Thinking about: how you make the decision about if your input is relevant to a conversation

Love u masto 💜

Hope most of Twitter moves here ✨

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It's actually kinda neat to see people I know migrating OFF the flagship mastodon instance in favor of smaller (single-user?) instances.

*sings "Decentralization" to the tune of Carly Simon's "Anticipation"*

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Anger a nerd in one line of shell

apt-get install nano ; alias vi='nano'

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Made a Github issue for autopausing gifs for accessibility reasons:

Click it, subscribe to it, +1/thumbs-up it, etc. :)

#ActuallyAutistic #epilepsy #accessibility #mastodon

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TWITTER: “use first name last name if you can — it looks professional”
MASTODON: “Hi I’m fluffy at homosexual dot party”

this is honestly just a random list of things that I've put off buying for forever

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I... am gonna try to see if I can create a first draft of this feature in this next 2 hours?

I... I think the mastodon repo has 100 more issues than when I checked it this AM?

6 of the minutes were from me being away from hobby dev since rails 4

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