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FART was a Swedish car magazine from the late 50s-60s. This is a 1959 issue

I'm 12

"Move Over Guys, Here Come the Gals...
Women Join the Arcade Revolution"
by Jocye Worley

May 1982 issue of Electronic Games

"You have to see it to believe it
Flash-Matic Tuning
by Zenith
Only Zenith has it!"

This is the first time a functional remote was included with a TV set. You controlled power, volume, and the channels by aiming the "remote" (a flashlight basically) at the four corners of the set

The Sharp X1 Series MSX system came in different variants (none with the quality of video pictured here)

From 1983, the X1C (CZ-801C) ran Sharp's own Z80 A type CPU at 4Mhz. It had 64K ram and a whopping 48K VRAM and a 6K ROM. But best of all, it had 2 Atari style joysticks so you could play games with a friend

FYI the Japanese secretly invented anti-gravity, but then squandered it on this ad for a JVC HC-7 MSX system from 1985

It had 64kB of RAM, 16kB VRAM and used a TI-TMS9929A processor for video

The media was standard MSX cartridges

After extensive research, I have concluded that Free Cell > Solitaire

Turning in early to make up for last night

[flash warning]

Philip K. Dick鈥檚 most terrifying story:

鈥淚 Have No Headphones and I Must Commute鈥

It's all fun and games until you tear a hole in the spacetime continuum

Also, I think I just tore a ho台l汀e i蛠檀蛠n挞 the蜆獭 s汀p潭ac蜑e蜔tim蜑e挞 c蛷蜔蜆覊o台蜐谈n台抬t虥潭蜏檀i蜖蜖蜑蜔n蜖廷u蜐u虝台檀挞m蛠蜖蜆蛷