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3 to the Elves

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7 to the Dwarf lords

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9 to the race of Men

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But they were all of them, deceived. For another ring was made.


it's for $work but i'll try to post an example online soon

found a really interesting way to support generating GADTs in scalacheck without hardcoding particular types in the test

From under the counter, the shopkeeper produces a messily-written scroll which appears to be inscribed with the spell Cone of Dogs.

@solderpunk hey just wanted to thank you for writing up your SDF thoughts. i've been a longtime supporter of SDF (but inactive for a long time) who hasn't been paying attention. really appreciated your in-depth thoughts.

anyway, confirmed that the pdp-11 emulator is working on my raspberry pi. next step is a bunch of soldering, which i'll probably wait to do tomorrow (or later).

the PiDP-11 is a kit that hooks up to a raspberry pi running pdp-11 emulation software, to provide the lights/switches that an actual PDP-11 had. see: obsolescence.wixsite.com/obsol

just unpacked my PiDP-11 kit -- looking forward to putting this thing together!

yesterday was a wash. but i ran urban shadows on tuesday and DCC on wednesday and both went great! also excited about recording next weekend (though still have a lot of work to do)

had a pretty great week but also feeling pretty wrecked at this point. and i have a lot to do this weekend (mostly around mar getting ready to record)

lost basically all of today due to headache. here's hoping i wake up better tomorrow.

woke up with a terrible headache. tried to power through it and failed.

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Anything punishable by a fine is legal for wealthy people

i _have_ been drinking water and tea (which i've heard suppresses appetite a bit).

something i do semi-regularly is to accidentally fast until dinner time. it's 4:30pm and i haven't eaten since yesterday. weird.

i'm still a bit torn as far as systems go. i _really_ want to play DCC but i'm not sure how well it will support the thematic elements i'm interested in. (i've got a draft email to send to potential players but i'm trying to get these details nailed down before i send it.)

rpg update: i'm running two online campgains. first one will be an urban shadows game in november/december, and then in 2019 i'll be running some kind of heroic fantasy game.

i stumbled on the 2018 marble olympics and i'm surprised by how much i enjoy watching it: youtube.com/watch?v=s_razQwH0O

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