Hacking a new phone this weekend in the hopes of getting (beta) 4G VoLTE access before the network shutdown. This will be my 6th Sailfish device. Will report back on the outcome, fingers crossed….

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Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity that will help at-risk and censored Tor users safely use Tor?
Do you have a few minutes to test new versions of Tor Browser and report bugs?
Become a Tor Browser alpha tester! 🧅

It's a race against the clock, and the Tech Titans!! Can Jolla release a build for a VoLTE and 5G compatible open handset that actually works in the US before TMobile completes its 3G shutdown in June??? The suspense is killing me...


Google buys Fitbit, which bought Pebble. Now Google releases its “own” smartwatch? I’m sticking with the Rebble Alliance, thanks. Http://www.rebble.io

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So, Elon Musk has become a significant shareholder in Twitter. Jack Dorsey has said he regrets his role in centralizing the Internet. Net change? I'm guessing minimal. Twitter will keep sucking, and people will complain about Twitter sucking but use it anyway. OR, they could move to a better alternative like Mastodon. I realize I'm preaching to the choir posting about Mastodon on Mastodon, but still. Tell your friends.

Looking forward to seeing the people and organizations I care about on this decentralized, non-data harvesting platform that doesn't enrich others at our expense.


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