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r҉ustic cy͠be̸rpu̵nk✅ @cypnk

- It'll never work. What's the business model?

- Why isn't it written in Haskell/Node/Clojure/Scala?

- SemWeb urgh

- W3C is an obsolete organisation.

- Facebook and Twitter will never switch to this, it's dead in the water.

- It's not P2P.

- It's not E2E.

- It's not green.

- The font is stupid.


- Stallman eats feet.

- Blockchain

- Steem

- So, nobody has figured out a business model still?

- Doug Engelbart did this in the 70s.

Another hour down - 17h total now or there abouts. :)

Image from page 724 of "Digest of agricultural implements, patented in the United States from A.D. 1789 to July 1881 .." (1886)


@spinda @chr Could it just be that you digest text differently from auditory input?

You're still listening to language you understand if you walk down the street in a diverse neighborhood, but maybe the act of scrolling is the additional barrier. Whereas with listening, your brain does the scrolling automatically

Did you know that Evil Grammarians despise sports writing. Evil Grammarians: “That's not real English the only people who use that are ‘sports “writers”’.” They say this this is real.

I'm allowed to misuse the English language because I'm a Famous Author