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Aleksa Sarai πŸ•΄πŸ₯› @cyphar

Really what would be nice is a way to take a Cargo.toml and use it with RPM macros...

Unfortunately Rust still is hard to package in distributions. While we do have solutions for nodejs and ruby, nobody likes those hacks. I'm hoping it can be improved in the future.

I really want to rewrite everything in Rust at the moment. Container runtimes really should switch away from Go, it's caused nothing but issues in my experience.


@sir The biggest problem I have with them is that they want to turn an editor into a library. Which resulted in them making their changes Apache rather than just making the whole thing GPL (as per the Vim License).

@sir Yeah, I've found the same. Another thing that's great is when people write documentation after noticing something isn't well-explained (and requires core maintainers to explain properly).

I published a short blog post about how 's integration test coverage profiles are generated and collated.

@brb3 This is an issue being worked on actively ( As for Toots, @sir has submitted some patches for exporting of Toots with plans for Toot importing in the works.

0.2.1 released. It supports v1.0.0-rc5 of the runtime-spec and I've streamlined releases.

openSUSE 0.2.0 released. Lots of refactoring and cleanup in preparation for OCI merging of libraries.

@biocrusoe I'd have to check my email but I'm fairly sure you sent me something about the common-workflow-language stuff before.

@biocrusoe Also, while I'm only an undergrad student, I'm also a physics researcher -- that was actually one of the main usecases that drove me to work on this.

@biocrusoe Sure. You emailed me before about this I think, though I wasn't quite sure what the rootless containers angle was at the time. However, testing and getting rootless containers to work on old distros is definitely something that should be worked on (I've talked to some people from CERN who want rootless containers on Scientific Linux 6 or something crazy like that).
"Engineers, with permission from Microsoft’s privacy governance team, can obtain users' documents that trigger crashes in applications, so they can work out what's going wrong. The techies can also run diagnostic tools remotely on the computers, again with permission from their overseers."
Jesus fucking christ

I made a website to track the progress of rootless containers so that new people can pitch in more effectively, as well as to serve as some basic documentation on rootless containers.

Why did I know that buying an .rs domain was going to be a really bad idea...

@gideonro I hate to beat this horse (and you might've heard this before) but Mastodon is an implementation of OStatus which is a fairly old standard for federated social interaction services. GNU Social is a popular implementation but there are some others. So Mastodon's recent popularity is quite neat in that it compounds the previous network effects as well.

Toot me things you would like to see in a new FOSS build server software. Boost if you have tech followers please.