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Does anyone celebrate (or on any other way mark) 28. January ?

I was wondering what would be the top 3 or top 5 themes for this event in my community. So far, thinking of:
1. password management
2. email security (spam/phishing/viruses)
3. web browsers and adblockers (cookies, trackers, ...)
4. VPNs

I was also planing on talking only about solutions.

What do you think?

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OnionShare 2.2 is out of development and working nicely. I'm able to host my personal website as an onion hidden service! woohoo!

I did need a little help from @mig5 to install it on Kubuntu 18.04 though [1]


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Sweet irony: "Ransomware Gang's Victim Cracks Their Server and Releases All Their Decryption Keys"

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@cypherpunk Working on it!

Currently preparing a milter for OpenPGP that allows sending out encrypted emails when all recipient (which for automated emails is usually just one) has a qualified OpenPGP key published. For now that means WKD, but more is planned. It's early early alpha and breaks on lots of occasions, but slowly getting there:

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😳 After reading the mailvelope issue about PGP/MIME, I'm amazed to see how little people think about interoperability for this extension. (The people in the issue, not necessarily the developers of mailvelope.)

Seems like a lot of people are "yeah, just make it work for Gmail, I don't care about the rest".

It's a sad thing to see .-.

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/e/ vil corp ?
La firme ewwlo qui produit une version modifié de LineageOS n'est pas exempte de critique, en particulier de censurer toute critique négative à son égard sur son chat Telegram et de faire un fallback sur les DNS de google.

Found on :

via @amolith

What are argument for and against Cyberweapons proliferation?

My state on this subject is not yet determined.
I am on the same time against some international law that would prevent undeveloped parties from fair game in cyber war. But at the same time this law might potentially save us from irresponsible use of dangerous cyber weapons all across the world.

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Simjacker – 29 affected countries released: (question 3)

– In Europe, at least 1 mobile operator in Italy, Cyprus, and Bulgaria is/was affected.
– At least 61 mobile operators are/were affected worldwide.
– ~861 million SIM cards are affected according to the report.

#simjacker #vulnerability #smartphone #security #infosec #cybersecurity

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Funny how nobody warning about DoH ever notices that "organisations" could indeed run their own DoH/DoT servers and implement any policy they like

Main limitation being of course that it would require ten year long transition program as your whole "organisational" DNS runs on some ancient crap commercial or cloud nameserver, who only heard about DoH/DoT in 2019 and it's just as new to them as say IPv6

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'Attorney General Bill Barr Will Ask Zuckerberg To Halt Plans For End-To-End Encryption Across Facebook's Apps' (via BuzzFeed News)

"We are writing to request that Facebook does not proceed with its plan to implement end-to-end encryption across its messaging services without ensuring that there is no reduction to user safety."

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Choose a secure and private DNS provider

DNS / Domain Providers |

Don't let Google see all your DNS traffic. Discover privacy-centric alternatives to the traditional DNS providers.

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Nextcloud – Android client 3.8 comes with new security features:

– U2F support for login
– support for TLS 1.3
– Remote Wipe: users can delete all the data of their devices from the Nextcloud web UI

#nextcloud #tls13 #u2f #wipe #security #infosec #cybersecurity

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