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Image from page 294 of "Catalogue of the Arizona Territorial Normal School at Tempe, Arizona, for the school year ending June 30 ..., and circular for .." (1891)


My camera has developed a spot on either the lens or sensor that would be too expensive to fix even if it weren't a ten year old point and shoot camera.

It's got lots of dead pixels on top of this, so it's been on the way out for a while.

I have some already taken photos, and I can kind of trudge along with the way too wide lens on my phone camera, but I'd rather not have to.

If you like my #photography, help me keep doing it by

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And boosting this toot. :3

mastodon.art/media/_8GPCyA-W3L mastodon.art/media/JvVZxN2edmP mastodon.art/media/JvKyqrScbZJ

Omg this is so cringy @EC3Europol don't do that please 馃槵 t.co/5UkqRRICjd

I have defeated the universe [SPOILER] Show more

I wish the alien language in Arrival was real so I can know the future and be able to pick the perfect quiet spots to take naps

TIL there's a town called Snowflake, Arizona where the average yearly high temperature is 69.6F/20.9C and 90.0F/30C in July

It's also apparently the alleged site of a famous UFO abduction which became the plot for the movie Fire in the Sky (1993) directed by Robert Lieberman based on the story by Tracy Torm茅

Someone went around putting surreptitious labels on the artifacts at the Canterbury Museum in Christchurch, New Zealand


The museum staff didn't really want to catch the person, only discourage them from doing it again. The prankster left one last message :


It's not procrastination if you hate your work

@cypnk I just heard last week that Ikea was breaking into this market too: boingboing.net/2017/10/11/ikea
Though I'd be really interested to see how they come up with allen wrenches that can be used by paws.