(arguably i should try to adapt a preexisting thing like orca but making my own thing is half the fun)

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one more project for the heap: some interactive bytebeat + algorave tools

i made a bytebeat noise song about migraines.
Dizzy face

mp3: plastic-idolatry.com/erik/sotw
wav: plastic-idolatry.com/erik/sotw

it draws heavily on other examples. the mp3 compression makes it sound pretty weird/squelchy so i also included the original wav for maximum buzz.

game idea poll 

if you had a site you and some friends could visit, each create an RPG character, chat, and watch the party go on adventures automatically (i.e. idle play a la progressquest), what cadence would you prefer?

scene where the protagonists have to hack the mainframe but instead of computer jargon it's all twitter stuff. an aide runs up to the general in the dark computer room all "sir! we're being ratioed!" "normal one levels?" the aide takes off his headset and replies in hushed tones: "general... we're in the cool zone"

exhaustion is finding me earlier and earlier each day. need to break out of this cycle somehow.

in some ways i'm really fortunate that all digital traces of me before about 2005 or so are completely wiped from the internet. but in other ways it's kind of sad.

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in particular, there was a really cool experimental remix contest i entered in 2001 or so. most of the entries were really cool and i wish i could find any of them now. it's possible i'll dig up an old cd-r or backup i made but feels unlikely, and there's zero trace of it on the internet at this point.

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for whatever reason i'm spending friday night mourning the almost total erasure of the music/history around mp3.com

Illustration from 'Zen and the Art of the Macintosh - Discoveries on the Path to Computer Enlightenment', Michael Green, 1988
Source: jamesusilljournal.tumblr.com/p

"When you can't bear something but it goes on anyway, the person who survives isn't you anymore; you've changed and become someone else, a new person, the one who did bear it after all."


this continues to be a disaster.

i don't think sanders was the only candidate that had a chance to beat trump, but i do think biden has almost no chance to do it.

(also his conduct around women is apparently much worse than we thought.)

(or hypercard for that matter. it's dumb because i _do_ have a working ethernet card for the se/30 so in theory i could try to get it on the internet)

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(it works but the system language is dutch and the superdrive (floppy) appears broken so i can't use my system install disks to install an english version)

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the hyperjam is exciting!

if only i had (1) time (2) ability to go to my office (3) a working floppy drive i would totally boot up my mac SE/30 and start hacking! :P

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Seriously, the fact that one of the first actions of Viktor Orban on attaining absolute power has been to strip trans people of rights should oblige trans-hostile people who think they're on the Left to ask themselves whether they are, objectively considered,
fascist bigots.

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