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Tinkerers, chemists, students or anyone else who needs a lab notebook in a rush

I made a printable lab notebook for you to use :

PDF download and original LibreOffice Calc sheets are provided in case you want to tinker with the layout

License is public domain. No credit necessary

Filmeto de la nokta 膲ielobservado.

Mi havis du relative sukcesajn noktojn. Estis iom doma臐e, ke estis laborsemajno, alikaze mi povintus resti veka pli longe por kapti pli da fotonoj.

OK, I think I'm done fiddling with the power supply circuit for today

It's already 1AM so there's not much I can do with this tonight

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@cypnk I have a repurposed chromebook. It runs linux mainly. Works so-so. I got it in or about 2014, so it's been EOL for half it's life.

There are never enough wires or any in the length you need when you sit down to make something

When I was a teenager, my mom would get mad whenever I brought out the box of wires WELL THIS IS WHY I HAD THE BOX, MOM!

Also, I forgot to call my mom

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After much fiddling, I have a power supply circuit that will accept 10V to 52V (with a bypass setting at R6 to work below 28V) and will output 12V, 5V, and 3.3V

This has everything I need to run something like an ATMega328 and any other device(s) under 1A off a solar panel

This is also my first foray into a SEPIC converter without using any special purpose chips. Pretty much every component here can be scavenged or made E.G. the 5mH coupled coil using a toroid core and some copper wire

Hey Siri, bookmark...
Um, hey Google...
Wait, Cortana...

Imma write this down on paper in case the web won't be a thing

"Hard to believe yesterday was a whole day ago"


Sometimes, I think my roommate lives in some kind of alternate universe

After a long series of delays, I wanted to update the design for my DIY writing computer. Overall, I'm still happy with the direction I'm going, but the keyboard needs work

The Kailh Chocolate V2 and Notebook X switch are promising

Keycaps are the next challenge

I foresee a second hand market for de-Chromed Chromebooks

It would be ecologically disastrous to discard these after the Google-mandated expiration of support, considering how many are now in the hands of school kids during lockdowns

杩欎釜鐚笉浣嗗枩娆㈠厖鐢碉紝杩樺枩娆㈡嬁鎵嬫満褰撴灂澶 #cat

see the blurry laptop in the banner image on this page?
try selecting text on it.

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