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Tinkerers, chemists, students or anyone else who needs a lab notebook in a rush

I made a printable lab notebook for you to use :

PDF download and original LibreOffice Calc sheets are provided in case you want to tinker with the layout

License is public domain. No credit necessary

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鈥淪o what do you think about the late winter?鈥

Well, It鈥檚 getting harder to deer these days. I鈥檝e been deering for three years now and hope to keep deering for the next ten. Winter is tough deering anyway

鈥淭hank you, deer. Back to you, April鈥

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103: Early Hints
206: Partial Content
409: Conflict
412: Precondition Failed
417: Expectation Failed
418: I'm a teapot
420: Enhance Your Calm
421: Misdirected Request
424: Failed Dependency
451: Unavailable For Legal Reasons
530: Site is frozen

A 1950s film noir in HTTP status codes

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鈥淎merica鈥檚 quietest routes鈥: The least travelled, most scenic routes in the U.S. Might be fun to drive this list some day

So many studio folks use plain boring foam panels on their walls to dampen reverb

If that's your aesthetic, then fine, but I wonder why they don't hang a canvas painting over them. Canvas ink/oil doesn't really affect perceptible sound attenuation and the place looks nicer. Your mood affects so much of your content

If you make your own box frame, it may work even better. Generally 2" (~5cm) or more is preferred for fiber insulation

I see very few folks doing this

A simple solid wire, bent in the right places, works pretty well as a wifi antenna in rural areas without all the interference building dwellers have to deal with

It's not very efficient, but wire works in a pinch and is always available

@cypnk Reminds me of the Honda map system that used a gyro and inertial guidance but couldn't do navigation iirc. It was something like microfiche maps plus dead reckoning.

one thing I learned is that simpler, less efficient things win against more complex but efficient things almost every single time.
almost, unless there's a good reason.

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Computer Shopper, July 2000 issue

I miss this quirky aesthetic. Nowadays, most consumer cameras look almost identical

Olympus leaving the camera business would be the end of an era. I hope the new company buying it will keep making good cameras

@cypnk 鈥淎lso interesting is how the system handles calibration of tire sizes: via what is, essentially, a cartridge.鈥

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Cassette tape navigation system from 1971

鈥淭o calculate [distance to turn], the electronics box is connected to the car鈥檚 odometer via what looks to be a physical/mechanical cable connection that drives a gear-based mechanism inside the box, which allows the number of miles to be tabulated, and, when the number of miles equals the value provided by the tone duration, the next instruction is played.鈥

It鈥檚 too bad I can鈥檛 get any A36 steel plates near my area. Not that it was easier before all this, but at least I could ask around by going places

Welding the wood stove prototype probably won鈥檛 happen until next year

While we're at it, since this is an international forum of sorts, I would also like to point out a very important difference between how things are wired in-building between e.g. north america and e.g. the uk.
In my chosen country of canada, things are different!
I think the idea of ring mains belongs in the same wheely bin as daylight savings time.
But that's just me.

@vfrmedia @cypnk

I hope folks don鈥檛 forget the 鈥減unk鈥 aspect of 鈥渃yberpunk 鈥

me: i am fundamentally opposed to the military. history is a record of their atrocities

my therapist: that's fair

me: but i love it when a single mech breaks through a heavily fortified position and descends via a single long mineshaft into an enemy base full of sprawling tunnels to destroy the enemy鈥檚 experimental weapon

my therapist: who doesn't

@cypnk is the site that I keep pointing my pinball students to when they think they've encountered a short but don't exactly know what a short IS. It doesn't shy away from telling you the truth about electricity and forcing your brain to pretzel around the information, rather than letting electricity be a nice mathy abstraction for clever people.

And he's got a page just for grounding!

For something as important for safety, there's an awful lot of misconceptions about grounding and electricity in general. I don't think most of us have really understood what it is, let alone decide what's safe to do vs. what was "done all the time". That's even before getting into building codes and such

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