Wenn mal wieder alles nicht so toll ist: Bitte vertrauensvoll wenden an den .

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That's the wrong way: The $2tn US relief package will provide billions to struggling airlines and offer low-interest loans to fossil fuel companies.
It doesn't include climate stipulations, like a requirement for airlines to cut emissions. theguardian.com/us-news/2020/m

Humans are the biggest epidemy of this planet, and as well the biggest chance... may the help more people to reflect that is the only remaining option. For those surviving .

How clear the sky, how beautiful the stars, how great to listen to the first bird singing in an absolutely calm nature.

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For me, "social distancing" is a candidate for the worst word of the year because it totally puts the wrong emphasis. The most important thing we actually need to flatten the curve is physical distancing.

Please do not distance socially and do not isolate yourselves or others. Keep socialising remotely, stay in contact, look for and update each other. Especially if times get harder. Thank you.

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2020 is, when companies exploit you and your data even in a crisis such as #corona

Google builds website to check for Corona… well actually, they literally say they collect all your data (also requires a Google account): cnbc.com/2020/03/15/alphabets-

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So my university has shutdown the campus for the remainder of the semester due to Coronavirus concerns and asked all students to attend classes remotely (mainly using Zoom for live-streaming lectures). I went looking for an open source cross platform video conferencing solution with a fast onboarding process and found Jitsi to fit the bill.

It’s free, it’s FOSS, and there are no accounts required to create a chat session on their website. You just need to enter a name for your room, and they give you a link to share for people to join.

The only officially supported web browser is Google Chrome which kinda sucks. But it seems to work okay in Firefox except I couldn’t get it to detect any of my microphones (your usage may vary). Instead, I’m using it in Falkon and it works flawlessly.

Unfortunately, it also doesn’t appear that video chats are end-to-end encrypted which means whoever runs the server can see the raw footage (but you can self-host).

Overall it’s good enough and it looks like the public service is hosted by 8×8, which is a public VoIP company, so I’m not overly concerned about eavesdropping (due to the lack of end-to-end encryption). I’ll keep an eye out for better options but for now I’m sticking with Jitsi.


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#Jitsi or #Zoom?

Data privacy at its best! Simple question: Does sell Personal Data?
Answer could be: NO.
Answer by : "We do not allow marketing companies, advertisers, or anyone else to access Personal Data in exchange for payment. Except as described above, we do not allow any third parties access to any Personal Data [...several lines of fluff...] So in our humble opinion, we don’t think most of our users would see us as selling their information, as that practice is commonly understood."


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