.

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The second last thing I'll say is that in 2018 a single @intel@twitter.com employee (who was not even a US citizen) got Intel to stop funding Steve King, the overtly white supremacist congressman, by pointing the conflict with Intel's stated values to management. You have a lot of power!

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I'm sorry that this makes me sound so old, but I simply do not understand why people put so many cameras and microphones around themselves so willingly. Smartphones and laptops maybe aren't so much of a choice but good god why the exercise bike, the doorbell, the refrigerator, th

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ATTN BOSTON FRIENDS: Tomorrow @ 1:30PM Wayfair employees are staging a walk out to oppose the selling of wayfair products to furnish concentration camps on the border and to compel wayfair to donate profits from all sales thus far to @RAICESTEXAS@twitter.com
show your support if you can! twitter.com/wayfairwalkout/sta

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Getting a college education would mean having a stable career. twitter.com/bitchyangei/status

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@cwbuecheler@twitter.com I’ve got nothing against student debt forgiveness. (I never had any, luckily.)

I really want us to talk about the underlying problem, too: the insane cost of college. Much like health care, it’s out of control and you can’t really opt out.

View from a park in the 19th, where we went to escape the heat and found that basically everyone in Paris had done the same thing. Nice place, though, and still plenty of room to spread out under some shade. @ Parc… instagram.com/p/BzI8fwtB0w7/?i

LRT: Current student loan debt for the US is roughly $1.4 trillion. If you combine all of the corporate bailouts the government handed out *in 2008 alone* (not including subsidies, etc), it exceeds that number.

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Corp Bailout History:

Student Debt Relief History:


"I didn't get my student loans forgiven, so no one should" is not only deeply selfish--obviously--but is also myopic thinking that fails to consider any of the also obvious benefits of allowing tens of millions of people the opportunity to engage more fully/freely in the economy.

I was "lucky" in that I only racked up about thirty grand in college debt before I dropped out. I paid off the last of it in 2004. If I'd gone to all four years, though, I might well still be paying on it. And I wasn't facing the pricing explosion that, eg, my sisters did.

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Sunoco let a refinery explode that could have killed everyone in Philly from bone-melting hydroflouric (HF) acid clouds

Sunoco delayed warnings, lied re risk, & have f'ed up maintenance for years

It would cost them 3 hours of revenue to switch to a safer process. They refuse. twitter.com/jonrog1/status/114

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The right-wing Greek political party Golden Dawn—which pushed to have Antetokounmpo's family deported as undocumented migrants—literally used Walker's anti-labor strategy in Wisconsin as its framework for their policy platform. twitter.com/ScottWalker/status

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Reminder: Caging kids is a for-profit enterprise, & the people who profit off camps finance the political campaigns of those who legislate more caging.

If you want to follow the money: GEO Group & CoreCivic are big ones. Look at the lenders & private equity grps they deal with. twitter.com/joycewhitevance/st

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Me, dumb: what if we had a war tax on defense contractors to get veterans better care

Beto, wise: what if we had a war tax on working people for wars the vast majority of them never supported

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When faced with ICE's concentration camps, "abolish ICE" is the moderate position.

"Abolish ICE and prosecute its leaders" is my position.

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I'm highlighting these donations because I find them doubly offensive. First, because equality under the law is a foundational American value, not a political issue. Second, because these companies work harder than anyone to wrap themselves in the rainbow flag while funding hate

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