When I was a kid my Mum got me and my brother a game for the Amstrad called "Osprey!"

"The object of the game is to allocate wardens to help the ospreys successfully nest, rear young and survive the hazards that threaten them."

Very sad to say that to my like 5 year old self it just wasn't as fun as Harrier Attack, based on the Falklands War, but I love her for trying.


i also feel bad because i contacted folks about this awhile ago but haven't sent out the email yet.

(it's possible that i should just suck it up and run d&d since that's what people know, but i feel a bit less excited by that prospect.)

planning on running a fantasy rpg in 2019, deciding between:

- dungeon world
- torchbearer
- dungeon crawl classics

i think i would enjoy running any of these so it's really about what players are excited about and what stories we want to tell.

off work until january 2nd. it's gonna be a nice break.

If anyone was wondering how Late Stage Capitalism was going, I just passed a Domino's delivery car that's also a Lyft

Heisenberg’s Boys Principle: You can either crack open a cold one with the boys, or know that they are back in town, but never both at the same time.

now i'm going to veg out a bit and start enjoying my vacation

well, i failed to finish making my handmade gifts, but at least i convinced myself that when i finish them tomorrow they'll turn out ok

in retrospect it's funny as hell that goldeneye tried so hard to follow the plot of the movie while being a late-'90s first-person shooter

in this chapter of our story, 007 stealthily plants a tracking device on a russian helicopter after killing every soldier in the area

we've entered the time of year where the pup wants to use me as a heated chair

(that said i continue to feel fairly avoidant of this type of work)

added maintainers for one of my few remaining OSS projects i'm primarily responsible for. it's the right thing to do, but i feel a bit bad that i'm failing to keep up with things on my own

trip back from SF was kind of brutal but i'm back in PVD and recovering.

wow i feel like i stumbled into a time vortex (i'm in sf for work so i'm shifted by 3 hours)


European colonialism left Africa with a lot of standards unadjusted to local needs.

Dress codes of schools all around Sub-Saharan Africa require young girls to have straight hair. The problem is that Africans have naturally curly hair, requiring lengthy and expensive straightening, putting a burden on poor families and enforcing white beauty standards.

Mugethi Gitau gave a great talk about it: re-publica.com/en/session/poli

#solarpunk #afropunk #feminism #naturalhair

our fourth game of urban shadows is starting tonight. should be an interesting time (although we're missing the wizard)

@enkiv2 in the future only pornbots will be able to post anything at all on tumblr, since only they will be able to flawlessly generate the requisite dot-patterns to fool the image classifier

now would be a great time for someone to show off a tumblr replacement that ran on dat:// or similar

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