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103: Early Hints
206: Partial Content
409: Conflict
412: Precondition Failed
417: Expectation Failed
418: I'm a teapot
420: Enhance Your Calm
421: Misdirected Request
424: Failed Dependency
451: Unavailable For Legal Reasons
530: Site is frozen

A 1950s film noir in HTTP status codes

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Maybe it's just wishful thinking but when random people walk by me when I'm picking little fruits off trees near sidewalks or scooping handfuls of seeds into bags under apartments I get the distinct feeling that they are jealous. Or, better yet, that they are fighting a desire to reach out a hand with me and grab some russian olive branches. mastodon.art/media/30fC-2Qxg8r

y'all i wanna hear about your year. what's something you did this year (or a list of things) that you're proud of?

beavers versus army corps of engineers, I'm betting on the big teeth

I mean, have we asked the beavers to take over management of natural resources because they are pretty heckin specialized at making that shit happen

I'm quite fond of the look and style of Winterfell from Game of Thrones

Not sure why I find it appealing, but it's very different from typical European/Medieval styles of other large structures in the show and somehow feels more like a large fortified home that grew organically than an actual castle

@cypnk Yeah, but evolution is not your friend. It's an optimization algorithm that places zero value on your subjective experience of happiness or sense of well bring.

This is nice photo series called "The Making Of' which shows a little background on how amazing photographs are actually taken. Some are quite funny


Mastodon exclusive: SDF 3B2 is up in preparation for the Vintage Computer Festival. Wanna play? ssh sdf@tty.livingcomputers.org and login as 'visitor' RT if you want but just posting this on GNU Social

For some reason aliexpress thinks my name is Dorothy. I'm male but did grow up in Kansas so maybe they deserve some credit.

Sunsets at our house are generally great (one of the reasons I love our tiny little home), but tonight's might be one of my favorites ever. wandering.shop/media/TIagkoNXB

An idea that I've toyed with and thrown away a dozen times is a scooby-doo adjacent series of short stories.

It's always felt like there was a deep, vaguely distressing backstory.

My personal head-cannon is a few shades removed from the cracked article (cracked.com/article_19496_6-cl) or the comic book reboot, but it's not too far off.

Hackers: Knock Knock
IoT: Who's there?
Hackers: admin admin

My song for the day. One of my favorite songs by my favorite band of all time.
"The Clash - Police & Thieves"
m.youtube.com/watch?v=W6FZwVvS mastodon.rocks/media/2PWSSwSBH

I had bought some equipment on AliExpress, and this was the message from the seller after my feedback

"Hi, My Dear King or Princess"