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Tinkerers, chemists, students or anyone else who needs a lab notebook in a rush

I made a printable lab notebook for you to use :

PDF download and original LibreOffice Calc sheets are provided in case you want to tinker with the layout

License is public domain. No credit necessary

No Mr. Bond I expect you to like and subscribe to my YouTube channel now for more great content like this

TIL "Mars-Grunt" is actually a proposed Russian robotic sample return mission

Would also work as the name for future Martian colonists cause it won't be an easy couple of centuries at first

I have watched way too much anime today for someone who has bills to pay

Living surrounded by concrete, one is forced to reconcile the lack of nourishment for the soul that trees offer

That's why we all need a good bath of shade under the leaves at least once in a while

This was my last view of the woods at the back of our office

I miss this

@cypnk Illegal videocassettes may contain Videodrome鈩 as an anti-piracy measure. If you begin hallucinating, cease watching Videodrome鈩. Videodrome鈩 is for consenting adults only. Videodrome鈩 is not endorsed by Professor Brian O'Blivion. See you eyecare provider for more Videodrome鈩.

The artist has not seen a real keyboard or laptop. (Appleseed (1988))


If you say "word"
Mad will be the herd
If you later say "wurd"
Or perhaps even "werd".

They'll probably yell
Because they will dwell
On how badly you spell.
Tell 'em, "Go to hell!"


(Thanks for the inspiration @cypnk )

People who follow you based solely on a word you said on social media tend to then get upset that similar words don't always follow

Or try to control any future words you say

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