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I live by four simple rules:

1. Don't be a dick.
2. Don't fuck it all up.
3. Don't forget to be kind.
4. Don't delay having fun.

For me, they kind of cover every imaginable situation. And yes, I broke all of them in the past, too. I just try really hard to not let it happen again.

Let's be excellent to eachother, people ❤️

Verdict not for me.

But it gave me some ideas on how to further tighten my email regime which is a good thing.

Has anyone here successfully married @pixelfed and yet? I guess it'd be possible to have a Pixelfed account somewhere and crosspost new Pixelfed posts in its entirety to a M.b account, no?

Something something …?

„Die nächsten 20 Jahre werden leichter für Menschen, die Unsicherheit aushalten können“

Krautreporterin Esther Göbel hat ein sehr interessantes Gespräch über Unsicherheit, Angst und Zukunftsplanung mit der Philosophin Natalie Knapp geführt.

Has anyone here successfully married M.b and Pixelfed yet? I guess it’d be possible to have a Pixelfed account on some instance and crosspost any of my new Pixelfed posts in its entirety to my M.b account, no?

I just imported ~250 Instagram posts using the macOS M.b client. Now I have to clean them up because some of the markup resulted in headline-heavy posts. 😂

And the multi-picture IG posts were turned into series of single-picture posts here. Gotta fix that, too.

I've two invites to hand out, if anyone is interested, just ping me @carlo!

First come, first serve, it's a free 30 days trial, $99/year after that.

One week in and I'm already doing more Mastodonning from my account than from this one.

You can follow my shenanigans there if you're into that sort of thing → @carlo


Zerbster Original

Und die Marke "Laschet" gehört glaube ich auch dazu...

Following an account on a far-away Mastodon instance from my account: ✅

You gotta love the fediverse.

Manyverse is a free open source peer-to-peer "off the grid" social network currently in beta testing, and part of the Scuttlebutt SSB network.

You can follow the official account here:


The Manyverse app is available for Android and iOS, from @fdroidorg , Google Play and the App Store.

The official website is

#ManyVerse #Scuttlebutt #SSB #SocialNetworks #P2P #PeerToPeer #OffTheGrid #SocialMedia #Distributed #FLOSS #FOSS

Sweet, my invite arrived! ✉️ I am still unsure whether their approach to email would actually work for me, but their ideas about it I do find appealing. Only one way to find out, I guess...

Haben wir über 3 bis 14 Ecken Kontakt zu jemandem aus der Mobilfunksparte der Telekom?

#followerpower #PleaseRT

Tusky photo test.

Photos: post here or on pixelfed? If the latter, I'll need an Android client, I guess…

I pulled the trigger, I'll testdrive for a few months. The community seems friendly, and the mix between microposts and full blog posts appeals to me. If you've an account there, feel free to say hi!

Suche nach (professioneller) Hilfe bei Wohnungssuche in Berlin 

Gibt es in Berlin Organisationen, die mir dabei helfen können eine Wohnung (keine WG!) zu finden? Ich bin disabled, transweiblich und Hartz IV Empfängerin und muss aus meiner WG ausziehen, finde aber keine Wohnung. Ohne Unterstützung schaffe ich das nicht. 😔

Boosts erwünscht 💜

Major shoutout to <3

It's a dope little app to build simple script-powered apps. Fun fact: it was released in 2003 and the project is still active!

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I've made a thing:

A wee helper app named Bearing which allows for scripting notes-keeping on . Out of the box, Bear can be automated using its x-callback-url API to do things, yes. But Bearing adds to that by slightly abstracting and enhancing the experience:

1. There's a dedicated `bearing` CLI tool that accepts plain arguments. No more URL-encoding anything.
2. The CLI tool returns callback responses as JSON.

Releases can be downloaded @

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