2017's International Day Against #DRM will take place on Sunday, July 9th. What will you do to fight for digital rights? https://u.fsf.org/265

It's actually really awesome that Mastodon attracted a shitload of users who largely aren't aware that the underlying GNUSocial platform is old.

You know why?

Because it means we can do this over and over.

Every time someone releases a new implementation with different-looking chrome on top, it can go through its own marketing and media cycle and garner new users. *And the network effect will be cumulative.*

Does anyone know of research into heuristically detecting compression bombs, using something like entropy profiles or compression ratios?

I *know* you're an exploit goddammit! Why is it not working inside a container? It works under unshare...

0.3.0 released with OCI v1.0 support. Exciting times. 0.1.23 also has come out with support for v1.0 as well. github.com/openSUSE/umoci/rele

Really what would be nice is a way to take a Cargo.toml and use it with RPM macros...

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Unfortunately Rust still is hard to package in distributions. While we do have solutions for nodejs and ruby, nobody likes those hacks. I'm hoping it can be improved in the future.

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I really want to rewrite everything in Rust at the moment. Container runtimes really should switch away from Go, it's caused nothing but issues in my experience.

I published a short blog post about how 's integration test coverage profiles are generated and collated. cyphar.com/blog/post/golang-in

0.2.1 released. It supports v1.0.0-rc5 of the runtime-spec and I've streamlined releases. github.com/openSUSE/umoci/rele

openSUSE 0.2.0 released. Lots of refactoring and cleanup in preparation for OCI merging of libraries. github.com/openSUSE/umoci/rele

I made a website to track the progress of rootless containers so that new people can pitch in more effectively, as well as to serve as some basic documentation on rootless containers. rootlesscontaine.rs/


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