One of the most obnoxious things about the internet's random forging of a bunch of billionaires is it's let so many mediocre assholes think they're something special

hot take: hillary and bernie are both bad and you should find some new candidates

we have 300 million people to choose from

I really liked the first two Assassin's Creed games but then there were too many Assassin's Creed games so I just stopped playing the series.

It's so frustrating that the effect of global warming, where I happen to live, is drawing Arctic air down on top of us every winter. So I don't even get to be warm while humanity goes extinct.

Seriously, though, Boston's "we're trying not to beat up on you" lineup was Rozier, Theis, Ojeleye, Wanamaker, and Brown. That crew might be able to beat the Bulls by themselves.

Boston might win this game by sixty. This is mildly depressing.

Boston's so deep that even when they empty their bench, they're still pretty good.

Also props to the Chicago crowd. Their team is bad but there's a lot of them in the arena, and they're sticking around even with the team down by 30+

I feel mildly bad for Chicago. It's not fun to be this bad, and their young guys would be better served getting reps on a team that was at least competitive.

Kyrie Irving is so ridiculously good at weird layups

Celtics are looking good in Chicago tonight.

Granted, most teams look good in Chicago this season, but still ... I'll take it!

This morning went to make her morning latte, got a carton of soy milk out of the fridge, poured it into her mug, and discovered it was in fact chicken stock.

(fortunately the espresso hadn't gone in yet)

Please, please, please let Ajit Pai somehow go to jail over this. That would be the sweetest sugar to pour into an idiotic, novelty-sized mug of coffee.

Scoop: The criminal investigation into to stolen identities used to file anti-net neutrality comments with the FCC is far bigger than previously thought. The FBI is delivering subpoenas and at least three state attorneys general offices also investigat…

Two years in and Trump has already had so many corrupt idiots attached to scandals surrounding him that I can't even remember who's who anymore.

Every tweet in this thread is gold
update on the impending snowmageddon back home: my dad is building a gate to attach to the barn so he can trap the HORF in it during the snow, bc otherwise Tango will go lay down in the feet of snow and just become a horse-cicle because he is too stupid to understand a barn

Heh, just ended a sentence in the new book—which is about demonic possession—on 66,666 words.

If you're under age of 35 you've spent your whole life in an era when LOTR wins Oscars, every MCU movie gets glittering RT scores, and you're a pariah if you don't like Harry Potter.

"Geek" culture isn't a scrappy rebel force at the gates of the empire.

It is the empire.

YouTube reaction videos are such a weird example of performance art

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