There's this new trend in interior design of just, like ... having a toilet in your bedroom? Like it's behind a divider but not behind a door or anything, and I'd honestly rather die of a bowel obstruction than ever use such a thing. I want my toilet to be basically an oubliette.

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Weird that Elon Musk wants to vote for the party least likely to regulate shitty cars that explode killing everyone inside 🤔

I’m sure there’s some kind of analysis that shows this to be optimal, but I truly don’t get why the east coast NBA games are starting at 8:30 PM local time and the west coast NBA games are starting at 6:00 PM local time.

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Those pesky democrats at the Morgan Stanley margin desk are about to launch their attack

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I’m usually against CGI recreations of dead people but honestly I believe Stan Lee would be OBSESSED with the idea of being an eternal amusement park hologram

It’s interesting that companies’ responses to “things are changing and our previous business model is no longer producing the same results” is always, always, always “fire people” and not “reconsider our business model”

Booking tickets to France for my wife and me is always stressful.

Doing so during a pandemic, for two nephews, my wife, and me, while also booking lodging because we won’t be staying w/ family, and also the nephews are flying back a week earlier is … a lot more stressful

Welp ... guess I'm glad I didn't stay up for the second half of that Celtics game!

Big ups to the NBA for scheduling the only game of the night, between two teams that each play less than a mile from the Atlantic Ocean, to start at 8:30 PM so that I can only watch the first half before having to get ready for bed.

I'd love to credit Boston's D for Miami's lack of scoring but they've also just missed a bunch of wide open shots. Don't want to count on that even for the rest of this game, let alone the series.

Pritchard just took the most absurd transition three. Let's do this, Boston.

Cool, both the RI Senate and House have passed the @letrivote act. All that's left is for the governor to sign it into law, and my state will have helped guarantee fair, easy, and accessible voting for its residents! It's a small win, but it's a win, and I'll take it.

Just got back from seeing Andy Hull (@okayfineAndy of @ManchesterOrch) play an acoustic set at the Met in Pawtucket. Fantastic show! Such an incredible voice. Lots of fun crowd interaction. Come back soon!

I watched one dunk video and YouTube is now convinced I am a Tom Chambers superfan

Charlotte likes to drink grapefruit juice but in relatively small quantities, so as a result we often end up accidentally making pruno in our fridge.

I can't even imagine dealing with a septic tank, much less the horrors of a composting toilet or a rainwater shower. All that PLUS the chance to get Lyme disease every single time I walk out my door? Pass.

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YouTube keeps recommending videos to me that show how someone built an off-grid house and I cannot think of anything I would want less in the world than to live off grid. That means you're out in the middle of goddamn nowhere surrounded by insects and axe murderers.

I will probably be wrong about this but my instinct is that Golden State handles Dallas without a ton of difficulty.

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