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103: Early Hints
206: Partial Content
409: Conflict
412: Precondition Failed
417: Expectation Failed
418: I'm a teapot
420: Enhance Your Calm
421: Misdirected Request
424: Failed Dependency
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A 1950s film noir in HTTP status codes

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Meditating on Our Man Flint, for tomorrow night's Film Frown episode with @deadsuperhero and @peakwinter
Listen live at filmfrown.com/live
6p PDT, 7p MTN, 8 CDT, 9p EDT.

trying out squatting in my desk chair and it's comfortable and shit but i just realized i look just like L from death note and that cannot stand

I wrote a post based off of/inspired by @ajroach42's very good essay on how the last 10 years of modern computing has sucked: humming-rain.com/2018/04/25/co

(Go read his original essay here! Right now! Please! ajroach42.com/observations-on-)

More testing footage from . They really love their motion capture rig 馃槀

This was one of the early concepts for a loading screen for . It's a new game coming out later this year for the XBox and PC

I hope they leave it in

by Rebecca Cordingley

micro was eh, SP was way better in my bed because I hate Discord

Yo dudes, long time no see! Here's a tribute to the girls of class 1A in My Hero Academia! Now available as a print at my redbubble: redbubble.com/people/asheface-
#mastoart #myheroacademia #bokunoheroacademia #mha #bnha #fanart #anime #fashion #print

TIL You can get earmuffs for your calf

Apparently, they're used if there's frost or just very cold wind. Or if it's not yet ready to handle the weather, especially when newborn

My handwriting is rubbish, but it's amazing how much I still use pen and paper. Half the time, I have to strain to read what I wrote, but a lot of ideas are still easier jot down on paper

Phone keyboards are abysmally slow for me. So slow, I forget what I'm typing as I'm typing it

Even voice recognition isn't quite there yet, and in a private setting, it's not even an option. Typing on a keyboard is faster, but I don't always have my laptop open

The little black notebook outlives all

Theory: The phrase "Disappointing, but not unexpected" didn't exist in the common vernacular before the Merovingian said it in The Matrix (1999)

hey y'all i wanna ask for some help for one of ours: @ashkitten is having trouble making ends meet. she needs another $200 a month to survive.

ash makes cool stuff you can see at

ashlea.me/ and github.com/ashkitten

and she also helps out.with mastodon!

i wanna help show that we're all in this together, so @iliana and i are both going to match pledges up to 50USD to ash's patreon this week. let's heckin do this!


Blatant self-promotion, to give myself a nice story to pin

Discursive anomalies for all ages
Short stories of all kinds
Weird stories of some kind
A flimsy excuse to throw money at me (at least, that's the story)

And, to top it all off: a webring

one more thing
cats :3