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Simply putting Reagan on graphs make some problems become obvious

Wait, for these stupid NBA play-in games, why does the 7th seed play the 8th seed, and the 9th seed play the 10th? Why isn't it 7-10 and 8-9?

Not that it matters since even if Boston beats Washington, they're going to get destroyed by Milwaukee.

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In the last 20 years, I’ve never wanted to be high as much as I do right now twitter.com/cnn/status/1393997

Hey, all right, it looks like National Grid upgraded their web server's connection from a 28.8 modem to a 56k! 😄

Moderna shot 2 - 24 hour update. Left arm hurts like a mofo, can't raise it to more than a 45 degree downward angle from my shoulder. Rest of body mildly achy. Slept reasonably well, no significant fever even w/o Tylenol. Mild headache. Overall, definitely worth it!

First order was a butterfly puzzle for my mother's birthday, ordered May 6, 1999 (image no longer available).

But I'm much more proud of this:
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post your first amazon order if you're not a coward t.co/EoMGgakSyV

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Think Amsterdam was always a city of bikes? Decades ago it wasn’t.

Think Copenhagen was always a city of bikes? Decades ago it wasn’t.

Think central PARIS was always a city of bikes? TWO YEARS AGO it wasn’t.

Rue de Rivoli via @mozilette HT @Anne_Hidalgo

Second Moderna shot in the arm. Hoping for a relatively mild reaction but either way ... glad to have it done. Two weeks till I can eat indoors at a restaurant for the first time in sixteen months!

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I would like to see none of them rebooted.

Any reboot is cashing in on nostalgia to drive sales and ultimately hurts creativity—by not allowing new ideas in we place ourselves in a world constantly looking backwards twitter.com/ign/status/1393431

I miss Twitter from before it became a source of unending (and completely justified) outrage at our trash country and the horrible people in it, and also all the other trash countries and horrible people.

(note: I think playing for challenge is stupid and boring, so I always leave it on easy, but I understand that some people for some reason enjoy that - I just don't think it's worth it here, even for them)

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My advice to any Mass Effect newbies out there right now: just put it on easy. The combat's not good enough until mmmaybe the third game to be worth playing for challenge. Just crank through it and enjoy the exploration and story, which is where the real heart of the game lies.

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BREAKING OOZE: The CD-SCREAM has announced that all fully AXE-inated adults no longer need to wear face SMOTHERINGS or maintain social distance of six feet.. UNDER THAT IS!!

Just turned on the AC for the first time this year. In my defense, it's 80 degrees outside and 77 in here, which is ... a bit much.

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The pandemic exposed low-wage work for the scam that it is, and we're getting convincing evidence that workers who were considered essential a year ago are simply not going to put up with this shit anymore. discourseblog.com/essential-wo twitter.com/discourse_blog/sta

Sasha is rightfully about to point out that Two, being a vampire, gets no benefit from the caffeine.

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Two: canonically drinks extra-caramel lattes
Pehr: has never heard of coffee but black
Clay: quad espresso


Morgan: None
Raine: Iced, soy milk, 2 Equal
David: Cappuccino, extra shot
Askana: Americano, black
Martin: Black, SUGAR
Amber: Diet Coke
Piety: would abstain
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How does your MC take their coffee?

My favorite javascript error will forever be "nothing is thrown, nothing is logged ... it just doesn't do anything,"

Our cat decided to vomit like a fire hose on Monday and then not eat for three days. After some rehydration at the vet and some antinausea meds, he's back to his normal self, but of course the labs show he has pancreatitis so that's going to be an ongoing ordeal.

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This is not surprising when you realize that's basically how he made his original fortune with PayPal and Peter Th/iel! It's a bank, but on "the internet" so we don't have to obey your laws! The innovation is applying old crimes to new venues

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