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r覊ustic cy蜖be谈rpu痰nk馃馃 @cypnk@mastodon.social

And that's how a squirrel-proof bird feeder works


@cypnk No, that's just how you end up with a bunch of squirrels that are in to extreme sports

@troubleMoney I'm tempted to make a YouTube channel with all extreme squirrel sports

I'll call it SqxxrlDome 2000

@Stephen_Stone Two squirrels enter, one squirrel leaves. There can only be one Nutlander

@cypnk Unless Squirrel Girl is around, then all the squirrels win. 馃槂

@cypnk what happens when a birb lands on it

@envgen Apparently, birds are unaffected because they land more vertically than a horizontally jumping squirrel. Also, they weigh less

@cypnk I don't know about y'all, but that was my FAVORITE video when I was a kid. I would stand there in menards for like 15 minutes watching the same ad over and over again on loop while my parents got their shopping done.