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Tinkerers, chemists, students or anyone else who needs a lab notebook in a rush

I made a printable lab notebook for you to use :

PDF download and original LibreOffice Calc sheets are provided in case you want to tinker with the layout

License is public domain. No credit necessary

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鈥淪o what do you think about the late winter?鈥

Well, It鈥檚 getting harder to deer these days. I鈥檝e been deering for three years now and hope to keep deering for the next ten. Winter is tough deering anyway

鈥淭hank you, deer. Back to you, April鈥

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103: Early Hints
206: Partial Content
409: Conflict
412: Precondition Failed
417: Expectation Failed
418: I'm a teapot
420: Enhance Your Calm
421: Misdirected Request
424: Failed Dependency
451: Unavailable For Legal Reasons
530: Site is frozen

A 1950s film noir in HTTP status codes

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"French is the least misunderstood language"

Ever send something that you mistyped, but then try to low key justify with "facts"? Yeah, that at 5:40AM, because I have nothing else better to do while trying to stave off post-Thanksgiving pie coma

In a feat of premature planning, I've been trying to find a way to stream multiple cameras of snow, rain, and wildlife from a rural area (yes, this is a future cabin project). The idea was to setup these cameras in a semi-wooded region and let them run 24/7

As far as services, there's YouTube and Twitch (and there aren't many viable alternatives for live streaming)

It's not as easy as I thought since rural New York still has terrible Internet. And Starlink right now is way outside my budget

I made this brooder box temperature controller about 20 years ago. It uses an Olson E5CS PID controller to run painter lights with evil incandescent bulbs to heat the box. The alarm output runs the second lamp should the temp wander more than 5 degrees below the setpoint. It's seen some use, abuse and quite a few chicks grow up overvthe years.

Continuing my virtual tour of Europe this vacation. I've made my way through Vienna, Munich and am on my way to Berlin when I stumbled upon this wonder.

Oh hey, kitsch Wild-West town. Remind me of home.

I just noticed some concern in the camp about some incompatibilities with 8.0

Really drives home the fact that even with so many rewrites, a lot of the WP core remains very old. To put things in perspective, PHP 5.0 came out in 2004 and support for 5.6 ended in 2018. There's probably quite a bit of functionality depending on the older behavior, which may have been silently ignored at the time, but will now throw errors

It's a bad sign seeing "@" AKA the stfu operator everywhere

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8.0 is out!

The migration to 7 was fairly straightforward for me and there aren't as many incompatibilities because of the way I've been writing since.

Of course, since my site is on OpenBSD, it would be some time before I see the 8.0 branch and 7.4 still the latest package

I found an old copy of my little blog script from back in 2016. It was only around 1400 lines (with comments). My, how quaint!

It was kinda the bare minimum necessary to turn a bunch of text files into an index of formatted HTML pages. I guess the core portion is still doing this, but now I get to worry about other people actually using it

My God that's terrifying

FYI: wikibooks has a huge free cookbook with tons of recipes. You can learn about different cultural cuisines and see recipes for those as well. For example, there is a section for Native American cuisine.

ProTip: Never try to prod or hold the thing you're soldering, while you're soldering it

Seems like something you'd need 3 hands for, but trust me, it's very tempting to nudge or otherwise adjust the work piece with a finger or something while working on it. It almost always ends badly, especially when dealing with SMD parts

Try to treat the board as if it's welded to the table. Get yourself a clamping setup to make good on that and always keep it flat. The solder always knows which way is down

Really no contest now. The conservatory pak choi (not shown) is barely sprouting. Need to set up full spectrum lights for round 3 this weekend.

The only reason I learned how to make lattes at home was to avoid spending a fortune at Starbucks (also waiting in line)

This has been a blessing and a curse

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How is it possible that I have so many electronics parts, bits and bobs, both new and salvaged from ancient equipment, but I can never find that one tiny piece I need to finish something in an evening?

The universe is conspiring with fate to keep me from finishing before 3AM 馃槶

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